4 Things to Consider When Designing a Trade Show Banner

One of the most important things to think about when attending a trade show is your visual presence. Of course you need to consider what your strategy is beforehand – which products or services you will showcase, which ideas you will discuss – but it is the visual presence that will attract attention and draw people in to hear your message. With the right graphics and design and, specifically, the right banner you can maximise the potential success of your stand. Here are a few pointers on what to focus on when designing a trade show banner.

1. The Colour Scheme 

Colours do not only attract attention, they also send a specific message to the audience. So, you need to choose your banner colours wisely. For example, red is attention-grabbing and vibrant, sending a strong call to action to the viewer. Blue is reliable, trustworthy and professional. Purple is creative and free-spirited. Green is natural, peaceful, and calm. Orange is young and confident. However it is important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules you must follow. Black does not have to be depressing, and yellow doesn’t have to be happy – you can use any colour so long as you do so with thought and attention.

2. A Simple Message

Your audience will not spend more than a few seconds taking in what’s on your banner. Those few seconds count, and your trade show banner should be simple and succinct. Use large letters, large graphics, and an eye-catching, simple layout to attract attention and also allow for easy reading. The banner needs to be seen and noticed from across a busy room, so make sure you have a clear layout and uncluttered message.

3. The Best Benefits 

So your company offers many benefits and advantages to customers, but don’t put them all in the same banner. Banner printing is the art of leaving out facts and ideas so that the ones that remain are stronger and more powerful. Focus on the main benefit you want to communicate to the audience. And make sure it is the benefit – don’t waste the space on your banner by talking about prices or features which don’t draw the person in.

4. The Visibility

Choose the style of banner carefully so that it will be visible where you want it to be seen. Roller banners are designed for positioning at the edge of a stand or in front of a table and are placed on the floor. An overhead banner can be stretched across the top of a display. Or you can get banner backdrops or curved displays to go behind the stand. Whatever type of stand you choose, make sure the message can be seen when the banner is in place in the trade show hall. You don’t want to waste time designing something impressive only for your logo to be hidden behind a table.

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