Securing Transport Options for Your Business


When your business specializes in selling bulk or heavy items, you discover quickly that a partnership with a reliable transport company can be an invaluable asset to your bottom line. You have customers waiting for the products that they ordered from you. You cannot risk delays in shipments because you have no way to transport their purchases to them.

Rather than build up and maintain a fleet of delivery vehicles yourself, you may save money and enjoy greater convenience by partnering with a company that offers hot shot deliver, partial flatbed shipping, refrigerated freight hauling, and other services. You can establish this partnership confidently by going online and learning more about the transport options available to you now.

Saving Money with Shared Loads

As much as you need reliable transport services for your inventory, you may want to take advantage of saving opportunities every chance you get. When you do not have a full load of products to be shipped out but still need at least a half a load transported, you could save money by opting for the partial shipping services.

This option lets you ship out what needs to be delivered to the customers on time. It also saves you money because you are sharing the transport with other clients of the company. The driver picks up the loads of other clients along the way, essentially allowing you and the other clients to share the cost of a single transport trip.

You may have to clear up a few hours in your schedule to be flexible for the driver. However, when you want maximum savings without compromising your delivery timeline, you may get both results by choosing this shipment option.

Single Day Services

You also may only need transport for a single day rather than several days at a time. When the destination is within a day’s drive from your company, you may see no sense in paying for several days’ worth of transportation when your products can be driven and delivered within 24 hours.

The company offers hot shot services that are designed just for these cases. Like partial transport services, the single day option may also save you money.

Your customers look to you to get their purchases to them on time. Rather than risk their satisfaction or payments, you can protect your own bottom line by selecting the transport services that align best with your shipment needs.

Can you reach the ideal mobility ? Reflection after day without car

Can you reach the ideal mobility

Bet on the bike, reorganize the city and improve the asphalt roads, ideas to Bogota move better. Others are not so optimistic.

Each Car Free Day, when it is required the maximum mass transit in the city, are evident weaknesses. Yesterday, the day was just beginning when, at 6:30 am a group of users blocked the passage of articulated by the National Museum station. They were tired of waiting for it to pass the M86 route.

A pair of similar cases occurred throughout the day. There were also stranded buses, even the mayor Enrique Penalosa was traveling with cameras and press on board, stopped working halfway there. It was also the record of the crowded buses and testimonials from users who live in areas where the feeders do not arrive and had to wake up early than usual to walk to a station.

Users satisfied with the day also abound. Those who came faster to their work and their homes, or had the full way to cross them on their bikes. Given this scenario, and when the Car Free Day turns 16, the question arises: What is this new day?

At least, creates an environment for citizens to question the mobility of Bogotá. El Espectador collected the reflections of a group of experts and citizens on the roads to be taken by the city to achieve efficient mobility.

As in any debate, there pessimistic views who believe that capital has no solution. For example, Paul Bromberg, former mayor of Bogota, the Car Free Day shows that this is a frivolous society, which receives awards for something that no city would be made and that causes a downturn in the economy, adds that, in its ideal mobility, the capital should be another. Not this one, which is very dense and large.

There are others who are critical, but less pessimistic, as Joseph Stalin Rojas, director of the Observatory of Logistics and Mobility of the National University. Although he says that the car-free day is a worn and bet more as a day with shared cart, he believes that strengthening the public transport system can improve mobility. We must speed up the construction of trunk, he says

He is pointing in the same direction Eduardo Behrentz, dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of the Andes, who also considered vital to improve transport infrastructure. Having a better network Transmilenio, better bridges and even better asphalt pathways influence the speed of movement.

These improvements, he says, should discourage the use of private cars and especially motorcycles, which he considers the great tragedy of Colombian cities, polluting, dangerous, noisy and exclusive. A flexible and extensive network, which reaches the citizen who yesterday had to walk more than necessary.

Carlos Pardo, director of the Foundation Slow down, beyond the transport network, the way to Bogotá to move efficiently through the change in the policies of urban development and land use. The trips have to be shorter and less frequent for them in other alternative means of transport. For this, mass transit riders would have to be connected to centers of activity, defined and distributed.

That not all have to go to the center to work, says Pardo, who dreams of a city better connected, for pedestrians and bicycle users, with short and friendly Walker blocks.

In this idea lies another big bet from the experts: the use of media, more efficient and cleaner alternative transportation, which says Beherentz, Bogotá has ideal qualities. Overall, it is a flat, compact city.

It also has 440 km of bike paths, more than anywhere else in Latin America. This idea also cove citizens as Mary Pereira, who said the ideal is the cicla although no more parking and provide safety to the rider, he says.

But the former mayor Bromberg has no qualms with the bicycle as a bid to improve mobility. In Bogota bikes have lots of obstacles and risks. They serve a small portion of people, such as young people and those who do not have to transport their children.

Despite the controversy generated by the issue of mobility, it is clear that the Car Free Day puts the public to think about the way travels between home and work. In the end, the conclusion is leaving experts to improve mobility is a major challenge that requires urgent action. The ideas are on the table.

How to Choose the Right Delivery Service for your Online Business

the Right Delivery Service

An online business depends on their delivery service more than any other. Your main impression on a customer is created when that much awaited parcel arrives at their door, so it’s important to ensure that your delivery service is top notch. As an online business, how can you choose the right delivery service for you?

Domestic or international?

Firstly, consider the type of deliveries your business makes most often. Is it overseas shipping you need or just domestic deliveries? Shop around and find a courier who specialises in the type of deliveries you require and has a great reputation. Your company’s reputation demands upon the performance of your chosen delivery company so it’s important to choose wisely. If you currently only deliver in the UK but are planning to expand overseas, try and go for a company who specialises in both.

Focus on condition and presentation

The condition that your parcel arrives in is paramount to your businesses’ successes and mitigates the amount of customer complaints your customer care team are likely to receive. Customers hate badly packaged items and receiving damaged goods so choosing a courier with a solid reputation is essential to prevent this. As an e-commerce business, packing your goods safely and making sure they look well presented is crucial to your success so this is an area where you should be looking to spend a little more cash on.

Time is of the essence

The speed of your deliveries is another essential factor. Online businesses need to be offering at least a next day delivery option in order to be successful. By offering your customers the chance to pay extra for next day you’ll be pleasing many more customers than other companies and all the last minute shoppers who need to make a purchase fast. This means that you need a delivery company you can rely on in order to make it on time.

To make sure you select the perfect delivery service for your company, use a courier comparing site Parcel2go to find the best couriers at the best price. They compare all the top couriers to find you the optimum service at the best possible price for your budget. When operating an online business, making sure your deliveries arrive on time and in great condition is paramount to ensuring that your business is a success. So shop around and choose the best possible delivery service for your company.

How Technology Is Shaping the Logistics Industry

Technology Is Shaping the Logistics Industry

In ancient history, runners and homing pigeons were used to deliver messages. Before the industrial revolution and the introduction of mechanized courier services, people rode horseback as a part of the famous Pony Express. Today, the courier and logistics industry employs hundreds of thousands of individuals, sends millions of parcels, and grosses billions of dollars every year.

The Aviation Effect

While the advent of the railway and automobile industry played vital roles in propelling the logistics industry into what it is today, its arguably the introduction of the first aircrafts that have had the most precedent effect. In a world brought closer together by the internet, it’s difficult to imagine not being able to easily access goods from around the globe in a timely manner. Transport planes meant that packages could be delivered by courier companies such as TNT UK to the other side of the world in 24 hours, as opposed to the weeks or months it took by boat.

The Power of the Cloud

With the sheer volume of parcels being sent on a daily basis, it’s crucial that each of these can be accounted for. For tracked packages, each shipment is fitted with a unique identifier represented by an individual barcode or a QR code. At each of the depots the shipment visits, it’s physically scanned, either manually with an RF scanner or by an automated system, before moving on. This scan data is then sent to a central data repository which, thanks to the technological advancements and power of the cloud, is now available to be viewed from anywhere in the world.

What the Future Holds

Like any industry, the logistics trade is not slowing down. Amazon has already showcased its own drone delivery technology with the intention of making same-day delivery to any location. The companys recent patents give us a further glance at the kind of future it imagines. The GPS technology that is now built-in to the typical smartphone could be used by Amazon’s drones to locate where a customer is at any given time, removing one of the common stumbling blocks of deliveries. This means that it could even track customers while on boats or in moving cars. The customer can then direct the drone to land in a specific location with just their smartphone.

Logistics affects each and every one of us whether we’re shopping online or not. It will be fascinating to see how the industry evolves in the near-future. It seems as though technology we once thought was decades away is now right around the corner.

Top Tips to Source a Reliable Logistics Provider

Top Tips to Source a Reliable Logistics Provider

Many first-time entrepreneurs start their own businesses so that they to be their own boss. This level of creative freedom and direct control isn’t something you can get in any entry or mid-level corporate positions. However, one of the most common mistakes inexperienced business owners have is trying to do everything themselves. All successful businesses have reliable partners, and a reliable logistics provider is one of the major allies you’ll need to get your product to market. Here’s what to look for.

Experience in the Market

Experience is the number one attribute any young startup should look for in their initial business associates. Working with a well-known industry figure increases your credibility from the get-go, and it’s a key step in convincing customers that you’ll be able to fulfill their orders. What’s just as important, though, is that it provides a crucial opportunity to learn from someone experienced in this sector. Howard Tenens Logistics are one of the largest distributors in the country having experience working with a wide range of varied high-profile clients such as Costa Coffee, Honda, and Jane Shilton.

A Varied Feature Set

Logistics incorporates everything from production, warehousing, transportation, and even security. The ideal service provider not only excels at all of these key components, but is also able to offer a unique feature set too. For instance, some companies are able to offer what has become known as “flexible” warehousing solutions. This means that rather than commit to a hard contract from the offset that dictates how much space you’re allowed year round, you’re able to change your real estate requirements as you need it. This is vital for younger companies that many experience unexpected growth early on.

Access to a Global Network

The process of globalization means that it’s now easier than ever for companies to connect with countries from all around the world. Ordering goods is becoming commonplace amongst increasingly tech-savvy consumers. Even if your business has no plans to reach out to overseas markets right now, it’s still something that should be on the table for future consideration. Make the first step by partnering with a logistics specialist who can give you this option when you’re ready. With so many people around the world logging on to the web for the first time every day, the decision to market your product or service to a global market has become a question of when and not if.

When a company is dependent on numerous business partners to fulfill critical roles, any breakdowns in communication can cause critical delays. This is why working with a single provider, who is able to perform all of these functions, is much more efficient. However, this makes making the right decision even more important.

How to Network Beyond the Initial Meeting

Network Beyond the Initial Meeting

Many business leaders discuss the importance of networking. Its a powerful way to meet others in your industry or introduce yourself to potential clients. But what do you do after that first community meeting? If you made a true connection with someone, you want to nourish that relationship. To create a stronger connection, take small but consistent steps over time.

Keep communication open. This does not translate to adding them to your email auto responder. If theyre interested in signing up to your newsletter or business list, they can find the site from your business card. If the person was interested in your services or products, you can send a short following-up letter. If the person asked for specific information at your meeting, be sure to send details. At the bottom of your email, you can list your contact information, including website address or a link to sign up to your company email list. The email should maintain your professionalism while reminding the person of your initial contact. Be sure to thank them for their time and interest. If this contact is important to you, as a mutual entrepreneur or future client, add his name and contact information to a virtual contact document or database. This should be kept separately from any auto responders or email subscriptions. Make note of how you met the person, topics discussed, important dates, future meetings, and miscellaneous information.

Look for ways to give them value. If you see an interesting online article they might like, let them know about it. You can write a quick email or short message on a shared social network. Theyll appreciate you sharing something of interest to them, and it will keep you at the forefront of their mind. In this exchange, you don’t need to make mention of your services or products. They will appreciate that you’re not pushing a sales agenda. Continue to reach out to the person on a regular basis so you have a monthly or quarterly connection.

In addition to sending helpful digital information, you can also branch out and send small tangible gifts. Choose something appropriate and professional.  The gifts do not have to be expensive. Use sites like Groupon Coupons to help you save on gifts from many stores, such as Harry and David. Harry and David offers gourmet gift baskets filled with fruit, chocolate, wine, flowers and plants, or tasty baked goods. You can send a special gift to congratulate them on an anniversary or celebrate reaching a business goal. The website is easy to navigate, so you can search for something that perfectly fits the occasion.

Its always fun to surprise someone, especially as you congratulate them on their special day. Your connection with someone doesnt have to end at those huge community network events. Follow up with genuine interest, continue to provide value, and enjoy a deeper connection.

E-Commerce Essentials: Packing and Shipping

Packing and Shipping

According to a recently conducted research, the share of online retail in the overall shopping expenditure in the US will have grown to $414 billion by 2018. Everybody working in the e-commerce field is happily rubbing their hands together. They will have more work and more opportunities to earn. Also, new players will join the online shopping first league. The most important thing they need to know is how to make their customers satisfied; and they will achieve that by ensuring that the products they sell reach their buyers in a perfect condition.

Think Outside the Box – Double Box It

While products sold in the offline world are usually placed in only one cardboard box, online retail requires multi-layered protection. Since boxes are still easily accessible, those more fragile items should definitely be surrounded with a double-box shield. By applying this matryoshka-like packing style, you provide better protection for the product you have sold and the buyer will spend more time opening it, as if it is a birthday present.

Careful with Tape

When packing a product for shipping, it is crucial to tape all the tricky edges and vulnerable parts of the box. The first assumption is that the box or the container in which you are going to put the goods will not stand still during the trip. That said, it is obvious that the box has to be properly sealed. You could try to apply the H-taping way of sealing it, but sometimes the X-taping method will prove to be more useful. Here you can check some other taping options for the boxes on the move.

Internal Protection Matters

Every product needs to be properly insulated and protected inside the container or the box. One of the most common ways for keeping goods safe during shipping is wrapping them with bubble wrap. These bubbles, filled with air, serve as shipping airbags that will save your products and the reputation of your business in case of a major collision.

In a recent conversation with shipping supplies, I discovered that every product sensitive to water needs to be protected with water- and humid-proof wraps, to keep it from becoming useless on the road.

Branding – Part of Shipping Folklore

The process of wrapping and protecting the products you have sold to someone living thousands of miles away has its marketing sides, as well. In order to promote through shipping, you could send your customers symbolic presents within the packages, like coupons with discounts for future purchases. On the outside of the package you can put stickers with the name/logo of your business. You can never tell who is going to see the package along the way.

However, be careful when offering free shipping and be aware that it is not always the best promotional method.

The most important thing that counts in the end in every business is the number of sold products or services. Those who work as traders know that a satisfied customer stands shoulder to shoulder with the number of sales. Luckily, online trade has enabled millions of people to freely sell and buy goods from all the parts of the world. By applying quality and consistent packing and shipping policy, every online e-commerce business will keep its loyal audience and continue gaining profits.

5 Top Business Vehicles to Make a Great First Impression

Vehicles to Make a Great

Whether you’re turning up to a job interview, meeting clients and potential investors or just want to impress your colleagues, having a professional vehicle gives off a fantastic first aura. There are thousands of cars out there to choose from and unsurprisingly the best ones are often more expensive. If you’re a successful businessman or woman and want to show it then this should pose little problem. Here are some of the best cars for demonstrating that success.

Audi A4

Audi is now one of those car manufacturers associated with professional, luxurious vehicles and they have a number of suitable cars for sale through Ridgeway. The R8 coupe and Spyder are what many aspire to drive but for one with a more realistic price tag the A4 saloon is ideal. Balanced handling and plenty of grip are complimented by the clean-cut design and interior leather seats.

Range Rover Sport

Feel like you own the road and look like someone who holds plenty of authority by cruising around in this high-powered beast. The classic design has been updated over the years and an older model may give off more of a country vibe. Stick to one of the newest releases, the tinted windows really giving off the air of someone important.

Jaguar XF

An elegant and stylish executive saloon, this is perfect for showing great fashion sense and success. Though it does come with a heavier price tag making it not ideal for purchasing an entire fleet for use as a company car. Smooth to drive and with a new version out later in 2015, this features a sporty design and plenty of room in the cabin for giving a ride to those you’re hoping to impress.


Another sporty car, avoid putting any spoilers on your M3 as this instantly reduces its professional image by at least half. Buy in black, white or dark blue too as the lighter blue and a few other colours border on more of a boy racer vibe. It’s a dynamic vehicle which delivers a high performance in getting you from meeting to meeting too.

Mercedes S-Class

Luxury barely seems to do the Mercedes S-Class justice as it is a car seeping with class. From the soft leather interior to its refined design, this is a vehicle where everyone stops to see who’s getting out of it (mainly due to the heavily tinted windows). It drives like a dream as well, which you’d expect from the cost of all these excellent cars for the professional businessperson.

4 Ways a Business Can Maintain a Wide Internet Presence

Business Can Maintain

The internet is an ever-present aspect of the modern business world. Customers, investors, and employees utilize the internet for a variety of tasks. Whether looking to purchase products or services, apply for employee, or consider an investment, the internet provides support to a number of different activities, which means companies must maintain a wide and significant internet presence to capture as much traffic as possible. Luckily, there are a slew of surefire ways that businesses and organizations of every shape and size can maintain and enhance a wide internet presence for maximum optimization.

Landing Pages
Landing pages are basically the center of the digital hub for many companies. These valuable internet tools direct visitors to relevant information deeper within the company website. While serving as virtual directors, the pages have to be easy to use and simple to navigate. By using effective landing pages to effectively point users to the proper destination, companies can increase the use of the site overall and keep users viewing the page longer. By increasing the stick rate, businesses can optimize interaction with the page leading to more customers, increased employee use, and overall effectiveness. A glance at the Sentry Energy Production online page is a great example.

Social Media
Social media is a great way for companies to direct customers, employees, and investors to the main webpage. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more are regularly viewed by millions of users each day. If companies manage to capture the attention of a few users each day, the overall exposure of the company is increased dramatically. Since social media has the ability to reach a wide and diverse user base, companies can reap the benefits of driving a number of different demographics simultaneously. In short, social media helps a business stay visible on the internet.

Current Data
One of the most important aspects of maintain a strong internet presence is keep data current. Pages and sites with out of date data or contact information does little to inspire the confidence of users. Therefore, companies that update sites or blogs regularly have a greater chance of getting the right information out to the masses. The internet is a powerful communication aid, but it also needs to be kept up to date and fresh should any changes or relevant information change.

Calls to Action
Using calls to action within a website is a popular way to encourage users to explore the site further. Simple buttons and links that include Apply Here or Click Here to Learn More are effective enough in driving users deeper into the site. By stirring up emotions of activity into users, companies can stimulate a desired process to evaluate customers. Sifting through leads can take time, but using a web-based call to action for anyone wishing additional information can help the entire organization become more efficient.

In the end, maintaining an effective and wide internet presence by keeping data current, spurring users to action, taking advantage of social media, and maintaining effective landing pages are great ways for companies to stay visible online. The internet gets more and more crowded every single day, and businesses that focus on staying at the forefront of the minds of customers have a greater chance of closing the deal.

How to Get Your Small Business on the Road

Get Your Small Business on the Road

Many types of businesses couldn’t operate without a company car or commercial vehicle. Whether you work directly in the supply chain or you’re just trying to get from A to B, though, financing a vehicle can be difficult. There are several options available to you, but purchasing and leasing often offer you the most benefits to your company.


The main benefit of purchasing a car outright is that you’ll own the vehicle. This gives you more options during the course of ownership, such as selling the vehicle when you’re in need of cash in a hurry. The vehicle can also be treated as an asset to be used on the balance sheet, which is very useful for SMEs just starting out.

However, purchasing a vehicle requires a significant initial investment whether you’re paying in cash or buying the car over a string of monthly payments. You can expect to pay a deposit of around 10% of the vehicle’s value, though this is fee is typically negotiable. You’ll also have to deal with the responsibilities of ownership, including any maintenance and servicing fees that come up.


Leasing a car works by paying a lender a fixed rate over a number months, usually between 24-60. The ability to spread the payments out over monthly fees means that the business can still remain flexible with its finances, and you can also expect to pay a lower deposit than if you were buying the vehicle. Often times, this gives small business owners the ability to use cars that would normally be out of their budget. This could drastically improve your company image.

Businesses can also reclaim VAT. This includes 50% on a leased car or more on a commercial vehicle, available here. While you’ll still have to pay the cost of insurance, many lenders also include tiers that include maintenance fees. However, because you don’t own the vehicle you do lack some of the freedoms of purchasing. You’ll have to commit to a mileage limit and make sure you follow the company’s fair wear agreement.

Purchasing and leasing offer the most advantages when looking to get your business on the road. If you’re just looking for a short-term solution, though, many companies offer daily or other short-term contracts. This is useful if you’re current business vehicle is away for repair, but you can’t afford for there to be an extended disruption of your workflow.