How Can I Make My Business More Successful?

Business More Successful

If you run a business, one of your biggest priorities is probably ensuring that your company remains in a state of constant growth and expansion. However, you may occasionally find yourself running out of ways to realize this objective. If you have indeed run out of strategies to keep your business growing and expanding, try incorporating these optimization techniques:

1. Optimize Your Next Meeting.

Meetings are an incredibly important part of a businesss operations, and this is the case for many reasons. One reason is that meetings are the venue through which business owners provide staff members with updates and observations that will keep the organizations daily operations running smoothly. Additionally, meetings are the sphere through which corporate leaders and employees can work out problems and strategize to ensure that the company is operating as effectively as possible. Since this is the case, its important that each aspect of your meeting be optimized. In light of this reality, its a good idea to obtain professional meeting enhancement services. Companies like MeetingMetrics can provide you with a wide range of these enhancement services, including but not limited to meeting surverys, automated survey administration, and real-time online reporting & sharing.

2. Develop A Strategic Plan.

In addition to optimizing your next meeting in order to help your company operate optimally, its a good idea for you to develop a strategic plan. Strategic plans are important and effective because they provide you with clear, implementable strategies that you will consistently implement to achieve a desired result. In so doing, strategic plans preclude you from operating in a sporadic, haphazard way that will likely fail to engender substantive, consistent results.

3. Invest In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services.

One final strategy you should consider implementing to keep your business moving forward is to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) services. These services are important because they help ensure that your company website attains a high quality ranking in the search engine results pages. These days, almost every professional digital firm out there offers a wide range of SEO services, including but not limited to:

• content creation
• online reputation management (ORM)
• link building
• keyword research


Business owners who are interested in ensuring that their companies are as successful as possible should know that optimizing their company meetings can help facilitate this process. Additionally, business owners should focus on developing a strategic plan and investing in search engine optimization services to keep their companies as cutting edge and compelling as possible. By implementing these strategies synergistically, business owners who want to excel in the corporate world will likely do so!

Matching Customer Expectations: Shipping and Handling

Shipping and Handling

Modern consumers and businesses are demanding. When they order something whether online or over the phone, they want it yesterday, and as a seller, you need to be fully aware of this if you want to be successful in any competitive industries. Companies are made and broken on the back of their customer service skills, and shipping and handling is now a huge part of that. If someone thinks they can get the products they need faster or in a better way then you offer, then they’ll go elsewhere. Below are some of the special delivery options that you need to think about. You can also read more about your options on offering this now, and it’s turning out well for them, so if you’re selling to the general public, it’s absolutely something that you should be offering.


Not all people and businesses work to the same clock. Normal courier delivery hours can be really awkward or downright impossible for some, and it’s your job to cater to that. Look for couriers that can deliver your products late at night or in the evenings to consumers. Make it clear you offer these services too – being flexible is good but many people won’t contact you to ask. They want to be told what you can do for them.

Confidential Delivery

Some businesses will need their details to be kept completely confidential when shipping things, particularly if they’re sensitive documents. Providing this service is again potentially going to be a big benefit to you. Merely keeping things confidential on your side of things is not good enough either; you need to know that the courier you choose is going to be keeping things fully confidential too – and prove this.

Bespoke Solutions

You never know what a customer or client may need when it comes to shipping, and if you can agree a process of fulfilling these demands with a courier, then you’re going to be able to deal with anything that comes your way. Perhaps they need delivery to an awkward area at a particular time – not everyone wants things delivered to a fixed address.

How to Network Beyond the Initial Meeting

Network Beyond the Initial Meeting

Many business leaders discuss the importance of networking. Its a powerful way to meet others in your industry or introduce yourself to potential clients. But what do you do after that first community meeting? If you made a true connection with someone, you want to nourish that relationship. To create a stronger connection, take small but consistent steps over time.

Keep communication open. This does not translate to adding them to your email auto responder. If theyre interested in signing up to your newsletter or business list, they can find the site from your business card. If the person was interested in your services or products, you can send a short following-up letter. If the person asked for specific information at your meeting, be sure to send details. At the bottom of your email, you can list your contact information, including website address or a link to sign up to your company email list. The email should maintain your professionalism while reminding the person of your initial contact. Be sure to thank them for their time and interest. If this contact is important to you, as a mutual entrepreneur or future client, add his name and contact information to a virtual contact document or database. This should be kept separately from any auto responders or email subscriptions. Make note of how you met the person, topics discussed, important dates, future meetings, and miscellaneous information.

Look for ways to give them value. If you see an interesting online article they might like, let them know about it. You can write a quick email or short message on a shared social network. Theyll appreciate you sharing something of interest to them, and it will keep you at the forefront of their mind. In this exchange, you don’t need to make mention of your services or products. They will appreciate that you’re not pushing a sales agenda. Continue to reach out to the person on a regular basis so you have a monthly or quarterly connection.

In addition to sending helpful digital information, you can also branch out and send small tangible gifts. Choose something appropriate and professional.  The gifts do not have to be expensive. Use sites like Groupon Coupons to help you save on gifts from many stores, such as Harry and David. Harry and David offers gourmet gift baskets filled with fruit, chocolate, wine, flowers and plants, or tasty baked goods. You can send a special gift to congratulate them on an anniversary or celebrate reaching a business goal. The website is easy to navigate, so you can search for something that perfectly fits the occasion.

Its always fun to surprise someone, especially as you congratulate them on their special day. Your connection with someone doesnt have to end at those huge community network events. Follow up with genuine interest, continue to provide value, and enjoy a deeper connection.

3D-Printed Headphone Startup Receives Initial Funding and Online Support

Online Support

For OwnPhones founder Itamar Jobani, producing a quality wireless headphone wasn’t good enough. He saw the potential to harness 3D printing technology to customize an audio product for individual users — in shape, style, and features. To achieve this, the company’s team of engineers came up with an app that scans your ear and digitizes it into a 3D model, which the printers use to fabricate an ultra-snug pair of Bluetooth earbuds. Of course, there are a lot of variables involved in coming up with a process that fits users’ ears, sounds great, feels comfortable, and won’t fall out when engaged in physical activity. People believed in the overall concept, though, and OwnPhones received an overwhelming amount of money through its Kickstarter campaign.

Today, to provide more choice to users, the company offers three different headphone models: Fit, Jewelry Collection, and Smart Fit. The Fit are designed to stay in your ear when exercising, while sporting a minimal look that isn’t far removed from the molded earphones that touring musicians use. The Smart Fit adds some functionality, such as noise-cancellation settings and in-ear notifications. Finally, the Jewelry Collection puts an emphasis on high-fashion style, with designs that use gemstones, gold plating, and other precious metals to make a gorgeous statement. Jobani’s startup is just one of hundreds in the 3D printing arena. Below, we’ve shared a handy infographic that outlines the growing companies and designers taking fashion into the future.

Lower Launch Costs: Why Cloud Computing is a Tech Startups Best Friend

cloud, Computing

If you’re a tech startup, one of your biggest costs is bandwidth. You’re going to pay through the nose for good hosting and traffic (if and when it comes). At the same time, there are ways to lower those costs if you’re IBM cloud hosting utilizes high-power servers like the IBM Power7 i.

Many clients save $50,000 to $100,000 or more on migration and ongoing IT and infrastructure costs.

Low Ongoing Costs

Cloud hosting is generally cheaper than other forms of hosting. Why? Because of the way that they handle servers. A lot of hosting providers will offer shared hosting or dedicated hosting environments. The problem with shared hosting is that you’re sharing hardware and software resources with other users.

If other websites on your “block” start consuming those resources (basically, becoming a resource hog), then you pay the price with lowered website performance. The solution, so it seems, is a dedicated server.

But, there are problems with this route too.

With a dedicated server, you’re committing to a hardware product. Dedicated servers are exactly what they sound like. You’re buying a server so you get the hardware and software resources. On the downside, it’s much more expensive. Cloud hosting blends the two giving you shared hardware, but not shared software resources.

They can spread the load out over multiple servers, and also scale to your needs. Because of this, the ongoing costs are dramatically lower than with a dedicated server, with more reliability than traditional shared servers.

Cloud Hosting Offers Optimized Loads

This is something that’s often overlooked. In a cloud environment, you get optimized loads to virtually guarantee high accessibility and speeds. There are no traffic bottlenecks and, if your hosting company uses a content delivery network (CDN), you will also gain those inherent advantages as well.

For example, a company hosting its website in the cloud won’t have to worry about DoS or DDoS attacks. These attacks are attempts to make a machine or a network resource unavailable to the end user (customers and prospects).

Basically, the way these work is a malicious user or agent will try to overwhelm the site with traffic from one or multiple sources. They tend to target a wide variety of resources, and they can easily cripple a small site with limited financial means.

Using a CDN, cloud hosts can virtually guarantee prevention of these attacks. More than that, they can help you identify the attacker and block them from accessing your site preventing future attacks.

Shirley Polk has spent a large part of her career in the computing industry. She likes to share her experience and offer valuable insights online. Her posts have been published on many different industry sites.