Infor Business Intelligence 10x provides advanced business intelligence for users of any level

The manufacturer Infor Infor Business Intelligence 10x presents its new business intelligence solution that includes new features such as enhanced interoperability with products from other manufacturers, a more attractive user interface, mobile features and social collaboration tools.

Infor Business Intelligence 10x provides advanced business intelligence for users of any levelOne of the keys to the widespread use of business intelligence solutions is to make its use as simple and friendly as possible so that users adopt such programs in their daily tasks. This is the objective of Infor Business Intelligence 10x, the new BI solution of this provider, perhaps not well known but has a strong market position.

Infor Business Intelligence capabilities 10x provides advanced planning and analytics, dashboards created by self-service and social collaboration tools that let you enjoy a pleasant experience, modern, mobile and social BI. To that end, Infor has been integrated into this solution various innovative technologies like middleware Infor ION and collaboration platform.It has also sought to ensure greater interoperability with applications and databases from other companies by using the most widespread standards in business use programs.

Dashboards to suit the user

This new product from Infor can create dashboards tailored to the user through a simple self-service interface. The use of intelligence technology into memory automatically connects interrelated content so that the user can quickly see how it affects the performance of one department to another company results. Have also been incorporated advanced analytical functions and a motor for statistical analysis.

Other news from Infor Business Intelligence 10x are a more modern design based on HTML 5, mobile access to dashboards tailored to the smaller screens of these terminals and social collaboration tools to facilitate collective decision making. With this new release, Infor plans to continue expanding its base of more than 70,000 customers in 194 countries, which include heavyweights such as Boeing, Yahoo, Nissan or Kellogs.

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