How to Get Your Small Business on the Road

Get Your Small Business on the Road

Many types of businesses couldn’t operate without a company car or commercial vehicle. Whether you work directly in the supply chain or you’re just trying to get from A to B, though, financing a vehicle can be difficult. There are several options available to you, but purchasing and leasing often offer you the most benefits to your company.


The main benefit of purchasing a car outright is that you’ll own the vehicle. This gives you more options during the course of ownership, such as selling the vehicle when you’re in need of cash in a hurry. The vehicle can also be treated as an asset to be used on the balance sheet, which is very useful for SMEs just starting out.

However, purchasing a vehicle requires a significant initial investment whether you’re paying in cash or buying the car over a string of monthly payments. You can expect to pay a deposit of around 10% of the vehicle’s value, though this is fee is typically negotiable. You’ll also have to deal with the responsibilities of ownership, including any maintenance and servicing fees that come up.


Leasing a car works by paying a lender a fixed rate over a number months, usually between 24-60. The ability to spread the payments out over monthly fees means that the business can still remain flexible with its finances, and you can also expect to pay a lower deposit than if you were buying the vehicle. Often times, this gives small business owners the ability to use cars that would normally be out of their budget. This could drastically improve your company image.

Businesses can also reclaim VAT. This includes 50% on a leased car or more on a commercial vehicle, available here. While you’ll still have to pay the cost of insurance, many lenders also include tiers that include maintenance fees. However, because you don’t own the vehicle you do lack some of the freedoms of purchasing. You’ll have to commit to a mileage limit and make sure you follow the company’s fair wear agreement.

Purchasing and leasing offer the most advantages when looking to get your business on the road. If you’re just looking for a short-term solution, though, many companies offer daily or other short-term contracts. This is useful if you’re current business vehicle is away for repair, but you can’t afford for there to be an extended disruption of your workflow.

Guidelines on how to make your small business a successful one in the year 2015

Guidelines on how to make your small business

The year 2015 is a crucial one for small business houses. The right tricks and guidelines will help your business soar new heights. Promotional marketing, updated infrastructure along with better organizational skills will help one to take their small business ahead. If done rightly, then one cannot prevent the progress from taking place. The trick lies in following the guidelines to the hilt so that when one applies these guidelines they will observe the desired results. Don’t forget that “change is the only constant thing” and one has to constantly upgrade themselves if they wish to attain success. Following are few guidelines that will ensure that your business flourishes and that you are able to stay ahead of your competition:

Latest infrastructure: in order to run a business, one needs the right infrastructure because it is the different equipments and updated technology that will bring about the required change. Look around you, all those small business house that has made it big, have invested in the latest infrastructure and technology. The updated technology will make it easier to carry out the work from your end and the clients will get a better quality work. Say for example: you are running an IT company. Can you expect to deliver what you promise and make it big if you do not have the updated infrastructure? In order to survive the competition and to offer high quality work there is no alternative to the latest technology and infrastructure.

Building contacts: in this competitive market, only those small business houses have been able to survive and move ahead who have been able to build contacts. In the professional arena, networking works like wild fire. It does not take much time to spread from end to other end. Attend trade exhibitions; participate in meetings organized by the Chamber of Commerce. And yes, do make use of the social networking site. This is the best place to stay in touch with your clients. Post updates on all those things happening at your end. Keep your clients up breast of the latest happenings.

Marketing / promotional tools: there is no alternative to a good marketing campaign. It helps you to reach out to so many people across the globe. You can inform them about the latest products and services offered by your company. There are different types of marketing campaigns like the print industry where you can depend on advertisements on newspapers, roller banners used in trade exhibitions, leaflets, and electronic media such as audio –visual advertisements and so on. Opt for customized marketing and promotional tools. Tailor made options are a better place to invest your hard earned money.

Loyalty programs: nothing works wonders like the customer loyalty programs. Make them feel special by asking them to take part in sweepstakes, by offering interesting discounts, alluring schemes and by giving them gifts on a certain amount of purchase. Customers love it when the company with whom they have dealt with, recognize them and make them a part of their company. So think of interesting ways to tempt your customers and make them feel special.

Invest in your own company: in order to grow your business you need to nurture it and care for it just like the way you will do for your own child. So invest in your company. Move out from a rented place and set up your property in your own space. If possible offer stocks and bonds of your company. If you do not have the money then you can always opt for interesting business loans. There are many financial firms and even banks that offer business loans. Find out about the rate of interest and opt for the one that best suits your mode of business.

It is time that you take the necessary steps to make your small business a big one!

Where should smart entertainment investments be made?


Investment in entertainment companies and shares has often been overlooked by many investors, who operate under the assumption that one has to have access to large sums of capital to venture into this sector and that it is the preserve of only corporate investors. While this is true to some extent, there are now ways for individual investors to make investments and reap the huge returns that this sector is capable of offering.

Strategies for investing in the sports and entertainment sector

The sports and entertainment sector is heavily reliant on fan bases and trends that can be fickle and unpredictable. The risk factor is thus quite high, and as an investor, you need to take account of this risk in your investment strategy.

You can opt to invest in the sector through mutual funds, which allows you to share the risk with other investors. The funds are collected from the individual investors and pooled together in one large investment that is managed by professionals.

You can also invest in films as an individual investor by speculating on the failure or success of a film. You do this by purchasing or selling futures contracts which trade the profits expected to be made from movie openings.

In the sports industry, you can spread the risk by partnering with someone or a group of people, then making the investment together.

Wesley Edens: a sports and entertainment industry success story

Wesley Edens is a principal, founder and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fortress Investment Group LLC. His company, worth $62 billion, is involved in alternative asset management.

In 2014, business executive Wesley Edens partnered with Marc Lasry to buy the Milwaukee Bucks for an estimated price of $550 million. In so doing, Wesley Edens wanted to make use of the lessons he had learned while building a successful investment firm and turn the sports team into a success story. He has unveiled the strategies he intends to use, which include improving the management of the team’s day-to-day operations, as well as drafting talented new players. Investors can learn much by observing Edens and draw lessons on how to correctly go about sports investing.

Investing in the sports and entertainment sector requires you to have the right investment strategies in place if you are to be successful, including risk management strategies. Once you are prepared, the sector is open to all, both large and small investors, so long as you go for the investment instruments that are best suited to you.

Mobile Strategies Every Business Would Benefit From

Mobile Strategies Every Business Would Benefit From

According to Forbes, 80% of online adults own a smartphone. What should you do in order to better reach your customers? Read on for mobile strategies that every manager should consider adding to their plan.

1. Set objectives. How can mobile help you get there? Is there a specific mobile experience you want to give your customers? If you like to see goals laid out in front of you instead of on a screen, view the range of Konica Minolta A3 printers available.

2. Choose the right mobile environments. Do you want to create a mobile site or an app, or both? There are distinct differences between the two. A mobile site is in the browser of a mobile device. The user doesn’t have to download anything. The website will detect when a visitor is using their mobile device and adjust accordingly. An app requires a download from a marketplace. They often have GPS services to help with location targeting. Ideally, you’d have both a mobile website and an app. Apps are great for interacting with brands and mobile-friendly websites are great for on-the-go sales and shopping.

3. Integrate your mobile marketing with social media. Social media is accessed via mobile, which makes it the perfect combination. Share reviews, include social sharing buttons, and create content that be engaged with on-the-move. The more accessible you are via mobile, the more your audience will engage with your brand.

4. Send alerts and notifications, like coupons, savings, and other offers, via mobile. People check their phone constantly to see if they have missed messages, so they’re bound to notice an offer. Don’t annoy your customers with an overabundance of mobile offers, though.

5. Use ads based on location. With a mobile app, you can use location services to create targeted messages to specific audiences. When the person is in your store, for example, they can get a coupon to use the same day.

6. Optimize your emails for mobile, too. Most people will access their email via their mobile device. Include links so they can further engage via mobile, since click-thru is such a huge part of e-mail marketing.

Just getting started with mobile advertising? Begin with just one of these tips, like optimizing your website for mobile. Once you’ve got that down pat, move on to the next strategy.

Future Marketing Strategies used Today

Future Marketing Strategies used Today

The way to get your website in front of the people who will become your customers is through search engine marketing (SEM). You may have been concentrating your web content on search engine optimization for Google or any other search engine to pick you first, but this is a thing of the past. Search engines are focusing on people, as well as keywords, and your marketing needs to do the same.

How it Works

Being at the top of search rankings is important, and there are guidelines given by search engines that tell you the best ways to improve your rankings. The number one way is to provide good content on your website. This means when someone is looking for information, they find it on your website. You appear to be an expert in the field, and they return to your website often, share it with their like-minded friends and eventually become a customer. In the past, what most people could expect on any website was praise for the business. This won’t work anymore. Content marketing means your website should be written with people in mind and not search engines.

What Your Website Needs

Pay per click advertising is one of the most popular advertising techniques. For a small fee, you pay search engines to generate clicks to your website. Google Ad Words is the most-used platform for this, but paying for clicks is just the beginning. You also need high-quality, brilliant ads. This is the way to increase clicks.

Content marketing is much more that blogs. It requires writers who are knowledgeable about a field and can write relevant, informative material that actually helps people who visit the site. It is not a quick-fix to your marketing strategy, but a long-term effort. Selecting the right keywords and understanding the demographics are part of creating effective content.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best marketing tools available. When used along with and content marketing, you have all of your bases covered. True, social media is important, especially if you can get your blog or vlog to go viral, but email is still extremely effective. Your email marketing campaign needs to keep your current audience engaged as well as growing the number of visitors.

Local Search Marketing

If you have a brick and mortar store front, being optimized for local search marketing is your best friend. Map listings on your site are one way visitors find you, and quality content will get you picked by search engines.

There are many marketing strategies available, and you can take advantage of them all or create a customized plan to take your company to the next level and beyond.

Trade Show Tips and Terms Every New Business Owner Should Know

Trade Show Tips and Terms

A lot of business owners are intimidated by trade shows, so they don’t attend them. But, trade shows can be one of the best ways to expand a small business and increase sales. If you’ve decided you want to try it out, you’re in for a treat. At the same time, there are terms and a few tricks of the trade you need to become familiar with before you sign a contract and book your space.


A/V stands for “audio/visual”. If you have a display, and you want any sound or video, make sure you’re in a location that can be supplied with A/V. Otherwise, you’re not going to be able to run your show.

Advance Order

An advanced order is an order that’s sent out to the service contractor for special services you might need before the actual show starts. Let’s say you need a special type of booth set up, or you need special fans or cables run to your table. You want to make sure this is set up prior to the date of the show, and an advance order is how this is taken care of.

Advanced Rates

Paying in advance usually yields you a significant discount on your table or booth. Pay early when you can.

“The Wanderer”

“The Wanderer” is someone who is always wondering around. There’s always one of them at a show, and they’re usually regarded as “fair weather exhibitors.” They’re wandering around the trade show floor, drinking way too much coffee, talking too much, not paying attention to their booth, and not really working.

Normally, this isn’t a problem unless they happen to be set up next to you. Sometimes, these types of people will get in your way, bother your potential customers, and generally make a nuisance of themselves. Be prepared for it.

Give Something Away

Giving something away is a great way to endear yourself to your potential customers, and it makes you memorable. But, it’s also highly contextual. For example, let’s say you’re a gaming or recreation company. Giving away these custom playing cards would be incredibly relevant and meaningful for the audience, especially if you have your business name and logo, including contact information, printed up on them.

The Rule Of Three

The rule of three states that, if you’re assigned three workers for your booth, you’ll inevitably end up with one stellar worker, one that’s OK, and one that’s goofing off and causing problems. If this happens, make the trouble-maker the gofer.

Work With Professionals

Always try to work with professionals whenever you can. In other words, don’t try to do prints yourself work with a professional graphic designers. Work with a certified trade show manager, or an exhibit consultant. Trade show marketing is a skill in and of itself. It’s best left to the professionals.

It’s very easy to lose money at a trade show. So, don’t make the mistake most businesses do don’t stumble through several years of failure before you hire a marketing consultant.

Timothy Gibson is a small business consultant. He loves writing about his marketing insights on the Internet. You can find his posts on many business blogs.