3D-Printed Headphone Startup Receives Initial Funding and Online Support

For OwnPhones founder Itamar Jobani, producing a quality wireless headphone wasn’t good enough. He saw the potential to harness 3D printing technology to customize an audio product for individual users — in shape, style, and features. To achieve this, the company’s team of engineers came up with an app that scans your ear and digitizes it into a 3D model, which the printers use to fabricate an ultra-snug pair of Bluetooth earbuds. Of course, there are a lot of variables involved in coming up with a process that fits users’ ears, sounds great, feels comfortable, and won’t fall out when engaged in physical activity. People believed in the overall concept, though, and OwnPhones received an overwhelming amount of money through its Kickstarter campaign.

Today, to provide more choice to users, the company offers three different headphone models: Fit, Jewelry Collection, and Smart Fit. The Fit are designed to stay in your ear when exercising, while sporting a minimal look that isn’t far removed from the molded earphones that touring musicians use. The Smart Fit adds some functionality, such as noise-cancellation settings and in-ear notifications. Finally, the Jewelry Collection puts an emphasis on high-fashion style, with designs that use gemstones, gold plating, and other precious metals to make a gorgeous statement. Jobani’s startup is just one of hundreds in the 3D printing arena. Below, we’ve shared a handy infographic that outlines the growing companies and designers taking fashion into the future.

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