Choosing the Right Rail Freight Transportation Company

When it comes to transporting goods, there are a lot of different methods to consider. When hauling a lot of freight over a landmass, rail is often the preferred choice. However, just like other transportation options, not all rail freight companies are created equal. Picking the right freight transportation company is not rocket science, but there are a few key factors at which you should look.


The first and most important factor is experience. There is no better way that a company can prove itself than standing up to the test of time. This proves that it has not only built up a loyal customer base but also withstood drops in the market, such as economic downturns. While there are plenty of companies that can thrive when the economy is good, it takes a great company to continue operating during hardship. This is done by having returning customers. No company can thrive off of new business alone. They have to provide a reason for customers to want to use their service again.

Experienced Leadership

Just like any other company, rail freight transportation companies are only as good as the leadership they have in place. Take CSX Corp, for instance. This is a leader in the transportation marketplace, and it has a lot to do with their leaders. One example of such leadership is CSX Corps Clarence Gooden, the vice president of system transportation. Having leaders that a company can count on is the difference between standing up to the test of time and falling victim to mediocrity.

Delivery Time and Pricing

Both delivery time and pricing are important. The goal for companies is finding a way to strike the perfect balance between both. You want a company that is going to deliver your goods on time, but you dont want to overpay for a service that another company will do just as good. A company that can find the perfect balance between both is worth its weight in gold and is likely to keep customers coming back for more. You should be weary of any company that offers extremely low prices or guarantees unrealistic delivery times.

Shipping Solutions

While there are plenty of companies that offer rail freight transportation, not all of them offer the same shipping solutions. Not all goods can be transported in the same way. Finding a company that can cater to the needs of different goods is paramount, as is one that offers a wide range of shipping solutions that protect your company from having to find a different shipper for other products that your company may need to transport in the future. Once again, offering multiple shipping solutions is something that comes with experience. Transportation groups that have been around for years have come up with ways to cater to the needs of their consumer bases.

Rail freight transportation might not be the right fit for everyone. However, as a cost-effective way to move larges amounts of products over large landmasses, there is no better option than rail transportation. It can carry larger loads than semi-trucks and usually reaches its destination faster. Using the advice above, you can be sure that you choose the right rail freight transportation operator to fit your businesss needs.

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