3 Ways to Incorporate Technology into Your Hair and Beauty Business

Revenue growth from the beauty industry is a repeat customer spends, on average, around 67% more than a new customer. There are many ways you can try and improve customer retention, such as employing loyalty card schemes or sending targeted emails. The important distinction is to make it worth the customer’s while. When sending out emails seeking feedback, offer them loyalty points in return for their time. Similarly, employing new methods like SMS reminders and Facebook auto-likes you could see a dramatic turnaround in the number of clients coming back to your business.

Creating a Flexible Schedule

If you were to ask someone what the purpose of technology is, they might say to make their people’s lives more convenient. The internet has made it so much simpler to find out answers to questions, email and social media has much it much easier to stay in touch with people all over the globe, and, yes, specialist like Phorest means you’ll be able to create a secure system that allows you to remotely log in and check inventory levels, upcoming appointments, and any other information you might need from wherever you are. You could also create a mobile app, for internal use only, so that you can see this data more easily while you’re on the move.

Incorporating Social Media

In the past, having your own website was a way to legitimize your business to your customers. Now, though, social media is another, just as important, way that customers will seek to find you. Searching for businesses through platforms like Facebook or Twitter has become second nature just like searching through Google. Having an online presence isn’t enough anymore though. You need to incorporate it into your business in a way that presents value to your consumer. For instance, you could create a widget or extension that allows customers to easily make appointments and add it to their Facebook events or calendar.

The hair and beauty industry looks to be a good place to be for the foreseeable future. Make sure you’re adopting the latest technological solutions to make sure your business is still competitive in the long-haul.

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