LINE LINE premieres Pay mobile payment service


The new update in the messaging application LINE main novelty brings the premiere of the mobile payment service Line Pay.

Version 4.8 of the application of free calls and messaging LINE comes with the world premiere of the premiere of a new service dubbed LINE Pay.

Specifically, it is a tool that allows application users to perform secure and easy payments anytime, anywhere, directly through their smartphones.

As explained from LINE, the new service reaches all application users utilizing governed by iOS or Android devices , which allow payments for services associated or affiliated stores buying, regardless of their operator.

Starting today, users can now register their credit cards to access some paid content already available, such as stickers or applications LINE LINE LINE family Store.

Furthermore, the Asian company has informed that for a limited time, all transactions in the LINE LINE Store via Pay will receive in your account up to 25% of the amount spent a toll for using the service.

Finally, they have commented that improve the options innovations as different promotions, the incorporation of offline stores, and eventually in the future adding global functions , such as allowing users LINE can send money to each other, establishing a new form of mobile payment .

Mobility and socialization, two factors that drive the eCommerce

drive, eCommerce, factors, Mobility, socialization

Compared to 14,600 million euros achieved in 2013, this year is expected to end eCommerce moving in our country over 2,400 million.Use

People buy more and more online, and it shows. Even in Spain.

According to estimates by the consultancy Open-Ideas, this year the sales generated by electronic commerce in our country move up to 17,000 million euros . By comparison, in 2013 they stayed at 14.600 million.

There is already talk of 2014 as the online buy record year.

Several factors would be driving this phenomenon. On the one hand, experts cite the improved economic situation Overall, the rise in retail consumption and improved 12 points in consumer confidence.

But there are more reasons. One of them was the rise of mobility, which implies that more acquisitions are made via smartphones and especially tablets PC.

Another reason is socialization. What does this mean? The fact that Internet users buy online but also discuss what they seem certain products and stores, or even recommend that influences the final result.

Also, whenever they would incorporating user community elderly, who join other younger buyers, and positive momentum associated with the campaign is expected to Christmas .

Many users search the web before buying in a physical store

Many users search the web before buying in a physical store

According Vector ITC Group, the trend toward advancing users is mixing online and offline experience before buying a product.

Do you buy online or in a physical store? What do you prefer?

S Source-Shutterstock_Autor-Kostenko Maxim_comprareguramente, when answering these questions has a bit of everything, but the fact is that fewer distinctions are produced and mixed the two experiences consumers to be sure what they buy.
Or at least that is what emerges from the information of Vector ITC Group, which speaks of three different types of buyers: the ROPO, the showroomers and RTB.

While one showroomer be dedicated to see whats new in store and then search for the best possible price on the Web, one ROPO do the opposite process.

To correspond with the initials Research Online, Offline Purchases, would be devoted to research online and buy offline. And there are few who follow this trend. Vector explains ITC Group, up to 75% of people who buy in stores Leroy Merlin, for example, have first reviewed your page

For its part, the client RTB (from Research, Testing and Buying) take this mixture of virtual and physical the most extreme. Where appropriate, preferred start searching the Internet, it is then moved to a store to touch the product and test it and, finally, if he is satisfied and encouraged to buy it chooses to do so via online.

Hence the experts begin to defend the concept of general store, which involves enhancing both experiences.

Vector ITC Internet Group explains that develops a significant work of visibility that helps inform the buyer, while having a physical location where products are sold enables rid of insecurity and lack of consumer confidence.

Most apps do not make money because only one in three users pay for them

Most apps do not make money

Is not gold that glitters in the market for mobile applications. A report from Gartner warns that most apps do not make money because consumers are not willing to pay for them, and many developers go bankrupt. Are we facing a new bubble?

Most apps do not make money because only one in three users pay for them Would you pay EUR 3.50 for a app that alerts you when going to rain? Or is 2.69 euros one that tells you where the plane you see in the sky is? Maybe yes you give 0.69 euros for a app that keeps others see when you connected to WhatsApp? Examples of hundreds of paid applications for mobile devices that are sold in stores apps ; but most end up being a commercial failure.

This was noted a devastating reportrecently published consultancy Gartner. Notes that 90% of the apps currently on sale gets less than 500 downloads and 1,000 euros of income; figures which will worsen further, to the point that in 2018 according to Gartner only 0.01% of market applications leaving succeed in generating profitability. The reason for this failure announced is quite clear: only 35% of consumers are willing to pay for an app.
Bubble mobile apps

The boom of mobile devices, the success of applications such as Candy Crush Saga or Apalabrados and how relatively easy it is to develop and put on sale a app for smartphones and tablets have made, according to figures from Gartner, nearly 200 businesses and millions independent developers currently competing to offer popular applications and generate revenue, either charging downloads, inserting advertisements or providing more complete versions of payment (model freemium ).

However, many of these projects are doomed to failure because the market is on the verge of saturation and users still prefer the free versions, albeit more limited and have advertising. Development costs are also rising due to competition by engaging the best professionals and diversity of platforms that coexist in the market: IOS, Android , Windows , Blackberry , Kindle , Firefox OS , etc. Therefore, we will soon see a burst of the bubble of apps for mobile, which will drastically reduce the number of existing applications.

Open Data Platform Municipal Transport Company of Madrid wins Fundetec Awards 2013

Open Data Platform Municipal Transport Company

The information system on public transport Municipal Transport Company of Madrid has been chosen as the winner of Fundetec Awards 2013. This Open Data platform consists of a set of SOA systems accessible from the Internet receives nearly one million daily visits.

Open Data Platform Municipal Transport Company of Madrid wins Fundetec Awards 2013When will the next bus? What is the best combination to reach a destination? Did this stop is adapted for people with disabilities? Examples of close to a million queries each day receiving the information system of public transport that offers the Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid ( EMT ). This solution has been chosen as the Best Project for Public Entity for Citizenship in 2013 Fundetec Awards which have recently been granted.

The information service of the EMT is managed by a philosophy based platform Open Data (open data), which seeks to certain data are available to everyone, without restrictions, following some assumptions that are similar to those of free software or open source content. Through the deployment of SOA ( Service Oriented Architecture ), allows citizens access to internal information systems of Madrid transport entity controlled manner through the public Internet, from any device data connection.

Ecosystem apps

Thus, it is only necessary to have a computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access to check all kinds of real-time information related to public transport in Madrid, as routes, schedules, precise location of vehicles via GPS, etc. This information is also available to companies wishing to exploit, for example, to create applications for mobile devices.

Currently there are more than 30 apps certified based on these Open Data terminals available for Android , Apple and Windows Phone , which can be found in this sectionthe website of the EMT . These applications provide features such practices as tell you when to leave home to catch the bus without having to wait, notify you when there is little to end the balance or the term of your subscription transport stops and even propose alternative means of public transportation in case something unexpected arises.

SAP buys the companys Predictive Analytics KXEN to integrate its technology in enterprise applications


The software provider SAP announced the acquisition of KXEN, a present company in the United States and Europe that develops predictive technologies. Thus, the German company strengthens its offer and take positions in a market that will grow over 30% by the year 2017.

After the summer break, the giants of the computer industry that have sufficient liquidity continue with its strategy to grow and diversify to hit book. This time was the German company SAPKnown for its business management programs, the first mover with the acquisition of KXEN. This American company based in San Francisco and offices in Paris, London and Rome develops predictive analytics software that operates in the cloud.

The intention of SAP is to incorporate technology KXEN to its catalog management solutions to offer integrated business applications predictive capabilities. The German company already has one such solution, SAP Predictive Analysis, but also to improve their skills with the know-how of KXEN is also interested done with the extensive portfolio of global enterprise customers that have purchased, including entities financial and Barclays, telecommunications operators such as Vodafone, insurers such as Lloyds, etc. Even Obama used his software in the last campaign.

A business 2,200 million euros

The operation performed by SAP also has a strategic component, since the German company agrees to strengthen its position in the field of analytics. According to data from IDC, the market for predictive analytics software bill currently 1,500 million worldwide, and estimates suggest that grow by 30% to over 2,200 million volume in 2017. The key is popularize these technologies, bringing them closer to the end user.

Another argument for the acquisition of KXEN is that the combination of its software with the capabilities of real-time analysis technology offers database in memory SAP HANA facilitate processing large volumes of data to extract information from business, which known as Big Data, and combine it with the solutions of Business Intelligence for the German firm. Thus, SAP is reinforced in three fronts of large business IT.

Advantages Of A Cell Phone Spy Software

Spy Software

A good cell phone spy ware review that will help in easily finding the activities on a cell phone without the knowledge of the user, then you are on the right page. It has now become such a basic and important application in our lives. These days’ parents are giving away smart phones to their children at a very young age so that they can communicate with them easily. However often, some children end up misusing the device and land up in trouble. So an application that will let you monitor all the activities such as the messages, calls and media files exchanged is definitely very helpful. You can be free of all the suspicion by viewing for yourself all that is happening through the device. They come with all the tools that you need to keep track of the activities on the mobile by your child, or partner or even your employee. The information that you will get is instant and also accurate. Some of the notable advantages of an application that lets you monitor cell phone activities are:

  • If you are in a certain emergency and you need to know where a person is then is the time when this application is very useful. You will be able to trace and locate the exact location of the person in just a few minutes.
  • In crowded places if your child, friend or colleague gets lost this application will be handy in tracking them down.
  • You can have detailed information about the activities of your employee. You shall be informed if there is any exchange of information made by them that will be a leak of an official information of the firm. This helps you to manage business better and more properly.
  • The spy software for your mobile remains invisible to the user of the cell phone. It will record all the routines that is carried out and will present the record of the calls that is created. You can view the date, time and even hear conversations that have been made through the device.

There are a number of applications that are available but you must make sure that you choose a safe and reliable one as there is a lot of information that you let out on the internet. If you are not cautious you might end up with a virus or a malicious set up in your laptop or computer. Cell phones have become such an important part of our lives that it is tough picture a world without it. It not only lets you communicate but has also been serving the purpose of a digital camera, a medium to check mails, a memo diary, an alarm clock and many other things. Nonetheless now that cell phones have so totally enveloped us that the fine line amongst rewards and drawbacks is violated. As a result it is becoming much more essential and more crucial to have some form of spy software set up in these telephones.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014, on sale from April 1, with higher performance, new features and integration with Windows Azure

Microsoft finalizes the release of SQL Server 2014, the new version of its popular management system databases. It goes on sale on April 1 and promises higher performance, capacity data warehouse, Business Intelligence and Big Data, and integration with the cloud using Windows Azure.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 will be released on April 1 with higher performance, new features and integration with Windows AzureThe next April 1 will be available Microsoft SQL Server 2014The expected new version management system database company of Windows that include numerous improvements to suit current trends. Manufacturers who work with the company now run by Satya Nadella are getting the version RTM (also called generally available) to perform final adjustments to ensure full compatibility with the ecosystem Microsoft.

After two years of development, Microsoft SQL Server 2014 incorporates significant improvements to give an adequate response to the latest technological trends such as cloud computing. Notable new features in this version include new capabilities OLTP ( Online Transaction Processing Memory ) that provide performance up to 30 times, with benefits In-Memory Columnstore, allowing read and write larger volumes of information in the data stores and more rapid responses to inquiries and achieve greater data compression.

Tighter integration with Windows Azure

Thinking cloud environments, Microsoft SQL Server 2014 adds new hybrid scenarios that include backup in Windows Azure and the option to create a virtual machine Windows Azure to accelerate disaster recovery. Incidentally, Microsoft announced that it has updated Windows Azure to be compatible with version 2.2 of Hadoop. This will allow customers to include this burgeoning technology strategies Big Data.

As pointed out by Microsoft, SQL Server has become the solution most widely used database in the world. The new version will allow to continue gaining market share by extending the application of this software database particularly demanding scenarios that require high performance, thanks to its ability to process up to 250,000 requests per second

Infor Business Intelligence 10x provides advanced business intelligence for users of any level

Infor Business Intelligence

The manufacturer Infor Infor Business Intelligence 10x presents its new business intelligence solution that includes new features such as enhanced interoperability with products from other manufacturers, a more attractive user interface, mobile features and social collaboration tools.

Infor Business Intelligence 10x provides advanced business intelligence for users of any levelOne of the keys to the widespread use of business intelligence solutions is to make its use as simple and friendly as possible so that users adopt such programs in their daily tasks. This is the objective of Infor Business Intelligence 10x, the new BI solution of this provider, perhaps not well known but has a strong market position.

Infor Business Intelligence capabilities 10x provides advanced planning and analytics, dashboards created by self-service and social collaboration tools that let you enjoy a pleasant experience, modern, mobile and social BI. To that end, Infor has been integrated into this solution various innovative technologies like middleware Infor ION and collaboration platform.It has also sought to ensure greater interoperability with applications and databases from other companies by using the most widespread standards in business use programs.

Dashboards to suit the user

This new product from Infor can create dashboards tailored to the user through a simple self-service interface. The use of intelligence technology into memory automatically connects interrelated content so that the user can quickly see how it affects the performance of one department to another company results. Have also been incorporated advanced analytical functions and a motor for statistical analysis.

Other news from Infor Business Intelligence 10x are a more modern design based on HTML 5, mobile access to dashboards tailored to the smaller screens of these terminals and social collaboration tools to facilitate collective decision making. With this new release, Infor plans to continue expanding its base of more than 70,000 customers in 194 countries, which include heavyweights such as Boeing, Yahoo, Nissan or Kellogs.

Why SMEs need a document management system

document, Management, SMEs, system

The amount of information used today in SMEs, both in paper format and electronic, is so great that agrees to use document management herramintas. The fundamental objective of document management systems is to manage documents efficiently, allowing you to store documents securely through simple procedures for subsequent access for consultation from different devices.

With the advent of information technology, document management systems have enabled Jubilee shelves and cabinets full of documents, to move to dispose of integrated document management and an endless storage capacity, which makes them ideal as a center of company information. Then we will see five reasons why SMEs need a document management system :

1. Because they make the most efficient processes, integrated management tools

The document manager should be a tool for the organization, meaning that must be present wherever he is needed. A document manager is not a shared network drive in which folders to be keeping files but is a tool that goes well beyond are created: a system supporting documentation for all key processes of the organization, through the which efficiency is achieved in the execution of tasks that require the generation or processing of documents.

A document manager must be present when a task requires working with automated documentation and reporting processes. The key business information should not be on local systems, but on a centralized and accessible from any device (computer, mobile, tablet) repository. Working with a good document management in SMEs avoid malpractices as the inefficient transfer of documents via email and network folders, tools that are not safe and can cause, such incidents make public confidential information.

2. For information ensures disaster

A document manager must be a complete system, which means that not only is an instance in which information is stored in an orderly, but goes further and allows secure information to accidents and catastrophic events. A document manager should have a backup system that is located on a different host system, so that will restore the information in case it happens a serious problem (fire, flood, theft, hacking, location etc.) resulting in total or partial disablement of it.

The completeness of the system is one of the differences between records managers and tools that stay halfway. Maybe in the day does not seem relevant capacity to support documentation, but if it comes to an incident occur, surely you will be given the great value it has. The cost of data loss can be so high that can lead to closing a business. How much documentation losing customers, suppliers, taxes, patents, research, etc.?

3. For each document is accessible only to who has permissions

All documents must have a certain level of protection so that only those who have the necessary permissions to access them, download them or edit them. This management is impossible through systems network folders or less powerful document management.

This function permits to classify ideally should be linked to documents and information sections, as it is the only reliable way to get the management to be efficient and reasonably safe. This way, you can protect collateral documents such as payslips, invoices, contracts and agreements with suppliers, information about patents and innovation and all those files that require access control.

4. Because it saves space and time

A document manager to store documents that come from different formats. Those who come in electronic format are easy to store in a document manager and for those who arrive on paper, there are processes integrated scanning, which through escanares or multifunction machines (copier, scanner, printer) can quickly transform a document role of multiple pages into one file? digital (PDF, ePub, etc.). Through these processes, SMBs can save storing paper and move to keep copies of documents and other documents in digital format, saving physical space accordingly.

It also saves time, since each document can be assigned metadata, which are a series of labels to classify the content, ownership, origin, version, date of creation and modification, as well as another set of intrinsic data document. You can also use software OCR , optical character recognition to convert scanned images into text and thus facilitate the indexing of the content of the documents , which allows searches by the names of the documents, metadata and content thereof.

5. Because it allows access documents from any device

The access to information, today, from any device must be considered. We are in the mobile era and therefore, access to documentation must be possible from classic desktops and laptops, and mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Thus, business mobility may consult catalogs and other sales documents, Purchasing staff can access a contract through your mobile if you need to test an entry in the table negotiating with a supplier. Among many other examples might think. The key is to think of a scenario in which the document manager must provide documents to different people accessing them from different devices.


An SME needs a professional document management system, a system that is able to store information efficiently and allows access it easily and across different devices meeting the requirements of appropriate security.

The document managers are no longer shelves and cabinets with documentation, not network drives accessible from the corporate environment folders. Are complete systems that go far beyond integrating the storage and processing of documentation, integrating processes, enabling multi-device access and having backup systems to ensure that the documentation is still available after a disaster.