Advantages Of A Cell Phone Spy Software

Spy Software

A good cell phone spy ware review that will help in easily finding the activities on a cell phone without the knowledge of the user, then you are on the right page. It has now become such a basic and important application in our lives. These days’ parents are giving away smart phones to their children at a very young age so that they can communicate with them easily. However often, some children end up misusing the device and land up in trouble. So an application that will let you monitor all the activities such as the messages, calls and media files exchanged is definitely very helpful. You can be free of all the suspicion by viewing for yourself all that is happening through the device. They come with all the tools that you need to keep track of the activities on the mobile by your child, or partner or even your employee. The information that you will get is instant and also accurate. Some of the notable advantages of an application that lets you monitor cell phone activities are:

  • If you are in a certain emergency and you need to know where a person is then is the time when this application is very useful. You will be able to trace and locate the exact location of the person in just a few minutes.
  • In crowded places if your child, friend or colleague gets lost this application will be handy in tracking them down.
  • You can have detailed information about the activities of your employee. You shall be informed if there is any exchange of information made by them that will be a leak of an official information of the firm. This helps you to manage business better and more properly.
  • The spy software for your mobile remains invisible to the user of the cell phone. It will record all the routines that is carried out and will present the record of the calls that is created. You can view the date, time and even hear conversations that have been made through the device.

There are a number of applications that are available but you must make sure that you choose a safe and reliable one as there is a lot of information that you let out on the internet. If you are not cautious you might end up with a virus or a malicious set up in your laptop or computer. Cell phones have become such an important part of our lives that it is tough picture a world without it. It not only lets you communicate but has also been serving the purpose of a digital camera, a medium to check mails, a memo diary, an alarm clock and many other things. Nonetheless now that cell phones have so totally enveloped us that the fine line amongst rewards and drawbacks is violated. As a result it is becoming much more essential and more crucial to have some form of spy software set up in these telephones.

Why SMEs need a document management system

document, Management, SMEs, system

The amount of information used today in SMEs, both in paper format and electronic, is so great that agrees to use document management herramintas. The fundamental objective of document management systems is to manage documents efficiently, allowing you to store documents securely through simple procedures for subsequent access for consultation from different devices.

With the advent of information technology, document management systems have enabled Jubilee shelves and cabinets full of documents, to move to dispose of integrated document management and an endless storage capacity, which makes them ideal as a center of company information. Then we will see five reasons why SMEs need a document management system :

1. Because they make the most efficient processes, integrated management tools

The document manager should be a tool for the organization, meaning that must be present wherever he is needed. A document manager is not a shared network drive in which folders to be keeping files but is a tool that goes well beyond are created: a system supporting documentation for all key processes of the organization, through the which efficiency is achieved in the execution of tasks that require the generation or processing of documents.

A document manager must be present when a task requires working with automated documentation and reporting processes. The key business information should not be on local systems, but on a centralized and accessible from any device (computer, mobile, tablet) repository. Working with a good document management in SMEs avoid malpractices as the inefficient transfer of documents via email and network folders, tools that are not safe and can cause, such incidents make public confidential information.

2. For information ensures disaster

A document manager must be a complete system, which means that not only is an instance in which information is stored in an orderly, but goes further and allows secure information to accidents and catastrophic events. A document manager should have a backup system that is located on a different host system, so that will restore the information in case it happens a serious problem (fire, flood, theft, hacking, location etc.) resulting in total or partial disablement of it.

The completeness of the system is one of the differences between records managers and tools that stay halfway. Maybe in the day does not seem relevant capacity to support documentation, but if it comes to an incident occur, surely you will be given the great value it has. The cost of data loss can be so high that can lead to closing a business. How much documentation losing customers, suppliers, taxes, patents, research, etc.?

3. For each document is accessible only to who has permissions

All documents must have a certain level of protection so that only those who have the necessary permissions to access them, download them or edit them. This management is impossible through systems network folders or less powerful document management.

This function permits to classify ideally should be linked to documents and information sections, as it is the only reliable way to get the management to be efficient and reasonably safe. This way, you can protect collateral documents such as payslips, invoices, contracts and agreements with suppliers, information about patents and innovation and all those files that require access control.

4. Because it saves space and time

A document manager to store documents that come from different formats. Those who come in electronic format are easy to store in a document manager and for those who arrive on paper, there are processes integrated scanning, which through escanares or multifunction machines (copier, scanner, printer) can quickly transform a document role of multiple pages into one file? digital (PDF, ePub, etc.). Through these processes, SMBs can save storing paper and move to keep copies of documents and other documents in digital format, saving physical space accordingly.

It also saves time, since each document can be assigned metadata, which are a series of labels to classify the content, ownership, origin, version, date of creation and modification, as well as another set of intrinsic data document. You can also use software OCR , optical character recognition to convert scanned images into text and thus facilitate the indexing of the content of the documents , which allows searches by the names of the documents, metadata and content thereof.

5. Because it allows access documents from any device

The access to information, today, from any device must be considered. We are in the mobile era and therefore, access to documentation must be possible from classic desktops and laptops, and mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Thus, business mobility may consult catalogs and other sales documents, Purchasing staff can access a contract through your mobile if you need to test an entry in the table negotiating with a supplier. Among many other examples might think. The key is to think of a scenario in which the document manager must provide documents to different people accessing them from different devices.


An SME needs a professional document management system, a system that is able to store information efficiently and allows access it easily and across different devices meeting the requirements of appropriate security.

The document managers are no longer shelves and cabinets with documentation, not network drives accessible from the corporate environment folders. Are complete systems that go far beyond integrating the storage and processing of documentation, integrating processes, enabling multi-device access and having backup systems to ensure that the documentation is still available after a disaster.

Seven Major Ways Businesses Can Save Money

buying mobile phones

The Cost of Doing Business

Because of the tremendous advancements in working online and in the cloud today, saving money can be easily accomplished by using new technologies. You can also make use of some of the old technologies, such as buying second hand, or getting deals with telecommunication providers. In this pieces we will take a look at some of the best ways to save big.

Following the 80/20 Rule with Respect to Supplies

When you are looking at your overall costs, it’s helpful to apply what is known as the 80/20 rule. This rule advocates that around 80% of your business expenses come from about 20% of your suppliers. Therefore, look at the items and services you are utilising in this respect.

Review Your Supply Costs

Scrutinise what you are currently paying for specific items and compare those costs with like items offered by competitors. If you are paying over and above what another supplier charges, then you may want to re-negotiate your contract with the businesses that are offering their wares at a higher cost.

Join a Buying Group

You can also save money for your business by joining a buying group. Buying groups can cut business costs on such items as stationery, cleaning supplies and utilities. By becoming a member of such a group, you can focus on streamlining payroll costs and similar higher value expenses.

Lower Supply Chain Costs

Reducing costs within the supply chain itself can serve, as well, to be of financial benefit for your business. By consolidating orders, you can save a great deal on packaging, consignment stocking and the expenses involved with delivery.

Cut Down on Your Base of Suppliers

If possible, see if you can cut down on the total number of suppliers you are using. Not only will it help you negotiate more easily with your suppliers, it can lower the costs associated with order processing and invoicing too.

Take an Audit of Your Purchases

Take an audit of your purchases. Ask yourself if you really need a product or service. You may be able to buy the product secondhand or find a lower-cost substitute. An example is that you may want to buy second hand phones from Gumtree, or direct from a manufacturer, rather than getting the brand new Note 4 for everyone. Phones are a bonus for employees and also convey status, but you can save a fortune by buying used or refurbished.

Offer Employee Incentives

Businesses can save money too by encouraging their staff to come up with ways for them to save money. Provide incentives, such as an additional paid holiday, for staff members who come up with the best cost savings plans. Not only will you realise savings for your company, you will also reap the benefits that come from having a workforce that is engaged and motivated.

Cut Down on Your Office Space – Collaborate Activities in the Cloud

By working in the cloud too, you can cut down on the amount of money you are paying for office space. According to the Express, almost 14% of the UK workforce  now work from home. Less office space means paying less rent. Therefore, you can collaborate the workflow by allowing certain employees to conduct business from home. If it is not absolutely necessary for an employee to come into the office each day, then you won’t need to utilise as much office space – a major cost savings for a company.

These are just a few ways your company could save money.

Small Businesses and Video Conferencing Meetings the Easy Way

Small Businesses and Video Conferencing Meetings

Virtual meetings are a relatively new phenomenon. Several decades ago, virtual meetings were pretty much unheard of. If you needed to have a meeting with clients or employees, you conducted it in the workplace or in a mutually agreed location off-site. The notion of holding a video conference would not have been possible. But times have changed and these days video conferencing is cheap and easy to organise. Even small businesses with very little working capital can use video conferencing as often as is necessary. So what are the advantages of video conferencing and why is it a useful tool for small businesses?

Meetings are a normal part of the daily routine for businesses of all sizes. Meetings enable staff to discuss important issues, brainstorm, and deal with the day-to-day running of the business. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible for key members of staff to be present in the room for an important meeting, so small businesses need to have a Plan B in place for such an eventuality.

Telephone Conferencing

Telephone conferences are a useful way of including someone in a meeting who isn’t able to be there in person. Employees who work from home may not want to make the tedious journey into the office purely for the purpose of attending a meeting. Instead, they can dial into the telephone conference and participate from home. This method also works if a member of staff is working in a branch office or if you need to have a group discussion with a client in a different country.

Skype Conferences

Most small businesses are looking to save money on every front in order to preserve cash flow. Since technology is often a huge drain on the annual budget, one way to save money is to utilise as many free tools as possible.

Free video conferencing tools such as Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangouts are just a few of the methods you have at your disposal if you want to conduct virtual meetings. As long as you have a decent internet connection and each person has an internet enabled device, you can have a meeting up and running in minutes. Anyone can take part, even if they are in a different country, so it is a cost effective solution for small businesses who want to hold meetings with staff or clients in multiple locations.

Professional Meetings

It isn’t always appropriate to hold an important meeting over Skype. Internet connections are sometimes poor and multiple participants may find it difficult to participate over a Skype phone if the connection keeps dropping out. You may also take the view that Skype isn’t the best medium for conducting important negotiations with new clients.

An alternative to using free video conferencing tools if you don’t want to invest in expensive IT equipment and software packages is to rent a conferencing suite for a couple of hours instead. This solution is ideal for smaller businesses as the IT infrastructure is already up and running and all you need to do is turn up at the allotted time.

There will come a point where you may think it is worth investing in video conferencing equipment for your business. Often this type of equipment can pay for itself fairly quickly by reducing the amount of travel time employees have to undertake in order to be present at important meetings. However, it is important to remember that technology moves on very fast these days, so what is cutting edge now could easily be obsolete in a couple of years and your expensive equipment will need to be replaced. So take advice from a company such as Videonations before you invest.

New battery in the new Dell PowerEdge servers

New battery in the new Dell PowerEdge servers

The 13th generation Dell PowerEdge servers has been designed with the aim of optimizing the costs for a wide range of web applications, business and Hyperscale. It presents innovations in storage technology, processing and memory.

Swift and fast were shown hardware manufacturers. After announcing their new processors Intel E5-2600 / 1600 v3, firms such as IBM and Dell have already presented some teams that incorporate them.

In the case of Dell, are included in its new PowerEdge range, presenting the thirteenth, and consists of five formats servidores compactos in blade, rack and tower.

Specifically, it is the rack Power Edge servers R730xd , R730 and R630 , the blade server M630 and tower server T630, all built with the latest Intel Xeon processor family E5-2600v3 and directed to provide customers different options to tackle cloud computing, mobility, big data and trends defined by software.

Our new range of PowerEdge servers based on three fundamental principles: accelerate application performance, workloads strengthen in any environment and simplify systems management. Thus, customers can address the transition between traditional and new computer models, and always be prepared to incorporate innovations that allow them to cope in new applications and optimize their data centers, says Forrest Norrod, vice president and general manager Dell Server Solutions, in a statement distributed by the company.

One of the aspects that have looked with this release are storage technologies, thus speeding up the most important data, positioning large data sets or supporting software-defined storage and optimize data placement.

For example, including SATA 1.8 inch flash drives, the Dell PowerEdge R630 can offer customers up to 2.4 times more operations input / output per second (IOPS) in the same space as the SSD 2.5 . Meanwhile, the PowerEdge R730xd includes up to 100 TB of storage workloads.

Another important innovation, this time focussing on improving the management server, is the inclusion of NFC technology, which significantly enhances the configuration, management and monitoring of mobile systems, reducing to 84% the time of collection inventory.

This new solution is able to convey to clients that perform management tasks directly on the server, the information about its state and its basic configuration by simply placing on a smartphone or tablet with OpenManage Server Mobile.

Finally, thanks to Zero-Touch Repository Manager, administrators can save time and improve efficiency to store, access or deploy a server configuration profile or update firmware from this one central repository.

Launched a free app that allows you to block USB truncated

Launched a free app that allows

Given the possibility of encountering USB peripherals with altered firmware, G Data has decided to launch the G Data USB Keyboard Guard solution for Windows computers.

Over the past few weeks has been talking at length about cybercrime attacks through USB devices.

install_4_enExperts have discovered that it is possible to rewrite the firmware of devices based on this technology to the point of connection vary their condition once hooked on any team, masquerading as a different kind of gadget developed processes and initiating infection. Like what? From explaining G Data USB stick that could become a souped keyboard and used to write lines of code in the PowerShell interface. From there the user is sold.

To tackle this problem, the very G Data has been put to work developing a solution capable of acting precisely against this kind of manipulation, deception using the keyboard.

Its called G Data USB Keyboard Guard and is free, but only works with the Windows operating system.

Its creators have developed this tool for whenever it detects the connection of a USB keyboard based sound an alert.

Initially blocks the installation, but the user is responsible for confirming the final lock or if you are indeed trying to use a keyboard real, to authorize their use. If the installation is accepted, the application of G Data memorized action and give automatic access to that device in post.

Those interested in trying G USB Keyboard Data Guard can download the software from this link.

Since the popularization of technology USB connection has been detected several cases of malware infection, regardless of changes in the firmware, so better safe than sorry following a protocol of good practices such as that we offer in our gallery How to prevent infection via USB?

Get the movies of superlative quality with movie maker of Movavi

movie maker

No matter where you have to present a movie or a presentation, either in an office, school or just for a family use, the quality of audio and video, format, and its compatibility are some of the important and primary concern of a user, but all this  can be fulfilled with movie maker provided by Movavi at very exciting offers. It is comprehensive software meant for video making and provides all the facilities that are needed for creating home videos, presentation slide shows or school project. It not only edits the videos but also improves its audio-video quality and its outcome is very splendid and magnificent.

Specifications of movie maker:

A lot can be done with the help of movie maker but most importantly it gives a professional touch to homemade videos and personal videos. Some of the key specifications of it are enlisted as:

  • It supports platforms of Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8
  • It consist of a large number of user interface languages
  • Its compatible processors are Intel or AMD  1GHz
  • It requires display resolution of 1280*1024 or even higher and 32-bit color
  • 5 GB hard disk is must for uninterrupted and smooth ongoing operations

Features of movie maker:

It can edit any kind of video and transform it as per the requirements and purpose of it to be used for. Below given are the key features of this software:

  • It can add or edit voiceovers during editing process.
  • It capacity to convert more than 180 different formats of multimedia and thus can convert any unreadable formats.
  • Burns videos on CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs easily
  • Provides fastest performance

Opt for movie maker at reasonable price laced with innumerable features.

Windows Phone 8.1 is present in 25% of WP devices

Windows Phone

Anyone who is a developer of applications in particular mobile operating system undoubtedly will want the latest version of this platform is the one that has more presence in the market. This of course is not unique to the developers: Microsoft wants it too and is eager to launch the new update to Windows Phone 8.1 for all possible devices. Currently this version of the mobile platform the company is installed in 25% of the devices that use Windows Phone.

We should note that Windows Phone 8.1 is several weeks old here, and it is quite probable that at this point has already reached a growth spurt, so we should not be surprised if from now on its notoriously low adoption rate. Obviously Windows Phone 8.1 still has a long way to go if you want to beat the previous version, Windows Phone 8, which is currently the most popular devices phones that use the operating system giants software. WP8 today is present in 56.5% of devices, so no doubt it is still used by most users.

The good thing is that the Windows Phone platform is far less fragmented than the most popular market, ie Android. Obviously Google and Microsoft these situations very differently taken: Android has a higher number of versions and slower pace compared to Windows Phone, adoption but obviously has many more users.

Tell us: if you have a smartphone Windows Phone, okay youve updated to the latest version? What do you think about the same compared to previous versions?

Mobile App vs. Mobile Website: Which is best for my business?

Mobile App

What is the purpose of being present in the mobile ?.

It all depends on the need for which is considered to be present in this platform, of course, is very important to offer a mobile site with a good user experience and thereafter if you need to offer something specific additional or what is have on the site, then there is answer the reason why make a App.

In this post we will take care to explain each one separately and then compare them, this way we focus on the differences and aims of each to answer this dilemma.

Mobile Site

As indicated, it is a website, with the primary characteristic of being adapted for screen and lower resolution, as well as in most devices the actions taken for tactile human movements, secure this marks substantial differences when display, perform design and development. Access is via a browser pre-installed on the phone and along with the URL can view our site.

To expedite the passage of compatibility with various mobile devices most current programming languages ​​like CSS3 and HTML5 which allows the advantage of becoming multiplatform, a little easier to implement solution used.

Mobile App

Downloadable application on smartphones from the respective app stores (App store, Google play, and Marketplace and Blackberry app world). It is very important to remember that when stored on the device, it consumes space on your hard drive, in addition to having access to the phone other variables such as: memory, GPS, contacts, camera etc ).

With regard to the stage of development of it should take into account the process that each app store has to work around its proper approval and publication, which varies as Android, IOS, Blackberry or Windows phone, besides that each of which is a separate work, which influences the investment of time and money.

Comparison between Mobile Site and Mobile App


The website if that can be optimized for it to appear in the search results from a browser via mobile, added to this we are talking about a URL that can be easily shared via a chat, ads, QR codes, social media , blogs, etc

In this sense the App has not all this flexibility, first there must be another must download and follow the passage required by the app stores.

Content loading rate

The website is subject to the quality of browser connection. However the app probably runs instantly and is much more significant to have it for some specific actions: games, social networking, chat, email, etc

Where the use is daily or functions are required where memory and speed are important to enhance their functionality.

Integration with resources

The compatibility of the app with the device is called a native app, that what he means is that it has full access to push email, camera, GPS, etc., additionally the Apps still work and are in offline mode, thanks to its cache.

In the case of mobile sites, it is necessary to have connection to the web and the browser, however HTML5 and CSS3 have advanced towards the issue of resources, including has come to work on features that enable navigation without internet, but much remains to be done in this regard.

Immediacy of updates

Updates in the App directly dependent on the setting for each user on your mobile phone and their respective management, so you can submit a fresh or delayed for enhanced content, otherwise, the mobile site, because it need not rely user, so updates happen in real time without affecting what is being observed on the screen of the mobile.


Undoubtedly costs less to produce a mobile site, as the adaptable design featuring HTML5 allows full coverage against various devices with a single development process. The mobile app is required for each type of device time and money developing, consuming much more budget for engineering.

Ultimately beyond the importance of having a mobile presence is really important because it will establish there, setting goals that allow us to make a clear decision and go for it. And what would you serve, Mobile App or Mobile Site?.

Upcoming gadgets for freaks


The market is decked with innumerable smart phones and cameras. Here we have presented the gadgets that have managed to bring smile on the face of the consumers.

Intel Aqua Octa- Intex has upped its market by launching its new phablet called as Octa Phablet- this is a smartphone that is named after the eight core processor that purrs under his hood.  At any time point, depending upon the task, only the four cores are used. The first quad is designed to perform heavy duty operations, while others are less intensive and perform easy tasks, so as to conserve battery. This smartphone prides of a slim 7mm profile, thanks to its OGS (One glass solution) touchscreen that is made of one less layer to result in a thinner handset.  With the Octa, you will also get proprietary Matrabhasha virtual keyboard along with input support in upto 22 Indian languages for free. Along with that, you will get 5GB cloud storage for life.

Specification- it comes with 6 inch HD touchscreen along with OGS display, 1.7 Ghz octa core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, expandable up to 32GB, 13 mp rear camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, FM Radio, 2300Mah battery, Android v4.2.2 (Jelly bean)

Price- It comes at rate of Rs 19,999(approx).

Xolo Q3000-The Xolo Q3000 is a kind of phablet that has an ability to replace your point and shoot camera. This device is fully equipped with a range of features like autofocus lens, 13MP camera, BSI 2 sensor that offers better pictures in low light settings. Similarly, it is equipped with 5 megapixels front shooter that lets you to snap your own images and even work well for 3 G video calling. All of this is backed by whooping 4,000Mah battery; supposedly it is good to work well for 21 hours on 3G. If that’s not enough, it comes with an OTG cable with which you can connect a pen drive to the device.

Specification-5.7 inch, full HD (1920X1080 px) touchscreen along with IPS display, 1.5 Ghz quad core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, expandable upto 32GB, 13MP rear camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, 4000 MAH battery, Android jelly bean operating system

Price-Rs 20,999

Fujifilm X-A1- This camera is built for those who crave for manual controls of a DSLR. It comes with flexible, interchangeable lens and portability of a compact point and shoot. The camera is available in black, blue and red color. It is equipped with Fujifilm EXR processor that offers range of features like quick start up time of 0.5 seconds, shutter lag of  0.05 seconds and a maximum burst of 5.6 frames per second. Bearing in mind modern requirements, this comes with wireless image transfer function. Users can use it to download the free Fujifilm camera app to move images to their smartphone for ready sharing of articles.

Specifications- has 16mp CMOS sensor camera, interchangeable optical zoom lens, image stabilization, advanced filters including toy camera, full HD video, stereo audio recording, wifi, etc.