Drugged Driving Leads to an Increase in Car Accidents


It’s a scientific fact that the cannabinoids found in marijuana are beneficial for treating multiple diseases and conditions. And progressive states like Michigan have jumped on the bandwagon to legalize its medical use. However, as more American states prepare for potential marijuana legislation–both medical and recreational, an upswing in drugged driving fatalities raises alarms nationwide. Drinking and driving still account for 30% of all road-related fatalities, but the increase in positive driver-related drug tests over the past decade  is far more than a simple trend. But is medical marijuana really the culprit, and how can your Michigan auto accident attorney help if you’re hit by a drugged driver?
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What You Should Know About Named Perils

Buying auto or home insurance can be a puzzling experience, especially with all the technical terms that are usually contained in a policy. One term that you may not recognize right away is named perils, which can be included in almost any insurance policy that covers property, such as a home or a vehicle. If you are ready to sign a policy that includes this term, then you may want to take the time to learn about it and what it might mean for the coverage you are paying for.
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Transport Life Insurance for Your Horse


Travel is a necessary part of horse ownership if you are moving, involved in shows, rodeos, or other sporting events. Maintaining the right life insurance coverage is necessary when it comes to the possible perils of transporting such large animals. Trailers can overturn, trains come off the tracks and airplanes crash. None of these are scenarios you want to see happen, but they can be a stark reality. Transport insurance for horses will help put your mind at ease.
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