Choosing the Right Rail Freight Transportation Company

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When it comes to transporting goods, there are a lot of different methods to consider. When hauling a lot of freight over a landmass, rail is often the preferred choice. However, just like other transportation options, not all rail freight companies are created equal. Picking the right freight transportation company is not rocket science, but there are a few key factors at which you should look.


The first and most important factor is experience. There is no better way that a company can prove itself than standing up to the test of time. This proves that it has not only built up a loyal customer base but also withstood drops in the market, such as economic downturns. While there are plenty of companies that can thrive when the economy is good, it takes a great company to continue operating during hardship. This is done by having returning customers. No company can thrive off of new business alone. They have to provide a reason for customers to want to use their service again.

Experienced Leadership

Just like any other company, rail freight transportation companies are only as good as the leadership they have in place. Take CSX Corp, for instance. This is a leader in the transportation marketplace, and it has a lot to do with their leaders. One example of such leadership is CSX Corps Clarence Gooden, the vice president of system transportation. Having leaders that a company can count on is the difference between standing up to the test of time and falling victim to mediocrity.

Delivery Time and Pricing

Both delivery time and pricing are important. The goal for companies is finding a way to strike the perfect balance between both. You want a company that is going to deliver your goods on time, but you dont want to overpay for a service that another company will do just as good. A company that can find the perfect balance between both is worth its weight in gold and is likely to keep customers coming back for more. You should be weary of any company that offers extremely low prices or guarantees unrealistic delivery times.

Shipping Solutions

While there are plenty of companies that offer rail freight transportation, not all of them offer the same shipping solutions. Not all goods can be transported in the same way. Finding a company that can cater to the needs of different goods is paramount, as is one that offers a wide range of shipping solutions that protect your company from having to find a different shipper for other products that your company may need to transport in the future. Once again, offering multiple shipping solutions is something that comes with experience. Transportation groups that have been around for years have come up with ways to cater to the needs of their consumer bases.

Rail freight transportation might not be the right fit for everyone. However, as a cost-effective way to move larges amounts of products over large landmasses, there is no better option than rail transportation. It can carry larger loads than semi-trucks and usually reaches its destination faster. Using the advice above, you can be sure that you choose the right rail freight transportation operator to fit your businesss needs.

Focus on Safety and Choose a GPS Made for Trucks


One glance at a truck GPS and you might be alarmed by the price tag. However, the cost difference brings powerful options that make a purchase a no-brainer for any serious trucker. We have outlined the main differences between consumer and truck GPS units so that you can get a feel for the benefits of upgrading to a model made specifically for your application.

Superior Mapping Capabilities

The mapping data contained in a truck-specific GPS is far superior to those in consumer GPS models. There are more details provided which take into account road restrictions levied against big rigs. In the GPS units that cover North America, there are over 700,000 miles of roads that have restrictions on big trucks. Restrictions would include the type of load allowed to be transported and the type of truck allowed passage. These restrictions are normally based on the width of certain roads and potential safety hazards such as low bridges and overpasses.

While the idea is to avoid hazardous routes altogether these GPS systems will give an early warning of an upcoming hazard usually when there are still one or two exits before the hazard is encountered.

Truck Profile Options

Some of the GPS units manufactured for commercial trucking come preloaded with routing options based on a trucks profile. These are based on the National Truck and Trailer Services Breakdown Directory. You can enter the dimensions of the rig: weight, height, length and type of hazardous content, if any, and the GPS can route you accordingly in the lower 48.

Cost Estimates

Truck GPS systems can help optimize fuel consumption by selecting the best route as well as giving automated feedback to alert the driver of excessive speeds and inordinate idling. There is also a feature that can use the vehicle dimensions and average fuel cost to help estimate fuel expenditures. The units can also take into consideration routing to estimate the toll costs for a trip.

Built-In Wi-Fi Functionality

Commercial trucking GPS units have built-in wi-fi capability for real-time weather and traffic updates. This is a feature that anyone who drives for a living is sure to appreciate.

Fleet Management Capabilities

Besides their usefulness to individual truck operators the commercial trucking GPS is an essential component to any fleet manager. GPS units can be remotely programmed in this capacity to routing that a dispatcher enters eliminating the potential for human error in routing and cutting out costly overtime hours.

Fleet Managers are able to track multiple vehicles at once. This is a benefit to being able to re-route the closest driver should the need occur, it also allows real-time monitoring of personnel. These sophisticated systems can tell when a truck is idling, stopped or in transit. No longer can a vehicle be used after hours without company knowledge and if a truck is stolen the GPS can be remotely activated to track its position.

Commercial truck GPS systems combine superior safety features with advanced productivity capabilities, making them essential for the owner-operator as well as corporate clients.  Visit to learn more about the truck GPS technology.

Drop It: Storing and Sharing Files in the Cloud

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Storing files on your hard drive at home is so 10 years ago. While cloud technology hasn’t exactly caught up to every user’s expectation, it’s usually good enough for most people. And, it’s showing in user data reports. More and more people are choosing to store their documents and files in the cloud.

So, what does all of this cloud business mean, exactly? The cloud isn’t a mysterious puff of white smoke in the sky. It’s not digital heaven. It’s actually storing files in the cloud is usually safer your files are encrypted and backed up just in case the unthinkable happens.

Using iCloud

Apple’s iCloud is probably one of the more famous cloud resources out there. Steve Jobs wanted this to work differently than other clouds on the market. As such, iCloud is primarily a sync-driven cloud. That means that data resides on your computer and is synced between your devices. However, it does share similar features of other cloud products, namely the ability to automatically back up key data on your hard drive.

Using DropBox

DropBox is another popular service out there used primarily for cloud storage and file sharing. Users download a folder to their computer, and then that folder acts as a native folder on the drive. However, unlike other native folders, this folder actually syncs to DropBox and other devices you have connected to your account.

You can also share your files with other non-dropbox users by creating a special sharable link and sending that link to whomever you want. Presto! Instant sharing.

Using Hightail

The unique thing about Hightail is the ability to send really, really large files up to 2GBs. You can also edit and update project folders with your clients and colleagues. The service offers unlimited file storage too, so you can use your tablet, smartphone, or laptop to access files everywhere.

Security is good too, with 128-bit SSL encryption while moving files and an impeccable 256-bit AES encryption while sitting around collecting dust on your virtual shelf.

Using SugarSync
SugarSync is a competitor to DropBox, and works similar to the Amazon-driven cloud service. You can even share links with non-SugarSync users. Pricing is competitive too.

Using Google Drive

Google Drive is a bit different from the others in that you don’t really store anything on your computer. Instead, you create new documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in the cloud and then share them via special links .You can choose who can view and edit the content you share, and Google lets you open more than 30 different file types, even if you don’t have the base program installed on your computer.

Using Box

Box offers a really simple solution that’s also very secure. You centralize all of your content and then sync it with whomever you want. There are two levels of service personal and enterprise. The personal plan is a little wimpy with a 250MB upload file limit, but you can share photos and presentations via a special link that anyone can click on and open up in their browser.

Your Own Cloud

Instead of using a paid service, or even the free version of a paid service, you can create your own cloud system by using P2P networks. File sharing software from companies like you have to be a bit of a computer nerd to use it. This is probably the most flexible outsourced option there is, though. Amazon will basically give you unrestricted access to storage drive and its servers so that you can create a custom cloud experience for yourself.

In fact, some popular cloud services, like DropBox, use Amazon’s infrastructure as the backbone for their own service. So, in essence, your favorite cloud service provider could be nothing more than a middle man. If you’re technologically inclined, it’s worth the effort.

Leonor McGowan is a tech whiz. When not managing her own computer systems to optimize potential for productivity and entertainment, she enjoys blogging about the basics and trends for using technology everyday.

Comindware features and review

BusinessProcessModeling is a suit of business devices that encourages cooperation between different contemporaries for work process mechanization and target accomplishment.

Comindware is turnkey Comindware Inc Team Network program which has exceptional cooperation characteristics.

Comindware work process automation software: This is perfect for methodology service and work process computerization. Organizations and organizations with huge groups and item administration necessities ought to utilize this product.

Any accomplished undertaking service comprehends the need of strong task administration programming that works together and gathers working colleagues easily. Right from the time you log into the Comindware’s 30-day trial period, you will concur that the product has the vibe and outline of a flat out victor! Its a fantastic apparatus to plan, track, report and team up on activities. Both are particular items yet they are based on the centre Comindware software which is intended to unleash amazing cooperation choices.

The Comindware programming downloads and introduces quicker and without any glitches. You have Get Started option to acclimate with the tool and in the event that you choose to purchase the item, a markdown is connected on checkout. Each of the four exercises is laid out inside and out to familiarize even a beginner venture administration programming client. Beginning your first extend is a matter of simply few minutes! The product permits the chief user to relegate assignments to members. When you make an undertaking, you consequently have the alternative to dole out it. To appoint, you have to include the colleague in your asset list. Distinguish an individual you wish to allocate and the Comindware software naturally sends the individual a welcome to join the assignment.

You can welcome more individuals to take after the venture board also. Further, it is also conceivable to focus client access consent levels and make numerous work divisions.

Due dates can be relegated to each one assignment. The product uses its inbuilt datebook framework to stamp due dates and show it when the due date approaches closer. You can gauge the time expected to finish a certain work and relegate it to somebody with a determined due date.

In addition, colleagues relegated to a task can upgrade about venture status and the due date meter will demonstrate whether the errand will finish on time or will run late. You can pick or make tweaked timetables relying upon geological area.

You can track what recorded assets are doing from the task dashboard. You can choose any colleague and see what undertakings he/she has been doled out. You can adjust assignments and perspective their current workload. On the off chance that you have to include more errands, you can break down whether a certain member will have sufficient energy to finish it or not.

Besides, the Comindware programming keeps a tab on the expertise sets of its parts. You can see this expertise set to discover the best suitable asset for a particular errand. All these peculiarities forestall over-planning and over-pressurizing a certain colleague. You can make utilization of inbuilt graphs to oversee ebb and flow work statuses flawlessly.