Five Solid, Actionable Strategies to Attract Marketplace Attention (and Gain Customers)

is when there are so many choices at hand that you’re more likely to avoid the confrontation than pick something from the list. Think of it like when you enter a grocery store and swing through the cereal aisle – there so many choices you either say never mind or choose the one you’re most comfortable with. This very thing happens in business especially when it comes to marketing and customer acquisition.

Below are five solid, actionable strategies you can take (right now) to attract attention to your business and turn that interest into a sale:

1. Triumph the Die-Hards

People love being the center of attention. If your business has thousands of followers and you place an individual in the spotlight they will, no doubt, share that experience with others. It also makes it so other individuals want to be on the pedestal, too.

What do you need to do? Get in touch with a handful of your most loyal customers and interview them. Have them share their experience with your business. Make it into a story – make it emotional. It humanizes your business and helps people feel attached to what you have to offer (and more).

2. Personalize the Packaging

Don’t go for generic. Try to personalize every aspect of your business and how it reaches your marketplace and customers. Little things such as remembering their names, customizing the service to their needs, or adding little trinkets as a way to say thank you in the box adds charm.

What do you need to do? Treat each person as if they’re your only customer. Really get to know them. Put in the investment to personalize everything so it feels like the product is made just for them. One idea is to implement customized boxes by Custom Boxes Now to make the entire product experience special and worth sharing online.

3. Hold a Big Contest

People love free stuff but you probably don’t want to just put it out there since you’re running a business after all. The smart thing to do is to hold a contest because not only will it create awareness with new leads but could remind previous customers to come back to do business.

What do you need to do? Use one of the many contest and promotional tools (free or paid) to hold a contest. Make part of the entry a requirement to share the contest on social media or to leave a comment. Let the contest run its course and make sure it’s a great prize.

4. Share Your Best Knowledge

The business that puts forth the content is the one that gets noticed; content becomes the vehicle to drive awareness, brand loyalty, customer service, and more. Just take a look at these facts about content marketing and reassess the idea of holding back information.

What do you need to do? Start blogging, share tips on social media, answer every question, respond to feedback, show behind-the-scenes, and how best to use your product/services.

5. Get Face-to-Face

The Web can be very impersonal despite the fact we have so many communication channels. A good old sit-down with a potential customer is uncommon these days, it seems, and it’s a shame so few businesses take the time and effort to do so.

What do you need to do? Go through your list of local contacts, get in touch, and have a drink with them. Ask them important questions and listen to what they have to say. Show the face behind the screen because real human interaction leads to empathy and that empathy makes way to the idea of doing business.

Do you think any of these would help your business? Of course they would!

Take one of these strategies and roll with it. Don’t worry about every little detail – put it into action instead of being a perfectionist that never gets the job done.

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