3 Human Appeal emergency relief projects that are helping those in need

For over 25 years, Manchester-based humanitarian organisation Human Appeal has been providing emergency relief to those who need it most. In this blog, we take a look at three ways in which its projects are having a positive impact on men, women and children all over the world.

The Mosul crisis

The crisis in Iraq has forced millions of men, women and children out of their homes, leaving them in urgent need of medical attention and without access to clean water and food. Mosul City is one of the most badly affected areas, and as the conflict continues, access to this part of the country has become more and more restricted, making it harder for humanitarian aid agencies to assist.

Human Appeal was one of the first non-governmental organisations to arrive in Mosul City. Setting up an office in East Mosul, the charity is now in a position to deliver emergency assistance to those who need it most. As a result, Human Appeal has been able to provide aid to over 20,000 people, distributing food parcels, high-quality blankets and medical help.

The Somalia drought
The Somalia drought has been ongoing for the past four years. Poor rainfall has had a detrimental effect on harvests, and as a result, many people have lost their livelihoods. What’s more, most livestock has been sold or eaten and many animals have died of hunger. According to the World Health Organisation, over six million men, women and children are faced with food insecurity and are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

One of Human Appeal’s projects is providing the people of Somalia with the help they so desperately need.The charity has been able to identify the most vulnerable families, such as those with elderly relatives, pregnant women and malnourished children under five years old. For instance, in the Kahda District, the project has so far reached 300 families, providing them with the food they need to survive.
The conflict in Syria
Since 2011, Syria has been in a state of conflict, forcing millions of people to flee their homes in an attempt to find safety and shelter elsewhere. It’s estimated that over 400,000 Syrians have died as a result of the ongoing war, including around 15,000 children.

Human Appeal currently has over 200 staff working in Syria from offices located in the cities of Sarmada and Azaz, devoting their time to provide emergency relief. For example, most recently, the charity set up a high-quality camp in Azaz big enough to cater for 2,500 people who have fled Aleppo city. It has also provided clean, safe water, working latrines and showers, and it has distributed hygiene packs and food parcels to 20,000 people. As its project continues, it will deliver more life-saving aid to civilians, including sleeping supplies such as mattresses, blankets and pillows, kitchen sets consisting of bowls, cutlery and cooking stoves and temporary shelters.

To learn more about Human Appeal and how the charity is making a difference, you can check out its website at www.humanappeal.org.uk.

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