Launched a free app that allows you to block USB truncated

Given the possibility of encountering USB peripherals with altered firmware, G Data has decided to launch the G Data USB Keyboard Guard solution for Windows computers.

Over the past few weeks has been talking at length about cybercrime attacks through USB devices.

install_4_enExperts have discovered that it is possible to rewrite the firmware of devices based on this technology to the point of connection vary their condition once hooked on any team, masquerading as a different kind of gadget developed processes and initiating infection. Like what? From explaining G Data USB stick that could become a souped keyboard and used to write lines of code in the PowerShell interface. From there the user is sold.

To tackle this problem, the very G Data has been put to work developing a solution capable of acting precisely against this kind of manipulation, deception using the keyboard.

Its called G Data USB Keyboard Guard and is free, but only works with the Windows operating system.

Its creators have developed this tool for whenever it detects the connection of a USB keyboard based sound an alert.

Initially blocks the installation, but the user is responsible for confirming the final lock or if you are indeed trying to use a keyboard real, to authorize their use. If the installation is accepted, the application of G Data memorized action and give automatic access to that device in post.

Those interested in trying G USB Keyboard Data Guard can download the software from this link.

Since the popularization of technology USB connection has been detected several cases of malware infection, regardless of changes in the firmware, so better safe than sorry following a protocol of good practices such as that we offer in our gallery How to prevent infection via USB?

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