Cloud computing, data analytics and a bit of psychology to promote talent

In addition to the founding idea, the characteristic of the template that takes shape during the growth of a company is key to ensuring their survival in the market. It is what will make you stand out from the competition and be in compliance goals.

It is therefore advisable to use techniques that enhance the human base and professional quality of workers. And consequently, namely to identify the best employees, encourage their participation within the corporate structure, increase their commitment, advocating collaboration, prepare for and react to unforeseen combat brain drain .

That talent is not burned would be precisely the ultimate goal of the Talent and Change consulting practice IBM initiative, which is included within the overall framework of Smarter Workforce and Big Blue has been expanded with new material.

It is basically a compendium of technical consultancy pulling cloud computing and data analytics, as well as psychology, to better understand the workforce.

For example, with IBM Predictive Hiring Kenexa , companies should be able to see dynamic profiles [to] help ensure that the right candidates are hired, explain its leaders.

Two other tools included are IBM Kenexa Workforce Readiness and I BM Kenexa Predictive Retention. With the first one you can test employees who are already part of the template and see if they are ready for new challenges, while the second one is able to determine what people could end up leaving their job if they are not inserted changes and act accordingly.

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