Dropbox power system in its search app for Android

From now also possible to preview files on Dropbox for Android without leaving the application.

If you are using Dropbox and you usually connect to your account from a mobile device operating system Android , the experience should now be much more rewarding.

And is that those responsible for this content storage service in the cloud, which also provides synchronization between different computers and encourages collaboration between workgroups have decided to update their Android application.

Although several developments under the arm brings the new Dropbox for Android, two stand out above the rest.

First, they have perfected the system file search . Since Dropbox qualify it with the terms smarter , faster and easier as it has been gifted with capacities of proven utility as handwriting recognition.

Thus, each time a search is initiated, the system will be able to make suggestions or even going highlighting the material stored in a particular Dropbox account to be coinciding with the query, as characters are introduced.

Other improvements concern the ability to search considering the entire Dropbox account, or focusing on a single folder , and the inclusion of reminders with latest searches have been applied.

Moreover, now it is possible to read preview files without leaving the application . Therefore, the shift up and down and making zoom the content from files of different types, such as Word, PowerPoint or PDF themselves are also contemplated.

Those interested in taking the Dropbox app for Android can be downloaded from this link to their section on the official Google Play Store.

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