2016 Technology That Will Streamline Your Business Operations

Technology is a powerful thing. It can help small businesses leverage tools to put them on par with the big players that have been able to dominate markets with huge bankrolls.

The Internet was a game changer across the board, allowing even at-home businesses to reach a global market. Now cloud-based technologies, automation and collaborative platforms are proving to be the new frontier in streamlining and optimizing business operations.

Cloud-Based Calling

Communication is vital for business growth, but professional phone systems can be a significant expense. Cloud-based phone service is one of the fastest growing industries right now for very good reason. Instead of antiquated technology that utilizes phone lines and expensive equipment that can be difficult to maintain, this calling service routes calls over the Internet. Affordability and the ability to gather call data are two big selling points for businesses of all sizes.

Another key feature of cloud-based phone systems is its ability to connect all employees wherever they are. Because calls are routed over the Internet, there are no physical limitations. Workers in various locations can all be connected to the same phone system, and your mobile phone can also be used to take business calls from anywhere.

Automated Marketing and Messaging

You can use the call data that’s gathered by your cloud-based phone system to improve your marketing messages, and then use those messages in an automated marketing system. Automating your outreach and marketing tasks proves to be extremely efficient without sacrificing quality. Customer relationship management (CRM) software allows you to put lead management and marketing on autopilot. Setup campaigns, email drip messaging and automated responses once, and they’ll run again and again on schedule or whenever they’re triggered.

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