Showing off your Brand at an Exhibition

Showing off your Brand at an Exhibition

The best way to increase the popularity of a brand is to market it aggressively using various marketing techniques. You can advertise in traditional media such as Newspaper & Magazines, Television, Radio, as well as newer forms of media such as online advertising. One method of publicity which has always been popular and always will be is attending various trade shows and events. Attending these sorts of shows allows you to connect directly with the people looking for your services and advertise your brand directly to decision makers.

Planning Your Exhibition Stand

Your exhibition stand is going to be promoting your brand, and as such is going to be a direct representation of your brand and company. You will need to make sure that the design of your stand is well thought out and reflects your brands image.

It is an excellent idea to speak to companies such as Aspect Exhibitions who have decades of experience in building stands for businesses attending trade shows and events all over Europe. Using the services of an experienced company will allow you to design an amazing looking stand which will draw in the potential clients to you, as well as portray your brand image accurately.

Drawing Them In

At most of the large events, there are many different stands that are all competing for the attention of the visitors that attend. As well as having an interesting and engaging exhibit, you will also want to be able to draw the interest from a distance. Techniques using lasers and lights, or large video screens are a good way to draw the eye in a busy exhibition. Many stands will also use PA systems and music, but with such a cacophony of noise competing together, capturing the attention visually is an excellent way to draw interest.

Keeping Them Interested

As well as drawing in your potential clients you will also want to engage them as much as you can. One way to do this is to design an exhibition stand which is interactive with the visitors. There are many different ways that you can incorporate a level of interaction from using Tablet PC’s, Touch Screen Technology, or even image capture technology and display screens. What will be best for your company is all going to depend on the nature of your industry, and the image that you are trying to portray, which is something that you should know better than anyone else!

In Line With Your Brand

When you seek to represent a defined image for your brand, it is important that all of the marketing techniques that you employ are following the same set criteria, including an exhibition stand. If your company does not have something set in place already, it is an excellent idea to create a Branding Guidelines Brief which can include set instructions regards the branding of your company, also including colour guidelines.

The more consistent you are with your branding, the stronger your brand becomes, and when you have a strong brand with a well thought out advertising pitch at an exhibition, you are sure to draw a lot of attention and make your event a success.

Can you reach the ideal mobility ? Reflection after day without car

Can you reach the ideal mobility

Bet on the bike, reorganize the city and improve the asphalt roads, ideas to Bogota move better. Others are not so optimistic.

Each Car Free Day, when it is required the maximum mass transit in the city, are evident weaknesses. Yesterday, the day was just beginning when, at 6:30 am a group of users blocked the passage of articulated by the National Museum station. They were tired of waiting for it to pass the M86 route.

A pair of similar cases occurred throughout the day. There were also stranded buses, even the mayor Enrique Penalosa was traveling with cameras and press on board, stopped working halfway there. It was also the record of the crowded buses and testimonials from users who live in areas where the feeders do not arrive and had to wake up early than usual to walk to a station.

Users satisfied with the day also abound. Those who came faster to their work and their homes, or had the full way to cross them on their bikes. Given this scenario, and when the Car Free Day turns 16, the question arises: What is this new day?

At least, creates an environment for citizens to question the mobility of Bogotá. El Espectador collected the reflections of a group of experts and citizens on the roads to be taken by the city to achieve efficient mobility.

As in any debate, there pessimistic views who believe that capital has no solution. For example, Paul Bromberg, former mayor of Bogota, the Car Free Day shows that this is a frivolous society, which receives awards for something that no city would be made and that causes a downturn in the economy, adds that, in its ideal mobility, the capital should be another. Not this one, which is very dense and large.

There are others who are critical, but less pessimistic, as Joseph Stalin Rojas, director of the Observatory of Logistics and Mobility of the National University. Although he says that the car-free day is a worn and bet more as a day with shared cart, he believes that strengthening the public transport system can improve mobility. We must speed up the construction of trunk, he says

He is pointing in the same direction Eduardo Behrentz, dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of the Andes, who also considered vital to improve transport infrastructure. Having a better network Transmilenio, better bridges and even better asphalt pathways influence the speed of movement.

These improvements, he says, should discourage the use of private cars and especially motorcycles, which he considers the great tragedy of Colombian cities, polluting, dangerous, noisy and exclusive. A flexible and extensive network, which reaches the citizen who yesterday had to walk more than necessary.

Carlos Pardo, director of the Foundation Slow down, beyond the transport network, the way to Bogotá to move efficiently through the change in the policies of urban development and land use. The trips have to be shorter and less frequent for them in other alternative means of transport. For this, mass transit riders would have to be connected to centers of activity, defined and distributed.

That not all have to go to the center to work, says Pardo, who dreams of a city better connected, for pedestrians and bicycle users, with short and friendly Walker blocks.

In this idea lies another big bet from the experts: the use of media, more efficient and cleaner alternative transportation, which says Beherentz, Bogotá has ideal qualities. Overall, it is a flat, compact city.

It also has 440 km of bike paths, more than anywhere else in Latin America. This idea also cove citizens as Mary Pereira, who said the ideal is the cicla although no more parking and provide safety to the rider, he says.

But the former mayor Bromberg has no qualms with the bicycle as a bid to improve mobility. In Bogota bikes have lots of obstacles and risks. They serve a small portion of people, such as young people and those who do not have to transport their children.

Despite the controversy generated by the issue of mobility, it is clear that the Car Free Day puts the public to think about the way travels between home and work. In the end, the conclusion is leaving experts to improve mobility is a major challenge that requires urgent action. The ideas are on the table.

How to Choose the Right Delivery Service for your Online Business

the Right Delivery Service

An online business depends on their delivery service more than any other. Your main impression on a customer is created when that much awaited parcel arrives at their door, so it’s important to ensure that your delivery service is top notch. As an online business, how can you choose the right delivery service for you?

Domestic or international?

Firstly, consider the type of deliveries your business makes most often. Is it overseas shipping you need or just domestic deliveries? Shop around and find a courier who specialises in the type of deliveries you require and has a great reputation. Your company’s reputation demands upon the performance of your chosen delivery company so it’s important to choose wisely. If you currently only deliver in the UK but are planning to expand overseas, try and go for a company who specialises in both.

Focus on condition and presentation

The condition that your parcel arrives in is paramount to your businesses’ successes and mitigates the amount of customer complaints your customer care team are likely to receive. Customers hate badly packaged items and receiving damaged goods so choosing a courier with a solid reputation is essential to prevent this. As an e-commerce business, packing your goods safely and making sure they look well presented is crucial to your success so this is an area where you should be looking to spend a little more cash on.

Time is of the essence

The speed of your deliveries is another essential factor. Online businesses need to be offering at least a next day delivery option in order to be successful. By offering your customers the chance to pay extra for next day you’ll be pleasing many more customers than other companies and all the last minute shoppers who need to make a purchase fast. This means that you need a delivery company you can rely on in order to make it on time.

To make sure you select the perfect delivery service for your company, use a courier comparing site Parcel2go to find the best couriers at the best price. They compare all the top couriers to find you the optimum service at the best possible price for your budget. When operating an online business, making sure your deliveries arrive on time and in great condition is paramount to ensuring that your business is a success. So shop around and choose the best possible delivery service for your company.