Customizing Your PowerPoint Presentation

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Preparing a speech or presentation will take a lot of work. While you are in the planning phase, it is important to determine what you will use for your visual aids to supplement your speech. In many cases, the easiest answer is to use a PowerPoint presentation to help you along. If you are not familiar with how to create one of these presentations, you can always hire an expert to create a custom PowerPoint design for your next presentation. Here are some benefits of getting a professional involved.

Customized to Meet Your Needs
PowerPoint presentations can be boring if they look like everyone elses presentation. A professional PowerPoint designer can help you take your information and turn it into supplemental slides that are engaging and work with your specific audience to get them interested in the topic.

Provides You Expert Advice
Not all PowerPoint presentations are engaging just because they are supplementing a speech. When you work with an expert, they can help you put together a presentation with expertise that only comes with building great designs for other professionals that always give engaging speeches with the help of a great set of slides.

These are just a few benefits of working with a professional to help you design your PowerPoint presentation. Once you have it in your hands, you can build a great presentation for teaching, business or social organizations.

How ERP Software Solutions Benefit Distribution Organizations

Solutions Benefit Distribution Organizations

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has been utilized in a broad cross-section of industry, including marketing and sales, shipping and payment, inventory management, manufacturing or service delivery, and product planning cost. In particular, distribution organizations realize tremendous benefits from adopting an ERP software solution. Following are key benefits:


One of the most important benefits of ERP is the ability for distribution managers to visualize product flows clearly. The ability to conceptualize and optimize complex distribution patterns is often considered the core of distribution management. Managers use the visibility afforded by ERP to track each step in the process, from supplier tracking to final product delivery. A key benefit of virtualizing distribution flow is the ability for managers to identify bottlenecks and to solve throughput problems. It also identifies bloated areas of the supply chain allowing managers to increase flow efficiency.

Enhanced Traceability

Parts suppliers are under increasing pressure to account for delivery throughput and to identify lots or individual parts in case of quality issues. If customers find a bad lot, they expect suppliers to be able to isolate the lot and identify the root problem. Traceability can also help flow from multiple sources or destinations, in order to identify bottlenecks in particular branches.

Planning and Forecasting

Many companies implement enterprise resource planning primarily to improve their ability to plan new distribution channels and to accurately forecast planned channel throughput. The iterative process of forecasting can be very difficult when performed manually on paper. Automated ERP solutions allow managers to easily develop scenarios, and then to make adjustments for improved efficiency.

Automation Reduces Errors

An automated ERP solution takes the human factor out of the tedious part of distribution design. This means fewer errors, more accurate control, and improved customer satisfaction.

Reduced Cost

The ability of ERP to improve channel efficiencies will result in reduced costs. As an example, when ERP improves quality issues, it allows reduced replacement inventory and the associated costs. Similarly, more accurate forecasting allows managers to reduce the level of inventory safety buffers.

Develop Customer Relations

Customers benefit as well when a company adopts ERP. ERP can provide essential supplier information across a myriad of business units. The automated solution improves lead times for access to this information. Some ERP solutions offer a specific customer experience allowing users to interact with the facilities. As ERP moves to the cloud, both the client company and the customers can work in a collaborative environment. Mobile access increases the availability of information and collaboration. Integration with social media allows a familiar context for marketing and sales channels.