Advantages of email marketing

Email marketing Why offers more benefits than other more traditional forms of marketing? Why generate higher returns on investments and metrics of customer engagement those other marketing techniques? Why invest time and resources to develop an email marketing program? These are the top ten benefits that email marketing can offer your company, compared to other forms of marketing.

Reducing time and effort

Take a moment to think about the time and effort involved in structuring a statement that goes straight to your potential customer or direct business to business campaign. With email marketing, you can create marketing communications, usually in less than two hours. If you use email templates recurring, all you have to do is approve the content and any change in graphics and images, consult your database lists to decide who to send it and send it with just a click. You can achieve work weeks in just a few hours and with only one employee.

Realtime Messages

For a printed advertisement or other promotional, you have to select marketing campaigns and special promotions, sipping a long period of time between development and deployment. Because email marketing can be completed in just a few hours and you can send messages literally the same day, you can promote special limited offer and you can even send unique messages in real time to your customers on their birthdays or anniversaries. With email marketing, a short period of time is your friend, not your enemy.

Personalized messages

Because most print advertising campaigns, radio and television should be a one size fits all, it is difficult that you can talk directly to the consumer in a personalized manner. However, email marketing has many dynamic opportunities. Not only can you send personalized emails with the user name, you can easily talk to your customers in a very personal and intimate way that is not possible with other marketing channels.

Segmentation of users and information database

You can segment your customer database or e-mail users to send email campaigns highly targeted marketing that will translate into increased sales conversions simply by being specific. Use your database from your client to send relevant messages to customers who are most likely to respond to it, it is to make good marketing. You need to use good software or tools to manage your email marketing campaigns. Newsletter should be well formatted and well researched which attract your customer.

Frequently Communications

As email marketing takes less time to be created and sent to other marketing channels, lets you communicate with your customers more frequently. Instead of sending a brochure or catalog once a month or once a quarter, you can easily send them once a week. However, a good practice of marketing is not to send email messages more than once a week.

Test Posts

A good marketing always means being able to try new options. With email marketing, you can easily see the headlines, offers and even colors that users and customers respond. Its incredibly easy to send a version of an email to a portion of your list and a second version to a different part of your database, and then through the precise tracking tools offered by email marketing, figure out what message marketing worked better to convert sales or user actions.

Dissemination of information

When you send an email with a tempting offer or useful, it will only take a few seconds to be shared and many users will. That means your marketing effort not only has a broader scope, but also a powerful network with people by sending email marketing, now act as brand advocates.

Reduce overhead

Email marketing can be done at a very low operating cost. You do not need lots of employees, analysts and designers or marketing, or have to pay for the printing or advertising. In fact, there are free marketing email services that allow you to host your email using professionally designed templates that you can adapt to your own needs. An effective email marketing program just needs a good service platform shipments and a good seller who knows how to put the right offers. There is a marketing channel that offers a higher return on your investment that emails marketing.

Better ability to track sales and user participation

There is no better marketing channel where you can extract accurate and useful monitoring to help determine what works and what does not information, that email marketing. Platforms email well developed marketing, can provide tracking information for how many people opened an email, the number of people who clicked on a link, if clicked on a specific link in the email, the number of people They complained that an email was spam or subscribed and want to follow, of course, if your email reached the inbox of the recipient.

Save the Planet

By optimizing email marketing as your main channel of direct communication with your customers or as a direct method of marketing business to business, you are helping to save the planet by reducing the number of trees cut down to print advertising. We all want to help save the planet and make a responsible decision about the marketing tools, helps you do that while improvements the success of your business.

We recommend that email marketing is an important part of your marketing strategy or youll be losing a number of benefits that can improve your overall sales and user participation at a very low operating cost, with a limited amount of time and effort.

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