How to Design Your Home Office

More people are creating space in their homes for an office where they can telecommute or start their own business. Working from home means that you’ll need to design a space that is productive and free of distractions. When you’re ready to design your home office, there are a few tips to follow.

Work Around the Window

Choose a room of the home that has a window for the home office to ensure that you can enjoy looking outside while you work. Hang curtains on the window to create a cozy touch that allows the space to blend in with the rest of the home. You can position your desk in front of the view and enjoy the natural light that illuminates the setting. If you don’t have a view to the outside, opt for using a painting or a photograph of a natural landscape to hang on the wall above the desk.

Use Warm Pieces of Furniture

Avoid sacrificing form for function when it comes to designing your office space. Allow your desk, chair, and filing cabinets to complement the rest of the furniture that is used in the home to avoid making the room feel cold. The furniture pieces will look beautiful and will prevent it from looking like a cubicle.

Paint the Walls

You’ll enjoy spending more time in the room if your favorite color shades are incorporated into the space. Paint the walls with your favorite color or use wallpaper that has a bold print for extra visual appeal. You can also decorate an accent wall with wallpaper to avoid making the room appear smaller.

After painting the room, you can use metallic decor pieces to create a contemporary setting that looks updated and modern.

Create a Storage Area

Instead of allowing your supplies and tools to clutter the room, you can use a console table or cabinet to store your office supply Portland products. You’ll save trips to the store by stocking up on pens, staples, printer paper, and envelopes. Use trays and containers to store everything before labeling it to make it easy to find what you need.

You can have your own space in the house with an office that is functional and looks attractive with its overall design. By following the right tips, you can get more done while work long hours and feeling comfortable in the space.

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