Now Available SUSE Cloud 4 to implement private clouds

Now Available SUSE Cloud 4 to implement private clouds

Incorporates the latest version of OpenStack, full support of Ceph storage system, VMware advanced capabilities and greater scalability and automation.

Based on the latest version of OpenStack, called Icehouse, has the full support of the Ceph distributed storage system , advanced capabilities of VMware and hypervisor cloud environment with a varied selection capability and interoperability of their designs, by including KVM, Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere.

In the statement issued on the occasion of its launch, the company highlights the four main benefits that SUSE Cloud 4 offers its customers.

The first is the cost reduction. This is achieved by implementing a storage solution software defined based on Ceph distributed storage system, which allows companies to automatically configure and deploy clusters.

The second advantage is that it is possible to maximize VMware investments through greater integration between VMware vSphere and existing OpenStack. And now VMware advanced innovations for image management and support for VMware Virtual SAN include, in addition to previous support for VMware vSphere compute nodes, network virtualization and NSX VMware vSphere controller for block storage.

Third, overhangs involve simplified deployment of workload, while providing a higher level of scalability and automation . Standardization of services such as database, load balancing and firewall-as-a-service makes it faster to deploy workloads, eliminating the need for users to manage and configure these services themselves.

Finally, SUSE Cloud 4 improves application scalability through closer integration between service orchestration that automates the control and coordination of multiple virtual machines, based on a set of predefined templates and other services in the cloud, such as computing, storage and networking.

The affiliate spam comments Bum Labamba to make money online

The-affiliate-spam-comments-Bum Labamba to make money online

Labamba Bum is a course to make money online. Lately I get a lot of spam comments its affiliates and may you also be the case also.

My first contact was with this page through one of its members who wanted to advertise on my blog. The announcement is a video with the founder and the head carries the title How I created almost by accident $ 700,000 in 27 Days (slightly modified version).

Definitely a very American way to sell that here in Spain clogs. That is why I rejected the proposed advertising.

If you have a blog or related marketing is likely to have recently received a comment from an affiliate make money online platform Labamba Bum. In this blog I get several a day and I discovered by chance. Like you have not yet noticed.

How to tell you are casting a Comment spam Bum Labamba
The comments come from Bum Labamba are no spam at first sight. There seems to be a guide with instructions to make this work correctly because at first perceived as authentic contributions because they fit the theme of the post and are made by hand and not by bots.

Really the only suspect is using a shortened in the comment field where you put the website link. Using shortening in this case does not make much sense lest you have something to hide. How says name becomes a long one short link that starts with Sometimes the link goes directly to the sale page but the blog network affiliates called Magic Power Network.

Bum Labamba is serious business?
All indications are that the company behind it is gaining a lot of money because the affiliate network is statistically very powerful and many people out of curiosity are going to target the course. I changed the name of the company to not make this post a free ad. I do not know how they work or if behind is serious or not.

Nor have I personally tested the platform so I have no idea if that promise is fulfilled. Things I do not know I can not judge. Obviously I have my prejudices and who read this blog often you can imagine what I think about earning money online quickly. If you are a member of Bum Labamba do not feel offended because it was not the intention of the post. All I ask is that you do not use my blog to attract members.


Small Businesses and Video Conferencing Meetings the Easy Way

Small Businesses and Video Conferencing Meetings

Virtual meetings are a relatively new phenomenon. Several decades ago, virtual meetings were pretty much unheard of. If you needed to have a meeting with clients or employees, you conducted it in the workplace or in a mutually agreed location off-site. The notion of holding a video conference would not have been possible. But times have changed and these days video conferencing is cheap and easy to organise. Even small businesses with very little working capital can use video conferencing as often as is necessary. So what are the advantages of video conferencing and why is it a useful tool for small businesses?

Meetings are a normal part of the daily routine for businesses of all sizes. Meetings enable staff to discuss important issues, brainstorm, and deal with the day-to-day running of the business. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible for key members of staff to be present in the room for an important meeting, so small businesses need to have a Plan B in place for such an eventuality.

Telephone Conferencing

Telephone conferences are a useful way of including someone in a meeting who isn’t able to be there in person. Employees who work from home may not want to make the tedious journey into the office purely for the purpose of attending a meeting. Instead, they can dial into the telephone conference and participate from home. This method also works if a member of staff is working in a branch office or if you need to have a group discussion with a client in a different country.

Skype Conferences

Most small businesses are looking to save money on every front in order to preserve cash flow. Since technology is often a huge drain on the annual budget, one way to save money is to utilise as many free tools as possible.

Free video conferencing tools such as Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangouts are just a few of the methods you have at your disposal if you want to conduct virtual meetings. As long as you have a decent internet connection and each person has an internet enabled device, you can have a meeting up and running in minutes. Anyone can take part, even if they are in a different country, so it is a cost effective solution for small businesses who want to hold meetings with staff or clients in multiple locations.

Professional Meetings

It isn’t always appropriate to hold an important meeting over Skype. Internet connections are sometimes poor and multiple participants may find it difficult to participate over a Skype phone if the connection keeps dropping out. You may also take the view that Skype isn’t the best medium for conducting important negotiations with new clients.

An alternative to using free video conferencing tools if you don’t want to invest in expensive IT equipment and software packages is to rent a conferencing suite for a couple of hours instead. This solution is ideal for smaller businesses as the IT infrastructure is already up and running and all you need to do is turn up at the allotted time.

There will come a point where you may think it is worth investing in video conferencing equipment for your business. Often this type of equipment can pay for itself fairly quickly by reducing the amount of travel time employees have to undertake in order to be present at important meetings. However, it is important to remember that technology moves on very fast these days, so what is cutting edge now could easily be obsolete in a couple of years and your expensive equipment will need to be replaced. So take advice from a company such as Videonations before you invest.

Tools that emulate our thinking

Tools that emulate our thinking

A logical trend tools Knowledge Management is trying to simulate the natural way in which we organize our thoughts.

This was to provide an interface to create or attach easily content and relate to each other quickly and associative manner, avoiding the classic hierarchical organization that provide many applications. Thus the contents are organized in network structure, and become mental maps that structure our knowledge on specific topics.

An essential requirement is that the interface allows for navigation efficiency within the network to be created, allowing for the same move, reorganize, in and out of different levels, jump to a general view, clearly show relationships, and differentiate different types of content without actually mess map.

A good example of a tool that meets these requirements is Personal Brain. It can be downloaded from the website of TheBrain, Where he also played a video demo showing its capabilities and performance.

This software lets be creating  thoughts , and keep adding to each parent, child, or jumps (to thoughts of the same level), or go linking them to the Likewise. Each thought has properties, and it can be edited with a fairly complete notes editor, assign tags, urls of websites, icons, attach files or creating calendar events. Also a finder thoughts  and  content , and a small set of  reporting . Creating and navigating the map of thoughts is very agile, and very clear display, say its pretty hard to miss on the map.

From the same website you can download the trial version, which has all the functionality of version pro,  but after 30 days it becomes version free by clicking , which retains all the interface mapping and navigation, but is cut especially regarding the properties and objects that can be attached to thoughts . Between these two versions there is another version Core.

This is about the personal version , but also there is a corporate version called   BrainEKP More oriented collaboration and content management, but with the same philosophy and interface. The main difference is that this version is installed on a server, and both users and administrators access to web, allowing interaction and creation of collaborative thinking among users. It also has connectors that allow synchronization and updating of information from multiple data sources.

Also emphasize that the same portal The Brain It is made ​​with this tool. The header always shows the conceptual map of the page you are viewing, and can make navigating around the site simply by entering the thoughts that appear in this map, much better than the usual menu of the web..

New battery in the new Dell PowerEdge servers

New battery in the new Dell PowerEdge servers

The 13th generation Dell PowerEdge servers has been designed with the aim of optimizing the costs for a wide range of web applications, business and Hyperscale. It presents innovations in storage technology, processing and memory.

Swift and fast were shown hardware manufacturers. After announcing their new processors Intel E5-2600 / 1600 v3, firms such as IBM and Dell have already presented some teams that incorporate them.

In the case of Dell, are included in its new PowerEdge range, presenting the thirteenth, and consists of five formats servidores compactos in blade, rack and tower.

Specifically, it is the rack Power Edge servers R730xd , R730 and R630 , the blade server M630 and tower server T630, all built with the latest Intel Xeon processor family E5-2600v3 and directed to provide customers different options to tackle cloud computing, mobility, big data and trends defined by software.

Our new range of PowerEdge servers based on three fundamental principles: accelerate application performance, workloads strengthen in any environment and simplify systems management. Thus, customers can address the transition between traditional and new computer models, and always be prepared to incorporate innovations that allow them to cope in new applications and optimize their data centers, says Forrest Norrod, vice president and general manager Dell Server Solutions, in a statement distributed by the company.

One of the aspects that have looked with this release are storage technologies, thus speeding up the most important data, positioning large data sets or supporting software-defined storage and optimize data placement.

For example, including SATA 1.8 inch flash drives, the Dell PowerEdge R630 can offer customers up to 2.4 times more operations input / output per second (IOPS) in the same space as the SSD 2.5 . Meanwhile, the PowerEdge R730xd includes up to 100 TB of storage workloads.

Another important innovation, this time focussing on improving the management server, is the inclusion of NFC technology, which significantly enhances the configuration, management and monitoring of mobile systems, reducing to 84% the time of collection inventory.

This new solution is able to convey to clients that perform management tasks directly on the server, the information about its state and its basic configuration by simply placing on a smartphone or tablet with OpenManage Server Mobile.

Finally, thanks to Zero-Touch Repository Manager, administrators can save time and improve efficiency to store, access or deploy a server configuration profile or update firmware from this one central repository.

Launched a free app that allows you to block USB truncated

Launched a free app that allows

Given the possibility of encountering USB peripherals with altered firmware, G Data has decided to launch the G Data USB Keyboard Guard solution for Windows computers.

Over the past few weeks has been talking at length about cybercrime attacks through USB devices.

install_4_enExperts have discovered that it is possible to rewrite the firmware of devices based on this technology to the point of connection vary their condition once hooked on any team, masquerading as a different kind of gadget developed processes and initiating infection. Like what? From explaining G Data USB stick that could become a souped keyboard and used to write lines of code in the PowerShell interface. From there the user is sold.

To tackle this problem, the very G Data has been put to work developing a solution capable of acting precisely against this kind of manipulation, deception using the keyboard.

Its called G Data USB Keyboard Guard and is free, but only works with the Windows operating system.

Its creators have developed this tool for whenever it detects the connection of a USB keyboard based sound an alert.

Initially blocks the installation, but the user is responsible for confirming the final lock or if you are indeed trying to use a keyboard real, to authorize their use. If the installation is accepted, the application of G Data memorized action and give automatic access to that device in post.

Those interested in trying G USB Keyboard Data Guard can download the software from this link.

Since the popularization of technology USB connection has been detected several cases of malware infection, regardless of changes in the firmware, so better safe than sorry following a protocol of good practices such as that we offer in our gallery How to prevent infection via USB?

Get the movies of superlative quality with movie maker of Movavi

movie maker

No matter where you have to present a movie or a presentation, either in an office, school or just for a family use, the quality of audio and video, format, and its compatibility are some of the important and primary concern of a user, but all this  can be fulfilled with movie maker provided by Movavi at very exciting offers. It is comprehensive software meant for video making and provides all the facilities that are needed for creating home videos, presentation slide shows or school project. It not only edits the videos but also improves its audio-video quality and its outcome is very splendid and magnificent.

Specifications of movie maker:

A lot can be done with the help of movie maker but most importantly it gives a professional touch to homemade videos and personal videos. Some of the key specifications of it are enlisted as:

  • It supports platforms of Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8
  • It consist of a large number of user interface languages
  • Its compatible processors are Intel or AMD  1GHz
  • It requires display resolution of 1280*1024 or even higher and 32-bit color
  • 5 GB hard disk is must for uninterrupted and smooth ongoing operations

Features of movie maker:

It can edit any kind of video and transform it as per the requirements and purpose of it to be used for. Below given are the key features of this software:

  • It can add or edit voiceovers during editing process.
  • It capacity to convert more than 180 different formats of multimedia and thus can convert any unreadable formats.
  • Burns videos on CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs easily
  • Provides fastest performance

Opt for movie maker at reasonable price laced with innumerable features.

Windows Phone 8.1 is present in 25% of WP devices

Windows Phone

Anyone who is a developer of applications in particular mobile operating system undoubtedly will want the latest version of this platform is the one that has more presence in the market. This of course is not unique to the developers: Microsoft wants it too and is eager to launch the new update to Windows Phone 8.1 for all possible devices. Currently this version of the mobile platform the company is installed in 25% of the devices that use Windows Phone.

We should note that Windows Phone 8.1 is several weeks old here, and it is quite probable that at this point has already reached a growth spurt, so we should not be surprised if from now on its notoriously low adoption rate. Obviously Windows Phone 8.1 still has a long way to go if you want to beat the previous version, Windows Phone 8, which is currently the most popular devices phones that use the operating system giants software. WP8 today is present in 56.5% of devices, so no doubt it is still used by most users.

The good thing is that the Windows Phone platform is far less fragmented than the most popular market, ie Android. Obviously Google and Microsoft these situations very differently taken: Android has a higher number of versions and slower pace compared to Windows Phone, adoption but obviously has many more users.

Tell us: if you have a smartphone Windows Phone, okay youve updated to the latest version? What do you think about the same compared to previous versions?