How Technology Is Shaping the Logistics Industry

Technology Is Shaping the Logistics Industry

In ancient history, runners and homing pigeons were used to deliver messages. Before the industrial revolution and the introduction of mechanized courier services, people rode horseback as a part of the famous Pony Express. Today, the courier and logistics industry employs hundreds of thousands of individuals, sends millions of parcels, and grosses billions of dollars every year.

The Aviation Effect

While the advent of the railway and automobile industry played vital roles in propelling the logistics industry into what it is today, its arguably the introduction of the first aircrafts that have had the most precedent effect. In a world brought closer together by the internet, it’s difficult to imagine not being able to easily access goods from around the globe in a timely manner. Transport planes meant that packages could be delivered by courier companies such as TNT UK to the other side of the world in 24 hours, as opposed to the weeks or months it took by boat.

The Power of the Cloud

With the sheer volume of parcels being sent on a daily basis, it’s crucial that each of these can be accounted for. For tracked packages, each shipment is fitted with a unique identifier represented by an individual barcode or a QR code. At each of the depots the shipment visits, it’s physically scanned, either manually with an RF scanner or by an automated system, before moving on. This scan data is then sent to a central data repository which, thanks to the technological advancements and power of the cloud, is now available to be viewed from anywhere in the world.

What the Future Holds

Like any industry, the logistics trade is not slowing down. Amazon has already showcased its own drone delivery technology with the intention of making same-day delivery to any location. The companys recent patents give us a further glance at the kind of future it imagines. The GPS technology that is now built-in to the typical smartphone could be used by Amazon’s drones to locate where a customer is at any given time, removing one of the common stumbling blocks of deliveries. This means that it could even track customers while on boats or in moving cars. The customer can then direct the drone to land in a specific location with just their smartphone.

Logistics affects each and every one of us whether we’re shopping online or not. It will be fascinating to see how the industry evolves in the near-future. It seems as though technology we once thought was decades away is now right around the corner.

The Solution-based Way to Advertise

The Solution-based Way to Advertise

One of the best ways to market your business is through content marketing. It is a tactical marketing tool that focuses on putting out information that is valuable to prospective customers, relevant to their interests, and useful to them. It is designed to get people to interact with your web site to increase business.

Why are consumers interested in content marketing?

We have reached the point in doing business where people do not want intrusive advertising. For far too long until the advent of DVRs (with which we could fast forward through commercials), we have had to listen to television commercials that were louder than the programs they supported, radio ads that blared at us, and other in-your-face advertising gimmicks and tricks.

Consumers nowadays want to make buying decisions based on solid information rather than hype. They want facts they can use to compare products. They want to know specifications, details, color choices, sizes, uses, and other relevant information about a product before they buy it.

Even search engines prefer content marketing information so their searchers can compare links before clicking on them. Google loves to rank sites with good content marketing highly in their searches.

Types of content marketing

Content marketing can be extremely varied. Some of the top content marketing strategies include social media channels, articles in various publications, newsletters that offer useful information, blogs on subjects related to a business’s site via WordPress or another blogging program, video and infographics.

There are other forms of content marketing that are doing quite well also. YouTube videos and online games are two of the more innovative ones.

Benefits of content marketing

When business owners learn effective content marketing, they can take advantage of the benefits it offers their business:

  1. Content marketing is designed to send more traffic to your site in the hopes of generating more sales for your business.
  2. Providing solutions to people’s problems by showing them how products can assist them is perceived as a valuable service that enters into their buying decisions.
  3. Content marketing increases the engagement factor between you and consumers. Consumers will often interact with your site when they find good information on it.
  4. When potential customers interact with and engage with your site, it generates leads for you that may end up in sales.
  5. With credible, relevant, useful information from you, you end up being their go-to source for similar issues.
  6. Content marketing that draws people to your site builds up your link popularity. This increases your search engine placement and it guarantees you will rank high enough in Moz to be quoted in other people’s blogs.
  7. Content marketing is more cost effective than many other forms of advertising.

Marketers are reaping the benefits of the content marketing strategy of advertising.  Creating effective advertising has always been a challenge, but now that the old interruption-disruption model of advertising has segued into content marketing, consumers are paying much more attention to the information disseminated by retailers.

The emphasis has moved from selling product to meeting consumers’ needs by providing solutions to their problems.

Advantages of email marketing

Advantages of email marketing

Email marketing Why offers more benefits than other more traditional forms of marketing? Why generate higher returns on investments and metrics of customer engagement those other marketing techniques? Why invest time and resources to develop an email marketing program? These are the top ten benefits that email marketing can offer your company, compared to other forms of marketing.

Reducing time and effort

Take a moment to think about the time and effort involved in structuring a statement that goes straight to your potential customer or direct business to business campaign. With email marketing, you can create marketing communications, usually in less than two hours. If you use email templates recurring, all you have to do is approve the content and any change in graphics and images, consult your database lists to decide who to send it and send it with just a click. You can achieve work weeks in just a few hours and with only one employee.

Realtime Messages

For a printed advertisement or other promotional, you have to select marketing campaigns and special promotions, sipping a long period of time between development and deployment. Because email marketing can be completed in just a few hours and you can send messages literally the same day, you can promote special limited offer and you can even send unique messages in real time to your customers on their birthdays or anniversaries. With email marketing, a short period of time is your friend, not your enemy.

Personalized messages

Because most print advertising campaigns, radio and television should be a one size fits all, it is difficult that you can talk directly to the consumer in a personalized manner. However, email marketing has many dynamic opportunities. Not only can you send personalized emails with the user name, you can easily talk to your customers in a very personal and intimate way that is not possible with other marketing channels.

Segmentation of users and information database

You can segment your customer database or e-mail users to send email campaigns highly targeted marketing that will translate into increased sales conversions simply by being specific. Use your database from your client to send relevant messages to customers who are most likely to respond to it, it is to make good marketing. You need to use good software or tools to manage your email marketing campaigns. Newsletter should be well formatted and well researched which attract your customer.

Frequently Communications

As email marketing takes less time to be created and sent to other marketing channels, lets you communicate with your customers more frequently. Instead of sending a brochure or catalog once a month or once a quarter, you can easily send them once a week. However, a good practice of marketing is not to send email messages more than once a week.

Test Posts

A good marketing always means being able to try new options. With email marketing, you can easily see the headlines, offers and even colors that users and customers respond. Its incredibly easy to send a version of an email to a portion of your list and a second version to a different part of your database, and then through the precise tracking tools offered by email marketing, figure out what message marketing worked better to convert sales or user actions.

Dissemination of information

When you send an email with a tempting offer or useful, it will only take a few seconds to be shared and many users will. That means your marketing effort not only has a broader scope, but also a powerful network with people by sending email marketing, now act as brand advocates.

Reduce overhead

Email marketing can be done at a very low operating cost. You do not need lots of employees, analysts and designers or marketing, or have to pay for the printing or advertising. In fact, there are free marketing email services that allow you to host your email using professionally designed templates that you can adapt to your own needs. An effective email marketing program just needs a good service platform shipments and a good seller who knows how to put the right offers. There is a marketing channel that offers a higher return on your investment that emails marketing.

Better ability to track sales and user participation

There is no better marketing channel where you can extract accurate and useful monitoring to help determine what works and what does not information, that email marketing. Platforms email well developed marketing, can provide tracking information for how many people opened an email, the number of people who clicked on a link, if clicked on a specific link in the email, the number of people They complained that an email was spam or subscribed and want to follow, of course, if your email reached the inbox of the recipient.

Save the Planet

By optimizing email marketing as your main channel of direct communication with your customers or as a direct method of marketing business to business, you are helping to save the planet by reducing the number of trees cut down to print advertising. We all want to help save the planet and make a responsible decision about the marketing tools, helps you do that while improvements the success of your business.

We recommend that email marketing is an important part of your marketing strategy or youll be losing a number of benefits that can improve your overall sales and user participation at a very low operating cost, with a limited amount of time and effort.

Five Solid, Actionable Strategies to Attract Marketplace Attention (and Gain Customers)

Actionable Strategies

is when there are so many choices at hand that you’re more likely to avoid the confrontation than pick something from the list. Think of it like when you enter a grocery store and swing through the cereal aisle – there so many choices you either say never mind or choose the one you’re most comfortable with. This very thing happens in business especially when it comes to marketing and customer acquisition.

Below are five solid, actionable strategies you can take (right now) to attract attention to your business and turn that interest into a sale:

1. Triumph the Die-Hards

People love being the center of attention. If your business has thousands of followers and you place an individual in the spotlight they will, no doubt, share that experience with others. It also makes it so other individuals want to be on the pedestal, too.

What do you need to do? Get in touch with a handful of your most loyal customers and interview them. Have them share their experience with your business. Make it into a story – make it emotional. It humanizes your business and helps people feel attached to what you have to offer (and more).

2. Personalize the Packaging

Don’t go for generic. Try to personalize every aspect of your business and how it reaches your marketplace and customers. Little things such as remembering their names, customizing the service to their needs, or adding little trinkets as a way to say thank you in the box adds charm.

What do you need to do? Treat each person as if they’re your only customer. Really get to know them. Put in the investment to personalize everything so it feels like the product is made just for them. One idea is to implement customized boxes by Custom Boxes Now to make the entire product experience special and worth sharing online.

3. Hold a Big Contest

People love free stuff but you probably don’t want to just put it out there since you’re running a business after all. The smart thing to do is to hold a contest because not only will it create awareness with new leads but could remind previous customers to come back to do business.

What do you need to do? Use one of the many contest and promotional tools (free or paid) to hold a contest. Make part of the entry a requirement to share the contest on social media or to leave a comment. Let the contest run its course and make sure it’s a great prize.

4. Share Your Best Knowledge

The business that puts forth the content is the one that gets noticed; content becomes the vehicle to drive awareness, brand loyalty, customer service, and more. Just take a look at these facts about content marketing and reassess the idea of holding back information.

What do you need to do? Start blogging, share tips on social media, answer every question, respond to feedback, show behind-the-scenes, and how best to use your product/services.

5. Get Face-to-Face

The Web can be very impersonal despite the fact we have so many communication channels. A good old sit-down with a potential customer is uncommon these days, it seems, and it’s a shame so few businesses take the time and effort to do so.

What do you need to do? Go through your list of local contacts, get in touch, and have a drink with them. Ask them important questions and listen to what they have to say. Show the face behind the screen because real human interaction leads to empathy and that empathy makes way to the idea of doing business.

Do you think any of these would help your business? Of course they would!

Take one of these strategies and roll with it. Don’t worry about every little detail – put it into action instead of being a perfectionist that never gets the job done.