Algorithmic solutions to extract value from enterprise data

The rise of the Internet, social networks and the proliferation of sensors and detection and control mechanisms, leading to an amount of data available to companies and public bodies whose complexity continues to grow. The electronic traces we leave to surf the web, pay by card, call mobile, driving with a GPS system to buy tickets online or get cash from an ATM permit, properly classified, aggregated, processed and analyzed to characterize and predict our behavior, habits or communication needs and future owners and collectively.

These data, once processed, generates usable to improve processes, plan marketing campaigns, detecting fraudulent behavior or measuring the propensity to use or abandonment of a product information. However, this treatment is very complex due to the huge amount of data, in continuous variability, a huge variety of types and formats and an undetermined veracity of probabilistic nature. This requires sophisticated algorithmic methods.

The specialty of the IIC is the Algorithmic Engineering, ie the set of techniques and mathematical methods to analyze and unravel automatically hidden information behind the tangle of complex data by learning from them to adapt to market changes and consumer and turn it into profit for the company. It has to do with a multidisciplinary team of engineers, mathematicians, physicists, psychologists, linguists and specialists in marketing and business organization where 88% of professionals are licensed, Master students, doctors or professors.


Analytical tools and predictive

The IIC is a pioneer and leading algorithms for detecting fraud in payments leader. It solutions, check processing and real-time over 62 million daily transactions, banks in Europe are used, USA and Latin America. In the area of ​​renewable energies, the IIC has models, based on the weather forecast anticipate the volume of electricity you generate a wind, photovoltaic or solar thermal park allowing the planning and distribution of energy produced and optimizing your Yield. In the health field, the IIC algorithm models give support to medical professionals in early diagnosis, prognosis and treatment planning of the disease.


Talent management and organization


Without well organized talent businesses can not function. The IIC has created talent management tools for the assessment and development of skills and generic skills, capabilities as well as the knowledge and use of English. These tools, developed with innovative methodologies enable an organization to meet your professional and dynamic development.

From the point of view of the social functioning of organizations, the IIC provides a consultancy service to discover all the underlying business process informal social network, posing measure differences regarding formal organizational structures (organizational) and take, from that knowledge, corrective actions identified problems. It is applied, for example, knowledge management, to determine the role of employees as generators or consumers of knowledge or influence on processes as facilitators or barriers to distribution. It is a fundamental approach to managing for useful knowledge for any organization or social, shared or not.


Social networking and business

The prevalence of social dominates todays business landscape. The relationship between companies and customers and all of them together takes place through social networks of great dynamism and tremendous impact while social media enhance the dissemination of news, information and views, and with them, the influence of individuals and global organizations. The IIC algorithms and solutions are useful also in this area that the data complexity is increased by the multiplicity of possible relationships between social entities.

So the most recent IIC solutions allow you to manage viral marketing campaigns, making processes or products by abandoning social influence, social and geo-CRM or social collaboration Platform Company and monitor conversations and analyze user reviews social media alerting on those with significant impact on the customers business. In a complex environment adequacy, power, precision, and adaptability of its algorithmic solutions make the difference between mere theoretical exercise and obtaining measurable value.

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