6 tips for entrepreneurs networking for introverts

Is it possible to get a good network being an introvert? You just have to step in and out of the comfort zone.

You know thats your best chance. Contacts are some key in the world of entrepreneurship and startups, should cultivate you already have (you never know whos going to know who) and, worst and most importantly, to extend the network. Make networking, this beloved and natural for extroverts and feared for any introvert. A room full of people you hardly know anyone. Having to take the plunge and start a conversation with a stranger. Already sweating?

We have good news to network is much easier than it looks, even for those who do not have that natural facility to expand our circle of contacts only enter a room. You just have to adapt the activity-try our personality be what it is not will you end up exhausted and possibly more nervous and accept that out of our comfort zone from time to time is positive. Here are 6 tips for introverts networking entrepreneurs:

1. Plan the event. If the opportunity for networking is predictable (usually are), in some kind of industry event, try to plan it. Look whos going to be, who may go to go and who might be interested in talking. Think now about how to break the ice, the way to approach that person. If you are reporting on it before it will be easier to know roughly what to expect from her.

2. Give your ears. Most introverts are observant and good when people listen to other people. Take advantage of this quality when it comes time to network: note that many people love to talk about herself and showing interest in what they do and ask them questions. Just make sure to also share something about yourself, if you do not look like youre doing an interrogation.

3. Focus on quality, not quantity. well you know youre not going to get to the event and be the life of the party, talking to everyone. Think also that the goal is not: it is much better to have a couple of deeper conversations with people that really interest you (for themselves or the people they know) that 20 exchanges of cards never pass a superficial relationship.

4. deepens. centrate Besides having interesting conversations with fewer people, make sure that these new contacts that you worked hard you do not go away. Contact them soon after: email, social networks, etc. Propose a meeting even if you came to talk about something serious business.

5. Be in the online world and probably be good at it: in person will cost more, especially if youre busy, but everything you find on the Internet easier. Take advantage: communities of people entering the sector, interacting on Twitter, etc. You will create relationships that you can be useful in the future, and also pave the way for a less awkward encounter when you may have to see you in person.

6. Go slowly. s very important to be realistic and accept each small step forward as a triumph. Do not compare extraverts leaving an event with hundreds of cards and promises meetings but yourself. Note that you are following a long-term strategy, which will end in much stronger relationships.

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