5 Top Business Vehicles to Make a Great First Impression

Whether you’re turning up to a job interview, meeting clients and potential investors or just want to impress your colleagues, having a professional vehicle gives off a fantastic first aura. There are thousands of cars out there to choose from and unsurprisingly the best ones are often more expensive. If you’re a successful businessman or woman and want to show it then this should pose little problem. Here are some of the best cars for demonstrating that success.

Audi A4

Audi is now one of those car manufacturers associated with professional, luxurious vehicles and they have a number of suitable cars for sale through Ridgeway. The R8 coupe and Spyder are what many aspire to drive but for one with a more realistic price tag the A4 saloon is ideal. Balanced handling and plenty of grip are complimented by the clean-cut design and interior leather seats.

Range Rover Sport

Feel like you own the road and look like someone who holds plenty of authority by cruising around in this high-powered beast. The classic design has been updated over the years and an older model may give off more of a country vibe. Stick to one of the newest releases, the tinted windows really giving off the air of someone important.

Jaguar XF

An elegant and stylish executive saloon, this is perfect for showing great fashion sense and success. Though it does come with a heavier price tag making it not ideal for purchasing an entire fleet for use as a company car. Smooth to drive and with a new version out later in 2015, this features a sporty design and plenty of room in the cabin for giving a ride to those you’re hoping to impress.


Another sporty car, avoid putting any spoilers on your M3 as this instantly reduces its professional image by at least half. Buy in black, white or dark blue too as the lighter blue and a few other colours border on more of a boy racer vibe. It’s a dynamic vehicle which delivers a high performance in getting you from meeting to meeting too.

Mercedes S-Class

Luxury barely seems to do the Mercedes S-Class justice as it is a car seeping with class. From the soft leather interior to its refined design, this is a vehicle where everyone stops to see who’s getting out of it (mainly due to the heavily tinted windows). It drives like a dream as well, which you’d expect from the cost of all these excellent cars for the professional businessperson.

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