How ERP Supports Financial Management

Financial Management

An ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, software system can be extremely beneficial for your company’s financial management. It follows the cash flow of your business, resulting in optimization for your bottom line. When used with your fixed assets of your business. You can easily access an inventory of property that is business-owned, and information pertaining to it. When it comes to payments collected from customers, you can easily access the data that has been compiled and analyzed through accounts receivable. This allows you to see whether you are receiving payments in a timely fashion, averages of the amounts received, and whether there have been any major issues in general encountered in this area. As for financial reporting, ERP can be used as a tool in with which you can summarize information from any financial components, aggregating them to create thorough financial reports. Learn more about how to utilize ERP in financial management as well as other areas of your business from the following infographic by AlfaPeople.

Matching Customer Expectations: Shipping and Handling

Shipping and Handling

Modern consumers and businesses are demanding. When they order something whether online or over the phone, they want it yesterday, and as a seller, you need to be fully aware of this if you want to be successful in any competitive industries. Companies are made and broken on the back of their customer service skills, and shipping and handling is now a huge part of that. If someone thinks they can get the products they need faster or in a better way then you offer, then they’ll go elsewhere. Below are some of the special delivery options that you need to think about. You can also read more about your options on offering this now, and it’s turning out well for them, so if you’re selling to the general public, it’s absolutely something that you should be offering.


Not all people and businesses work to the same clock. Normal courier delivery hours can be really awkward or downright impossible for some, and it’s your job to cater to that. Look for couriers that can deliver your products late at night or in the evenings to consumers. Make it clear you offer these services too – being flexible is good but many people won’t contact you to ask. They want to be told what you can do for them.

Confidential Delivery

Some businesses will need their details to be kept completely confidential when shipping things, particularly if they’re sensitive documents. Providing this service is again potentially going to be a big benefit to you. Merely keeping things confidential on your side of things is not good enough either; you need to know that the courier you choose is going to be keeping things fully confidential too – and prove this.

Bespoke Solutions

You never know what a customer or client may need when it comes to shipping, and if you can agree a process of fulfilling these demands with a courier, then you’re going to be able to deal with anything that comes your way. Perhaps they need delivery to an awkward area at a particular time – not everyone wants things delivered to a fixed address.

3D-Printed Headphone Startup Receives Initial Funding and Online Support

Online Support

For OwnPhones founder Itamar Jobani, producing a quality wireless headphone wasn’t good enough. He saw the potential to harness 3D printing technology to customize an audio product for individual users — in shape, style, and features. To achieve this, the company’s team of engineers came up with an app that scans your ear and digitizes it into a 3D model, which the printers use to fabricate an ultra-snug pair of Bluetooth earbuds. Of course, there are a lot of variables involved in coming up with a process that fits users’ ears, sounds great, feels comfortable, and won’t fall out when engaged in physical activity. People believed in the overall concept, though, and OwnPhones received an overwhelming amount of money through its Kickstarter campaign.

Today, to provide more choice to users, the company offers three different headphone models: Fit, Jewelry Collection, and Smart Fit. The Fit are designed to stay in your ear when exercising, while sporting a minimal look that isn’t far removed from the molded earphones that touring musicians use. The Smart Fit adds some functionality, such as noise-cancellation settings and in-ear notifications. Finally, the Jewelry Collection puts an emphasis on high-fashion style, with designs that use gemstones, gold plating, and other precious metals to make a gorgeous statement. Jobani’s startup is just one of hundreds in the 3D printing arena. Below, we’ve shared a handy infographic that outlines the growing companies and designers taking fashion into the future.

How Outsourcing Tasks Can Secure You Results

Outsourcing Tasks

If you’re the owner or manager of a small to medium sized business (SME), then it’s more than likely that your head is spinning with jobs to do, and that your ‘to do list’ is over a page long. If it’s your business, then it’s understandable that you want ultimate control, driving it to be a success or a failure. However, if you try to take too much control then it’s likely that you’ll create a bottleneck, stifling creativity and profitability. Contrary to popular belief, by delegating and outsourcing, you can secure greater results than you currently get. Here’s how.

Experts Provide Detailed Knowledge

Although you may not want to delegate responsibilities to your staff due to their relative inexperience, by outsourcing certain elements to external companies, you’ll be able to gain experienced, detailed knowledge on a subject area.

One area where most businesses do this is through finance and auditing. Many SMEs have an external accountant who comes in to carry out audits and file tax returns. The benefits of this are twofold. Firstly, you’ll be getting accurate information and you’ll be certain that your tax returns are correct, saving you money in fines and admin corrections. Secondly, and almost as importantly, you’ll be freed up to manage the day-to-day running of the business, overseeing things that require your expertise. It’s a no-brainer. Just make sure you look around for the best price.

Free Up Your Staff

However, simply freeing yourself up to manage the day-to-day running of the business isn’t enough, and you have to consider how delegating tasks can also help your staff, giving your business great results in the process.

As your business expands and your product offering grows, it’s likely that your staff will become bogged down in administrative duties. Even simple tasks such as scanning and printing can be incredibly time consuming, so outsource them.

Tasks such as this don’t actually add any monetary value to the business, and instead they take up too much time where staff could be selling the produce you’re producing. Many of the companies offering this service also do it relatively cheaply and, because the staff are out selling, you’ll recoup the money you spend on outsourcing. Again, it’s a no brainer.

To conclude, although you want to keep a tight grip on your business (and rightly so), outsourcing and delegating can be a cost-effective way of securing great results for your business, giving you and your staff more time to focus on your jobs. Isn’t it time you gave it a try?

5 Top Business Vehicles to Make a Great First Impression

Business Vehicles

Whether you’re turning up to a job interview, meeting clients and potential investors or just want to impress your colleagues, having a professional vehicle gives off a fantastic first aura. There are thousands of cars out there to choose from and unsurprisingly the best ones are often more expensive. If you’re a successful businessman or woman and want to show it then this should pose little problem. Here are some of the best cars for demonstrating that success.

Audi A4

Audi is now one of those car manufacturers associated with professional, luxurious vehicles and they have a number of suitable cars for sale through new version out later in 2015, this features a sporty design and plenty of room in the cabin for giving a ride to those you’re hoping to impress.


Another sporty car, avoid putting any spoilers on your M3 as this instantly reduces its professional image by at least half. Buy in black, white or dark blue too as the lighter blue and a few other colours border on more of a boy racer vibe. It’s a dynamic vehicle which delivers a high performance in getting you from meeting to meeting too.

Mercedes S-Class

Luxury barely seems to do the <a″>Mercedes S-Class justice as it is a car seeping with class. From the soft leather interior to its refined design, this is a vehicle where everyone stops to see who’s getting out of it (mainly due to the heavily tinted windows). It drives like a dream as well, which you’d expect from the cost of all these excellent cars for the professional businessperson

What You Didn’t Know about the Many Benefits of an Alarm Response and Key Holding Service

Alarm Response and Key Holding Service

Security is a bigger issue than ever before, especially if you have business premises which contain valuable items, confidential records, and the like. If you are increasingly concerned about your business security, you can have better peace of mind knowing that your premises are secured at all times through an alarm response and key holding service.

What is an alarm response and key holding service?

For those who are not quite sure what this type of service entails, the name actually speaks for itself. With an alarm response security service, you employ the services of a security firm who will then be in charge of checking your premises in case your alarm goes off. They will basically be the first responder to an alarm. Once your alarm has been activated, the security service, which holds your keys, will be in your premises within minutes to check that everything is as it should be. If there are no intruders, then the security service will re-set your system, secure the premises, and make a report of the alarm activation incident.

The benefits of an alarm response and key holding security service


A cost-effective way of guarding your business premises

First of all, what makes this type of service beneficial is the fact that you no longer need a 24-hour security guard on your premises, which can entail significant costs. If you have multiple business locations, staffing it with security personnel can be an expensive endeavour. But with an alarm response and key holding service, you do not have to have security staff manning your premises day and night – it can be done remotely, and the security personnel will only come if the alarm in your location has been activated.

More efficient, focused monitoring

With an alarm response and key holding service, the security personnel in charge of your business premises will be able to make use of advanced technology to monitor your entire building facility. If you want, you can even install a variety of surveillance cameras where the security staff can see what is going on in your building as well. Remote monitoring services like this also enable the security staff to summon the right emergency responders, depending on what has occurred – whether it is a break-in, a fire, an electrical accident, flooding, or more.

A better way of handling false alarms

Another benefit brought about by an alarm response and key holding service is the better handling of false alarms. As a matter of fact, did you know that more than 90% of UK intruder alarm activations are false? If the alarm in your premises is activated and it turns out to be a false alarm, then the security staff can easily de-activate it themselves – without having to bring in local police officers. This can also strengthen your business ties with local law enforcement, as they do not have to worry about false alarm calls as well.

Amongst the many security companies in Oxford, there is one firm that has stood out for many years: The firm not only offers an alarm response and key holding service; it also offers other services such as caretaker support (where, in the event of alarm activation, they can go with a member of your own staff who holds the key to check your premises), as well as other security services such as lock up and unlocking services, electronic security system installation, access to a plethora of well-trained security guards, and more.

6 Things You Need to Know About the Successful After-Dinner Speech

Successful After-Dinner Speech

If you are asked to give an after-dinner speech, your initial reaction will probably fall into one of two camps. Either you’re wildly excited at the opportunity to provide your pearls of wisdom to a large audience, or you want to go into hiding at the very thought of standing up and making this kind of speech. Most people fall into the second category. The after-dinner speech is a tricky one to get right. You need to be witty and funny but not too risqué, interesting but not too obscure, and of course, confident and knowledgeable. If you are set to give an after-dinner speech, take a look at these tips and prepare for a profitable, and fun, speaking engagement.

1. You Need to Know Your Audience 

It is not advisable to plan your speech, show up, and hope for the best without understanding your audience. You need to know the industry, the seniority of the attendees, the balance of men and women, the mood of the occasion, the company, and the recent events that are affecting the company. Assume your audience is pretty sophisticated and will require a well-planned speech.

2. Speeches are for the Audience, Not Yourself

You may have a fantastic joke you really want to try out, or you may feel like shocking some people with your content. Remember that the after-dinner speech is not for your entertainment, but for the audience’s. Consider whether you need to be politically correct, and whether it is acceptable to tease or make jokes out of the audience.

3. Stay Alert and Stay Sober

The occasion may be a festive one, and you may be invited to sit with the guests or to indulge in some wine or food beforehand. Our advice? Don’t indulge. You need to be sharp and sober, even if the audience is not. It is best if you can speak before 11pm as after this the audience will be getting too tired and possibly too drunk to care about what you have to say.

4. You Don’t Have to Stick to the Plan

Don’t be stuck with a set speech and a set plan that you cannot change. The mood of the audience or the style of the event may be vastly different to what you imagined. If you can adapt your speech to the moment, it’ll be much more successful.

5. Staying Cool and Calm is the Way Forward

Whatever happens, stand up, take a deep breath, wait for the audience to be quiet and speak with conviction. If you get thrown off course, regroup and continue at your regular pace. Try to keep your pitch even and low. Practice at home or in the office and have someone listen to you and try to put you off. It helps if you are prepared for hecklers or people who ask strange questions in the middle of the speech.

6. Record it All

Your speech should be recorded so that you can use it as an example of your work when you are pitching for more speaking gigs, or for when you want to show people what they missed by not being at the event. Transcribe the speech using transcription services so you have a written record of what went on. You don’t want to lose a great speech because you didn’t record it at the time.

How ERP Software Solutions Benefit Distribution Organizations

Solutions Benefit Distribution Organizations

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has been utilized in a broad cross-section of industry, including marketing and sales, shipping and payment, inventory management, manufacturing or service delivery, and product planning cost. In particular, distribution organizations realize tremendous benefits from adopting an ERP software solution. Following are key benefits:


One of the most important benefits of ERP is the ability for distribution managers to visualize product flows clearly. The ability to conceptualize and optimize complex distribution patterns is often considered the core of distribution management. Managers use the visibility afforded by ERP to track each step in the process, from supplier tracking to final product delivery. A key benefit of virtualizing distribution flow is the ability for managers to identify bottlenecks and to solve throughput problems. It also identifies bloated areas of the supply chain allowing managers to increase flow efficiency.

Enhanced Traceability

Parts suppliers are under increasing pressure to account for delivery throughput and to identify lots or individual parts in case of quality issues. If customers find a bad lot, they expect suppliers to be able to isolate the lot and identify the root problem. Traceability can also help flow from multiple sources or destinations, in order to identify bottlenecks in particular branches.

Planning and Forecasting

Many companies implement enterprise resource planning primarily to improve their ability to plan new distribution channels and to accurately forecast planned channel throughput. The iterative process of forecasting can be very difficult when performed manually on paper. Automated ERP solutions allow managers to easily develop scenarios, and then to make adjustments for improved efficiency.

Automation Reduces Errors

An automated ERP solution takes the human factor out of the tedious part of distribution design. This means fewer errors, more accurate control, and improved customer satisfaction.

Reduced Cost

The ability of ERP to improve channel efficiencies will result in reduced costs. As an example, when ERP improves quality issues, it allows reduced replacement inventory and the associated costs. Similarly, more accurate forecasting allows managers to reduce the level of inventory safety buffers.

Develop Customer Relations

Customers benefit as well when a company adopts ERP. ERP can provide essential supplier information across a myriad of business units. The automated solution improves lead times for access to this information. Some ERP solutions offer a specific customer experience allowing users to interact with the facilities. As ERP moves to the cloud, both the client company and the customers can work in a collaborative environment. Mobile access increases the availability of information and collaboration. Integration with social media allows a familiar context for marketing and sales channels.

How to choose best domain name register for your business

How to choose best domain name register for your business

If you are thinking of web hosting finding a domain name registration service is much easier and often requires less time. However, if you are looking to combine the purchase of your domain name and the web hosting you need it is important to seek out a service that provides both in one central location. Determining whether you are also in need of web hosting in conjunction with the registration of a new domain is a way to eliminate registrars that only provide the option of domain-name registration. If you are looking to add SSL certificates or privacy protection on any domain you want to register it is also imperative to review the options you have with each domain name service you are interested in individually.


Compare the pricing of registering a domain before choosing a service for your business. Some companies offer discounts for registering a domain for multiple years or even decades based on business plans you have in place.

Reviews and Testimonials

Reading reviews and testimonials of domain name service sites and services is essential to verify the credibility and reputation of a company. Seek out reviews and testimonials within various online blogs and communities to get a better idea of the type of service that is fitting for your needs.


Visiting various domain name registrar websites is another method to determine which solution is best for your websites registration and beginning. Checking into the process of registering a domain along with the options, features and add-ons that are available is another way to discover the best choice for your site and its future.

Looking into different domain registrar companies is a way to learn more about your options while ensuring you are moving forward in the right direction when launching a site online. The more you know about web hosting and domain name registration the easier it is to find the right solution that is most suitable for the website you want to launch and grow.

Technological Improvements Help Medical Billing Companies in Delivering Better Services


With the introduction of medical billing software, health institutions have reasons to rejoice. The latest model of software that has been presented for sale boasts of a number of user-friendly features that can suit the purpose of individual wants. This type of software is available for free, and you can also consider downloading the same from the internet. Thus, with the latest introduction of the software, the medical billing services can be offered in a better way.

Electronic Medical Billing

The growth in technologies has helped in submitting the claims of all patients in an electronic mode. This has given rise to a popular known concept called Electronic Medical Billing. The medical billing companies can expect to benefit through different ways along with the introduction of such a popular concept. A few of the advantages you can relate along with the same include; automatic process, hassle free management, cost effectiveness, report accuracy and real time check. Apart from the same, a few of the other additional benefits include; reduced time and super customization.

Paperless Alternative

The fact that Electronic Medical Billing is paperless is one of the reasons that there is no real need to manage huge amount of data in hard copy format. As and when, data of patients is recorded in EMR the same can get linked up along with the billing system in an automatic manner. The benefit that relates along with the same is that the same can eliminate redundancy and provide patients with the necessary information. The medical billing companies are inclined in opting for the EMR as the same offers the benefit to doctors and nurses to be able to determine the insurance entitlement of the patient.

Focus On Patients

With the introduction of Electronic Medical Billing, medical billing services can be offered in a better way. The reason behind the same is that it is possible to focus on patients in a greater way. It is possible to use data in an easy manner as the same is available with a simple click and point technology that is not difficult to use. Electronic Medical Billing is the right choice that can play a significant role as far as achieving the desired degree of super customization remains in focus. The types of facts and information that can be super customized include; diagnosis, location, medical history and insurance policy, as well.

Optimize Healthcare Functioning

In this respect, it needs to be mentioned that medical billing software is just one of the simple ways that help in optimizing the efficiency of healthcare units. The implementation of technology ensures that you need to spend a minimum amount on administration related purposes, and the amount saved can be used for improving the healthcare facilities. What seems to be further mesmerizing is that the medical billing companies can also use the software, in order, to determine the eligibility of patients regarding the availability of medical treatment facilities.

With the help of the technological aids, it is not only possible to determine if the patient is insured but also the types of coverage they can enjoy. You no longer need to worry about the need of having to write painstaking claims and emailing them individual. In other words, incorporation of technology has indeed improved the overall functioning of the healthcare organization. There are constant technological improvements happening that can further simplify the operation of all health care units.