Mobile Strategies Every Business Would Benefit From

Mobile Strategies Every Business Would Benefit From

According to Forbes, 80% of online adults own a smartphone. What should you do in order to better reach your customers? Read on for mobile strategies that every manager should consider adding to their plan.

1. Set objectives. How can mobile help you get there? Is there a specific mobile experience you want to give your customers? If you like to see goals laid out in front of you instead of on a screen, view the range of Konica Minolta A3 printers available.

2. Choose the right mobile environments. Do you want to create a mobile site or an app, or both? There are distinct differences between the two. A mobile site is in the browser of a mobile device. The user doesn’t have to download anything. The website will detect when a visitor is using their mobile device and adjust accordingly. An app requires a download from a marketplace. They often have GPS services to help with location targeting. Ideally, you’d have both a mobile website and an app. Apps are great for interacting with brands and mobile-friendly websites are great for on-the-go sales and shopping.

3. Integrate your mobile marketing with social media. Social media is accessed via mobile, which makes it the perfect combination. Share reviews, include social sharing buttons, and create content that be engaged with on-the-move. The more accessible you are via mobile, the more your audience will engage with your brand.

4. Send alerts and notifications, like coupons, savings, and other offers, via mobile. People check their phone constantly to see if they have missed messages, so they’re bound to notice an offer. Don’t annoy your customers with an overabundance of mobile offers, though.

5. Use ads based on location. With a mobile app, you can use location services to create targeted messages to specific audiences. When the person is in your store, for example, they can get a coupon to use the same day.

6. Optimize your emails for mobile, too. Most people will access their email via their mobile device. Include links so they can further engage via mobile, since click-thru is such a huge part of e-mail marketing.

Just getting started with mobile advertising? Begin with just one of these tips, like optimizing your website for mobile. Once you’ve got that down pat, move on to the next strategy.

Improving User Experience Using Real Time Monitoring

Customer service is key to maintaining business for any company. In fact, studies show that clients are more likely to stick with a product or service, even if they are not completely satisfied with it, when they are receiving quality customer service. In the technological realm, monitoring clients in real time can help immensely with such efforts. Here are a few ways in which real user monitoring helps to improve the user experience.

Direct Feedback

When you monitor systems in real time you can see exactly what the individual is seeing, but more importantly what they and the system are doing. As such, you are receiving direct feedback rather than having to decipher through trends to discover what is relevant to your particular site’s needs and possible areas of improvement. For example, sometimes there are small fixes that can make a big difference. If you want to increase your click throughs to a certain area of the page, you can monitor the success of the different changes you make utilizing the monitoring systems. Being able to identify what does and does not work quickly prove to be monumental in the effectiveness of your site.

Correct Analysis

A good portion of computer issues that are faced by many people face are due to human error rather than technological issues. Of course, they do not realize that they are causing the issue and may deem your site as out of date or flawed. Real time monitoring can virtually eliminate the confusion and provide you with a clear picture of the issue at hand, allowing you to make a correct analysis of the problem. This can save time and effort, making for a more efficient process.

Speedy Resolution

The sooner an issue can be correctly identified, the quicker a resolution can be found. With real time monitoring you are able to pinpoint the issue quickly as well as implement a solution. It cuts down the need for a middle man as well as decreases any necessary downtime for the site. You might also be able to resolve foreseeable issues before they become major problems. By resolving issues quickly and being proactive concerning possible problems, you can maintain a smooth and enjoyable experience for your viewer.

Paves Way for Advancements

Being able to identify technological issues and bugs can not only assist you in fixing them, but may also lead to the development of new applications to eliminate them all together. With the knowledge provided through real time monitoring and an in-depth understanding of technological applications, one can forge the way for new processes, software and applications that can advance your company. Such advancements can help to set your company apart as well as garner new clients and revenue streams.

Real time monitoring is a beneficial tool to use in strengthening the client-business relationship from several different aspects. It provides direct feedback on issues, allows you to make a correct analysis of the situation and to quickly resolve the issue, while also making way for technological advancements. Another key advantage is that it is simple to execute. To gain more information on implementing a real time monitoring system, contact your local technology solutions firm today.

Choosing the Right Rail Freight Transportation Company

cargo transportation

When it comes to transporting goods, there are a lot of different methods to consider. When hauling a lot of freight over a landmass, rail is often the preferred choice. However, just like other transportation options, not all rail freight companies are created equal. Picking the right freight transportation company is not rocket science, but there are a few key factors at which you should look.


The first and most important factor is experience. There is no better way that a company can prove itself than standing up to the test of time. This proves that it has not only built up a loyal customer base but also withstood drops in the market, such as economic downturns. While there are plenty of companies that can thrive when the economy is good, it takes a great company to continue operating during hardship. This is done by having returning customers. No company can thrive off of new business alone. They have to provide a reason for customers to want to use their service again.

Experienced Leadership

Just like any other company, rail freight transportation companies are only as good as the leadership they have in place. Take CSX Corp, for instance. This is a leader in the transportation marketplace, and it has a lot to do with their leaders. One example of such leadership is CSX Corps Clarence Gooden, the vice president of system transportation. Having leaders that a company can count on is the difference between standing up to the test of time and falling victim to mediocrity.

Delivery Time and Pricing

Both delivery time and pricing are important. The goal for companies is finding a way to strike the perfect balance between both. You want a company that is going to deliver your goods on time, but you dont want to overpay for a service that another company will do just as good. A company that can find the perfect balance between both is worth its weight in gold and is likely to keep customers coming back for more. You should be weary of any company that offers extremely low prices or guarantees unrealistic delivery times.

Shipping Solutions

While there are plenty of companies that offer rail freight transportation, not all of them offer the same shipping solutions. Not all goods can be transported in the same way. Finding a company that can cater to the needs of different goods is paramount, as is one that offers a wide range of shipping solutions that protect your company from having to find a different shipper for other products that your company may need to transport in the future. Once again, offering multiple shipping solutions is something that comes with experience. Transportation groups that have been around for years have come up with ways to cater to the needs of their consumer bases.

Rail freight transportation might not be the right fit for everyone. However, as a cost-effective way to move larges amounts of products over large landmasses, there is no better option than rail transportation. It can carry larger loads than semi-trucks and usually reaches its destination faster. Using the advice above, you can be sure that you choose the right rail freight transportation operator to fit your businesss needs.

Focus on Safety and Choose a GPS Made for Trucks


One glance at a truck GPS and you might be alarmed by the price tag. However, the cost difference brings powerful options that make a purchase a no-brainer for any serious trucker. We have outlined the main differences between consumer and truck GPS units so that you can get a feel for the benefits of upgrading to a model made specifically for your application.

Superior Mapping Capabilities

The mapping data contained in a truck-specific GPS is far superior to those in consumer GPS models. There are more details provided which take into account road restrictions levied against big rigs. In the GPS units that cover North America, there are over 700,000 miles of roads that have restrictions on big trucks. Restrictions would include the type of load allowed to be transported and the type of truck allowed passage. These restrictions are normally based on the width of certain roads and potential safety hazards such as low bridges and overpasses.

While the idea is to avoid hazardous routes altogether these GPS systems will give an early warning of an upcoming hazard usually when there are still one or two exits before the hazard is encountered.

Truck Profile Options

Some of the GPS units manufactured for commercial trucking come preloaded with routing options based on a trucks profile. These are based on the National Truck and Trailer Services Breakdown Directory. You can enter the dimensions of the rig: weight, height, length and type of hazardous content, if any, and the GPS can route you accordingly in the lower 48.

Cost Estimates

Truck GPS systems can help optimize fuel consumption by selecting the best route as well as giving automated feedback to alert the driver of excessive speeds and inordinate idling. There is also a feature that can use the vehicle dimensions and average fuel cost to help estimate fuel expenditures. The units can also take into consideration routing to estimate the toll costs for a trip.

Built-In Wi-Fi Functionality

Commercial trucking GPS units have built-in wi-fi capability for real-time weather and traffic updates. This is a feature that anyone who drives for a living is sure to appreciate.

Fleet Management Capabilities

Besides their usefulness to individual truck operators the commercial trucking GPS is an essential component to any fleet manager. GPS units can be remotely programmed in this capacity to routing that a dispatcher enters eliminating the potential for human error in routing and cutting out costly overtime hours.

Fleet Managers are able to track multiple vehicles at once. This is a benefit to being able to re-route the closest driver should the need occur, it also allows real-time monitoring of personnel. These sophisticated systems can tell when a truck is idling, stopped or in transit. No longer can a vehicle be used after hours without company knowledge and if a truck is stolen the GPS can be remotely activated to track its position.

Commercial truck GPS systems combine superior safety features with advanced productivity capabilities, making them essential for the owner-operator as well as corporate clients.  Visit to learn more about the truck GPS technology.

Sharing items with colleagues – what programs are best?

Sharing items with colleagues

When it comes to collaboration in the workplace, more and more programs have been released which allows a smooth and easy process for all involved. There are so many benefits to using these kinds of programs, and research shows that companies are embracing them in a way unlike ever before.

Firstly, it means that colleagues can enter their input without being located at the same physical office as the rest of the team. So, for international companies that have offices around the world, one central document can be used and worked on easily. There is no need for several revisions, separate copies or miscommunication.

Secondly, collaboration programs and ad hoc file transfer systems designed by companies like thru allow for a more secure way of sending company information and work back and forward where required. You don’t need to worry about interception, as this program, for instance, along with others similar, have been designed to be impenetrable from any cyber attack, so your company data is kept totally safe when you work on collaborative projects.  Companies invest a lot of money in security so that you don’t need to worry about your group work being spied upon   referring to the previous example, Thru built their services with data protection in mind, and have gone over 12 years without a security breach.

A final benefit is the cost of these programs. They are incredibly cost efficient. In fact, programs like Google Drive are free to use. Google drive offers 30GB of data storage for free, and if you need any more than this, you can gain unlimited storage for $10 a month. With Google Drive and Google Docs, you can work on projects together and even communicate with each other along the sidebar at the same time.

Other cloud storage solutions like Dropbox are also very useful for businesses. Dropbox for Business works with all your apps, and from Word and Excel to Photoshop and Acrobat. You also receive support for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux. It’s also very secure, using strong cipher encryption for file data in transit and at rest, as well as file segmentation and hashing to allow businesses to anonymize files.

Another top pick of collaboration programs is DeskAway, which is a less heard of web-based project collaboration software that helps your business to organise, share, manage and track work. You can manage group activity and view project history, as well as setting recurring tasks and tracking employee timesheets. It also automatically provides you with reports that can be integrated with tools like Google Apps, Twitter and Facebook.

One final program to mention here when it comes to collaboration in the workplace is Huddle, which lets you share files with colleagues and work on content together. Just some features of this program include a collaboration dashboard, as well as secure file exchange and storage. What is very handy is the activity trail, which records a history of user activity on the program so you can tell who has achieved what. This is ideal when there are a lot of people working on the same project and it can be difficult o figure out exactly who has done what.

Using one or a combination of these programs could really excel your business productivity and allow work colleagues to work more flexibly, such as from home, or from a different office location – without any disruption to service.

LINE LINE premieres Pay mobile payment service


The new update in the messaging application LINE main novelty brings the premiere of the mobile payment service Line Pay.

Version 4.8 of the application of free calls and messaging LINE comes with the world premiere of the premiere of a new service dubbed LINE Pay.

Specifically, it is a tool that allows application users to perform secure and easy payments anytime, anywhere, directly through their smartphones.

As explained from LINE, the new service reaches all application users utilizing governed by iOS or Android devices , which allow payments for services associated or affiliated stores buying, regardless of their operator.

Starting today, users can now register their credit cards to access some paid content already available, such as stickers or applications LINE LINE LINE family Store.

Furthermore, the Asian company has informed that for a limited time, all transactions in the LINE LINE Store via Pay will receive in your account up to 25% of the amount spent a toll for using the service.

Finally, they have commented that improve the options innovations as different promotions, the incorporation of offline stores, and eventually in the future adding global functions , such as allowing users LINE can send money to each other, establishing a new form of mobile payment .

Mobility and socialization, two factors that drive the eCommerce

drive, eCommerce, factors, Mobility, socialization

Compared to 14,600 million euros achieved in 2013, this year is expected to end eCommerce moving in our country over 2,400 million.Use

People buy more and more online, and it shows. Even in Spain.

According to estimates by the consultancy Open-Ideas, this year the sales generated by electronic commerce in our country move up to 17,000 million euros . By comparison, in 2013 they stayed at 14.600 million.

There is already talk of 2014 as the online buy record year.

Several factors would be driving this phenomenon. On the one hand, experts cite the improved economic situation Overall, the rise in retail consumption and improved 12 points in consumer confidence.

But there are more reasons. One of them was the rise of mobility, which implies that more acquisitions are made via smartphones and especially tablets PC.

Another reason is socialization. What does this mean? The fact that Internet users buy online but also discuss what they seem certain products and stores, or even recommend that influences the final result.

Also, whenever they would incorporating user community elderly, who join other younger buyers, and positive momentum associated with the campaign is expected to Christmas .

Many users search the web before buying in a physical store

Many users search the web before buying in a physical store

According Vector ITC Group, the trend toward advancing users is mixing online and offline experience before buying a product.

Do you buy online or in a physical store? What do you prefer?

S Source-Shutterstock_Autor-Kostenko Maxim_comprareguramente, when answering these questions has a bit of everything, but the fact is that fewer distinctions are produced and mixed the two experiences consumers to be sure what they buy.
Or at least that is what emerges from the information of Vector ITC Group, which speaks of three different types of buyers: the ROPO, the showroomers and RTB.

While one showroomer be dedicated to see whats new in store and then search for the best possible price on the Web, one ROPO do the opposite process.

To correspond with the initials Research Online, Offline Purchases, would be devoted to research online and buy offline. And there are few who follow this trend. Vector explains ITC Group, up to 75% of people who buy in stores Leroy Merlin, for example, have first reviewed your page

For its part, the client RTB (from Research, Testing and Buying) take this mixture of virtual and physical the most extreme. Where appropriate, preferred start searching the Internet, it is then moved to a store to touch the product and test it and, finally, if he is satisfied and encouraged to buy it chooses to do so via online.

Hence the experts begin to defend the concept of general store, which involves enhancing both experiences.

Vector ITC Internet Group explains that develops a significant work of visibility that helps inform the buyer, while having a physical location where products are sold enables rid of insecurity and lack of consumer confidence.

Most apps do not make money because only one in three users pay for them

Most apps do not make money

Is not gold that glitters in the market for mobile applications. A report from Gartner warns that most apps do not make money because consumers are not willing to pay for them, and many developers go bankrupt. Are we facing a new bubble?

Most apps do not make money because only one in three users pay for them Would you pay EUR 3.50 for a app that alerts you when going to rain? Or is 2.69 euros one that tells you where the plane you see in the sky is? Maybe yes you give 0.69 euros for a app that keeps others see when you connected to WhatsApp? Examples of hundreds of paid applications for mobile devices that are sold in stores apps ; but most end up being a commercial failure.

This was noted a devastating reportrecently published consultancy Gartner. Notes that 90% of the apps currently on sale gets less than 500 downloads and 1,000 euros of income; figures which will worsen further, to the point that in 2018 according to Gartner only 0.01% of market applications leaving succeed in generating profitability. The reason for this failure announced is quite clear: only 35% of consumers are willing to pay for an app.
Bubble mobile apps

The boom of mobile devices, the success of applications such as Candy Crush Saga or Apalabrados and how relatively easy it is to develop and put on sale a app for smartphones and tablets have made, according to figures from Gartner, nearly 200 businesses and millions independent developers currently competing to offer popular applications and generate revenue, either charging downloads, inserting advertisements or providing more complete versions of payment (model freemium ).

However, many of these projects are doomed to failure because the market is on the verge of saturation and users still prefer the free versions, albeit more limited and have advertising. Development costs are also rising due to competition by engaging the best professionals and diversity of platforms that coexist in the market: IOS, Android , Windows , Blackberry , Kindle , Firefox OS , etc. Therefore, we will soon see a burst of the bubble of apps for mobile, which will drastically reduce the number of existing applications.

Open Data Platform Municipal Transport Company of Madrid wins Fundetec Awards 2013

Open Data Platform Municipal Transport Company

The information system on public transport Municipal Transport Company of Madrid has been chosen as the winner of Fundetec Awards 2013. This Open Data platform consists of a set of SOA systems accessible from the Internet receives nearly one million daily visits.

Open Data Platform Municipal Transport Company of Madrid wins Fundetec Awards 2013When will the next bus? What is the best combination to reach a destination? Did this stop is adapted for people with disabilities? Examples of close to a million queries each day receiving the information system of public transport that offers the Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid ( EMT ). This solution has been chosen as the Best Project for Public Entity for Citizenship in 2013 Fundetec Awards which have recently been granted.

The information service of the EMT is managed by a philosophy based platform Open Data (open data), which seeks to certain data are available to everyone, without restrictions, following some assumptions that are similar to those of free software or open source content. Through the deployment of SOA ( Service Oriented Architecture ), allows citizens access to internal information systems of Madrid transport entity controlled manner through the public Internet, from any device data connection.

Ecosystem apps

Thus, it is only necessary to have a computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access to check all kinds of real-time information related to public transport in Madrid, as routes, schedules, precise location of vehicles via GPS, etc. This information is also available to companies wishing to exploit, for example, to create applications for mobile devices.

Currently there are more than 30 apps certified based on these Open Data terminals available for Android , Apple and Windows Phone , which can be found in this sectionthe website of the EMT . These applications provide features such practices as tell you when to leave home to catch the bus without having to wait, notify you when there is little to end the balance or the term of your subscription transport stops and even propose alternative means of public transportation in case something unexpected arises.