Maximizing Sales and Experiencing Professional Development

Professional development

It is critical for professionals to continually develop their skills. The market is constantly changing, and this means that professionals must adapt to these changes in order to thrive. Professionals who are unable to exhibit flexibility will not be able to stay competitive in the changing market. There are plenty of ways to ensure that you are able to experience professional development.

Seek Out Opportunities
You can start your search for professional development internally. Colleagues may be able to provide insight into recruiting and retention strategies. Having the human resources knowledge to strategically recruit and select employees is a skill that will increase your value in the marketplace. You may also be able to access webinars that can increase your knowledge as well. While you may be a seasoned professional, you should always look for chances for professional development. If you are working in a sales field, then a sales training consultant may be able to help.

Consider Certificate Programs
If you are seeking formal training, then a certificate program may be able to help you as well. Adding credentials to your resume can help you increase your appeal to future employers. Formal instruction can also help you learn about the latest management concepts and training strategies. It is critical that managers possess adequate team building skills, and leaders must work to stay in balance with their teams in order to effectively lead. Formal human resources training can increase the productivity of the entire team.

Network Constantly
Networking is a crucial part of professional growth in today’s market. Having connections in the right places can lead to promotions and job offers. You may want to join an online networking site to stay in close contact with your most valuable connections. Volunteering at community events can also allow you to make connections with professionals who may be able to further your career. Treat every interaction as an opportunity for growth.

Seizing network opportunities and taking professional development courses can lead to accelerated career growth. Instead of staying in a position that does not offer advancement, you can reap the rewards of hard work.

You Really Do Have Secrets Worth Keeping and Protecting

You Really Do Have Secrets

If you have something that you dont want anyone to know, maybe you shouldnt be doing it in the first place.

This argument is so common, it has a name. It is called the Nothing to Hide argument. The Apple vs. Google fanboy wars have contributed to bringing this argument to the fore. Apple fans say Google products are bad because Google and advertisers have access to almost everything about a person using those products. Google fans fire back that the Apple folks must have something to hide.

The encryption debate was rekindled over the infamous San Bernardino iPhone, with privacy advocates arguing that if encryption can be broken on a terrorists phone, it is broken for everyone. FBI sympathizers want to know what is so important that decent people have to hide.

While a case can be made for both sides, I have to side with the privacy advocates in this respect: You really do have something to hide. Not only are your secrets worth hiding, they are worth protecting. Here are a few secrets you may not even realize you have:


If you have one of those password management apps, every password to everything that is important to you is in that one place. It is a single point of failure. As of now, they are still among the most popular ways to manage passwords among techies. But without strong encryption in place, all your passwords are up for grabs.

Losing those passwords to hard drive failure is almost as devastating as losing them to criminals. Bottom line, you still wouldnt have them anymore, and would be locked out of everything important to you. Fortunately, the same apps to spy on your kids without them knowing. If you can do it, so can a person with ill-intent. Location services can let a burglar know when your home is empty. There are a lot of conveniences afforded by location services. But there are also a lot of risks. You may not have thought about it in this way. But your location, and the location of your family, is a secret you definitely want to keep.

Sexual Preference

In some parts of the world, your sexual preference is a non-issue. You are free to be your truest self without social or professional repercussions. But that is not true in all parts of the world. There are at least 79 countries where homosexuality is illegal. That number is even larger if you consider places where it is not strictly illegal, but where there are oppressive laws that will make life very difficult.

Your smartphone is a treasure trove of secrets. It is shocking what people can learn about you just from your choice of movies, music, and books. Your smartphone may be your most personal device. But it is not the only device that can divulge your secrets.

This is not intended to make you paranoid, just to remind you that even though you have no criminal intent, you do have plenty of things worth hiding and protecting from loss. Passwords, location, and sexual preference are just the tip of the well-hidden iceberg.

3 Ways to Incorporate Technology into Your Hair and Beauty Business

Technology into Your Hair and Beauty Business

Revenue growth from the beauty industry is a repeat customer spends, on average, around 67% more than a new customer. There are many ways you can try and improve customer retention, such as employing loyalty card schemes or sending targeted emails. The important distinction is to make it worth the customer’s while. When sending out emails seeking feedback, offer them loyalty points in return for their time. Similarly, employing new methods like SMS reminders and Facebook auto-likes you could see a dramatic turnaround in the number of clients coming back to your business.

Creating a Flexible Schedule

If you were to ask someone what the purpose of technology is, they might say to make their people’s lives more convenient. The internet has made it so much simpler to find out answers to questions, email and social media has much it much easier to stay in touch with people all over the globe, and, yes, specialist like Phorest means you’ll be able to create a secure system that allows you to remotely log in and check inventory levels, upcoming appointments, and any other information you might need from wherever you are. You could also create a mobile app, for internal use only, so that you can see this data more easily while you’re on the move.

Incorporating Social Media

In the past, having your own website was a way to legitimize your business to your customers. Now, though, social media is another, just as important, way that customers will seek to find you. Searching for businesses through platforms like Facebook or Twitter has become second nature just like searching through Google. Having an online presence isn’t enough anymore though. You need to incorporate it into your business in a way that presents value to your consumer. For instance, you could create a widget or extension that allows customers to easily make appointments and add it to their Facebook events or calendar.

The hair and beauty industry looks to be a good place to be for the foreseeable future. Make sure you’re adopting the latest technological solutions to make sure your business is still competitive in the long-haul.

Comindware features and review

BusinessProcessModeling is a suit of business devices that encourages cooperation between different contemporaries for work process mechanization and target accomplishment.

Comindware is turnkey Comindware Inc Team Network program which has exceptional cooperation characteristics.

Comindware work process automation software: This is perfect for methodology service and work process computerization. Organizations and organizations with huge groups and item administration necessities ought to utilize this product.

Any accomplished undertaking service comprehends the need of strong task administration programming that works together and gathers working colleagues easily. Right from the time you log into the Comindware’s 30-day trial period, you will concur that the product has the vibe and outline of a flat out victor! Its a fantastic apparatus to plan, track, report and team up on activities. Both are particular items yet they are based on the centre Comindware software which is intended to unleash amazing cooperation choices.

The Comindware programming downloads and introduces quicker and without any glitches. You have Get Started option to acclimate with the tool and in the event that you choose to purchase the item, a markdown is connected on checkout. Each of the four exercises is laid out inside and out to familiarize even a beginner venture administration programming client. Beginning your first extend is a matter of simply few minutes! The product permits the chief user to relegate assignments to members. When you make an undertaking, you consequently have the alternative to dole out it. To appoint, you have to include the colleague in your asset list. Distinguish an individual you wish to allocate and the Comindware software naturally sends the individual a welcome to join the assignment.

You can welcome more individuals to take after the venture board also. Further, it is also conceivable to focus client access consent levels and make numerous work divisions.

Due dates can be relegated to each one assignment. The product uses its inbuilt datebook framework to stamp due dates and show it when the due date approaches closer. You can gauge the time expected to finish a certain work and relegate it to somebody with a determined due date.

In addition, colleagues relegated to a task can upgrade about venture status and the due date meter will demonstrate whether the errand will finish on time or will run late. You can pick or make tweaked timetables relying upon geological area.

You can track what recorded assets are doing from the task dashboard. You can choose any colleague and see what undertakings he/she has been doled out. You can adjust assignments and perspective their current workload. On the off chance that you have to include more errands, you can break down whether a certain member will have sufficient energy to finish it or not.

Besides, the Comindware programming keeps a tab on the expertise sets of its parts. You can see this expertise set to discover the best suitable asset for a particular errand. All these peculiarities forestall over-planning and over-pressurizing a certain colleague. You can make utilization of inbuilt graphs to oversee ebb and flow work statuses flawlessly.

SAP buys the companys Predictive Analytics KXEN to integrate its technology in enterprise applications


The software provider SAP announced the acquisition of KXEN, a present company in the United States and Europe that develops predictive technologies. Thus, the German company strengthens its offer and take positions in a market that will grow over 30% by the year 2017.

After the summer break, the giants of the computer industry that have sufficient liquidity continue with its strategy to grow and diversify to hit book. This time was the German company SAPKnown for its business management programs, the first mover with the acquisition of KXEN. This American company based in San Francisco and offices in Paris, London and Rome develops predictive analytics software that operates in the cloud.

The intention of SAP is to incorporate technology KXEN to its catalog management solutions to offer integrated business applications predictive capabilities. The German company already has one such solution, SAP Predictive Analysis, but also to improve their skills with the know-how of KXEN is also interested done with the extensive portfolio of global enterprise customers that have purchased, including entities financial and Barclays, telecommunications operators such as Vodafone, insurers such as Lloyds, etc. Even Obama used his software in the last campaign.

A business 2,200 million euros

The operation performed by SAP also has a strategic component, since the German company agrees to strengthen its position in the field of analytics. According to data from IDC, the market for predictive analytics software bill currently 1,500 million worldwide, and estimates suggest that grow by 30% to over 2,200 million volume in 2017. The key is popularize these technologies, bringing them closer to the end user.

Another argument for the acquisition of KXEN is that the combination of its software with the capabilities of real-time analysis technology offers database in memory SAP HANA facilitate processing large volumes of data to extract information from business, which known as Big Data, and combine it with the solutions of Business Intelligence for the German firm. Thus, SAP is reinforced in three fronts of large business IT.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014, on sale from April 1, with higher performance, new features and integration with Windows Azure

Microsoft finalizes the release of SQL Server 2014, the new version of its popular management system databases. It goes on sale on April 1 and promises higher performance, capacity data warehouse, Business Intelligence and Big Data, and integration with the cloud using Windows Azure.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 will be released on April 1 with higher performance, new features and integration with Windows AzureThe next April 1 will be available Microsoft SQL Server 2014The expected new version management system database company of Windows that include numerous improvements to suit current trends. Manufacturers who work with the company now run by Satya Nadella are getting the version RTM (also called generally available) to perform final adjustments to ensure full compatibility with the ecosystem Microsoft.

After two years of development, Microsoft SQL Server 2014 incorporates significant improvements to give an adequate response to the latest technological trends such as cloud computing. Notable new features in this version include new capabilities OLTP ( Online Transaction Processing Memory ) that provide performance up to 30 times, with benefits In-Memory Columnstore, allowing read and write larger volumes of information in the data stores and more rapid responses to inquiries and achieve greater data compression.

Tighter integration with Windows Azure

Thinking cloud environments, Microsoft SQL Server 2014 adds new hybrid scenarios that include backup in Windows Azure and the option to create a virtual machine Windows Azure to accelerate disaster recovery. Incidentally, Microsoft announced that it has updated Windows Azure to be compatible with version 2.2 of Hadoop. This will allow customers to include this burgeoning technology strategies Big Data.

As pointed out by Microsoft, SQL Server has become the solution most widely used database in the world. The new version will allow to continue gaining market share by extending the application of this software database particularly demanding scenarios that require high performance, thanks to its ability to process up to 250,000 requests per second

Infor Business Intelligence 10x provides advanced business intelligence for users of any level

Infor Business Intelligence

The manufacturer Infor Infor Business Intelligence 10x presents its new business intelligence solution that includes new features such as enhanced interoperability with products from other manufacturers, a more attractive user interface, mobile features and social collaboration tools.

Infor Business Intelligence 10x provides advanced business intelligence for users of any levelOne of the keys to the widespread use of business intelligence solutions is to make its use as simple and friendly as possible so that users adopt such programs in their daily tasks. This is the objective of Infor Business Intelligence 10x, the new BI solution of this provider, perhaps not well known but has a strong market position.

Infor Business Intelligence capabilities 10x provides advanced planning and analytics, dashboards created by self-service and social collaboration tools that let you enjoy a pleasant experience, modern, mobile and social BI. To that end, Infor has been integrated into this solution various innovative technologies like middleware Infor ION and collaboration platform.It has also sought to ensure greater interoperability with applications and databases from other companies by using the most widespread standards in business use programs.

Dashboards to suit the user

This new product from Infor can create dashboards tailored to the user through a simple self-service interface. The use of intelligence technology into memory automatically connects interrelated content so that the user can quickly see how it affects the performance of one department to another company results. Have also been incorporated advanced analytical functions and a motor for statistical analysis.

Other news from Infor Business Intelligence 10x are a more modern design based on HTML 5, mobile access to dashboards tailored to the smaller screens of these terminals and social collaboration tools to facilitate collective decision making. With this new release, Infor plans to continue expanding its base of more than 70,000 customers in 194 countries, which include heavyweights such as Boeing, Yahoo, Nissan or Kellogs.

Tools that emulate our thinking


A logical trend in tools Knowledge Management is trying to simulate the natural way in which we organize our thoughts.

To do this was to provide an interface for creating or attaching easily content and relate to each other quickly and associative manner, avoiding the classic hierarchical organization that provide many applications. In this way the contents are organizing in network structure, and become mental maps that structure our knowledge on specific topics.

An essential requirement is that the interface allows for navigation efficiently within the network to be created, allowing moved by it, reorganize, in and out of different levels, jumping to an overview, clearly show relationships, and differentiate different types of content without a mess map.

A good example of a tool that meets these requirements is PersonalBrain. It can be downloaded from the website of TheBrain, Which also plays a video demo showing their capabilities and performance.

This software lets be creating thoughts , and keep adding to each parent, child, or jumps (to thoughts of the same level), or go linking them to the Likewise. Every thought has properties, and on it you can edit notes with a fairly complete editor, assign tags, urls of websites, icons, attach files or even create calendar events. It also has a search engine thoughts and content , and a small set of reporting.

The creation and navigation map of thoughts is very agile, and very clear display, say its pretty hard to miss on the map.

From the same website you can download the trial version that has all the functionality of version pro, but at 30 days becomes the version free by clicking, which retains all the interface mapping and navigation, but is cut especially regarding the properties and objects that can be attached to the thoughts. Between these two versions there is another version Core.

To test PersonalBrain I created the brain (it would be the equivalent of a draft other tools) to Dataprix , where I try to reflect the structure of the web, and how they relate subject , content and members of the community . The tool also allows exporting a brain to HTML, so Ive also posted the online version for those who want to tinker with her.

This is about the personal version, but also there is a corporate version, called BrainEKP More oriented collaboration and content management, but with the same philosophy and interface. The main difference is that this version is installed on a server, and both users and administrators access by web, allowing the creation of collaborative interaction and thoughts among users. It also has connectors that allow synchronization and updating of information from various data sources.

Emphasize also that the same portal The BrainIt is made with this tool. The header always shows the conceptual map of the page you are viewing, and can make navigation throughout the website by simply entering the thoughts that appear on this map, much better than the usual menus from sites ..

Other applications that can give your (future) smartwatch


Much has been said that success depends on how smart watches that offer novel to users. For example, they could be allowed to carry travel tickets, medical records or access online accounts.

Gather information about a sport ctivities, browse, call and use my phones are the applications that interest now owners of a smartwach. But what about the future?

According to a recent study by GfK also would have accepted for many other uses ; for example, could serve as proof of identity, to verify the ownership of a ticket to ride, as security key for computers or as a payment method.

In fact, after asking users from China, Germany, South Korea, UK and US if they would be interested in performing specific functions through a smartwatch, assuming you could save and send your data safely, nearly half of all respondents say they would be interested in using a smartwatch to provide doctors and hospitals your medical history, such as during an appointment with your doctor or an emergency.

Another potential use reflecting research consultant is as travel tickets. Just under half of respondents in the five countries say they would be willing to use a smartwatch for this purpose. Most are reluctant Europeans: only 32% of respondents in the UK and 31% in Germany said they would use it as a ticket.

Identifying online could also come from the hand of smart watches. Thus, 45% are interested in using it to log on to your personal computer or access your accounts online. The interest increases with age (up to 48% in those over 50 years) and in countries such as China (68%) compared to the UK (33%) and Germany (25%).

In fact, Chinese citizens (57%) would accept even use them as an identity when they go abroad or visiting officials . The low level of acceptance by asking the United States (41%), South Korea (33%), UK (28%) and Germany (20%).

Finally, the use of a smartwatch as support payments for convicts only 35% of respondents in the five countries. China is the country with greater acceptance (54%), followed by the USA (40%), South Korea (28%), UK (27%) and Germany (20%).

The affiliate spam comments Bum Labamba to make money online

The-affiliate-spam-comments-Bum Labamba to make money online

Labamba Bum is a course to make money online. Lately I get a lot of spam comments its affiliates and may you also be the case also.

My first contact was with this page through one of its members who wanted to advertise on my blog. The announcement is a video with the founder and the head carries the title How I created almost by accident $ 700,000 in 27 Days (slightly modified version).

Definitely a very American way to sell that here in Spain clogs. That is why I rejected the proposed advertising.

If you have a blog or related marketing is likely to have recently received a comment from an affiliate make money online platform Labamba Bum. In this blog I get several a day and I discovered by chance. Like you have not yet noticed.

How to tell you are casting a Comment spam Bum Labamba
The comments come from Bum Labamba are no spam at first sight. There seems to be a guide with instructions to make this work correctly because at first perceived as authentic contributions because they fit the theme of the post and are made by hand and not by bots.

Really the only suspect is using a shortened in the comment field where you put the website link. Using shortening in this case does not make much sense lest you have something to hide. How says name becomes a long one short link that starts with Sometimes the link goes directly to the sale page but the blog network affiliates called Magic Power Network.

Bum Labamba is serious business?
All indications are that the company behind it is gaining a lot of money because the affiliate network is statistically very powerful and many people out of curiosity are going to target the course. I changed the name of the company to not make this post a free ad. I do not know how they work or if behind is serious or not.

Nor have I personally tested the platform so I have no idea if that promise is fulfilled. Things I do not know I can not judge. Obviously I have my prejudices and who read this blog often you can imagine what I think about earning money online quickly. If you are a member of Bum Labamba do not feel offended because it was not the intention of the post. All I ask is that you do not use my blog to attract members.