Many users search the web before buying in a physical store

According Vector ITC Group, the trend toward advancing users is mixing online and offline experience before buying a product.

Do you buy online or in a physical store? What do you prefer?

S Source-Shutterstock_Autor-Kostenko Maxim_comprareguramente, when answering these questions has a bit of everything, but the fact is that fewer distinctions are produced and mixed the two experiences consumers to be sure what they buy.
Or at least that is what emerges from the information of Vector ITC Group, which speaks of three different types of buyers: the ROPO, the showroomers and RTB.

While one showroomer be dedicated to see whats new in store and then search for the best possible price on the Web, one ROPO do the opposite process.

To correspond with the initials Research Online, Offline Purchases, would be devoted to research online and buy offline. And there are few who follow this trend. Vector explains ITC Group, up to 75% of people who buy in stores Leroy Merlin, for example, have first reviewed your page

For its part, the client RTB (from Research, Testing and Buying) take this mixture of virtual and physical the most extreme. Where appropriate, preferred start searching the Internet, it is then moved to a store to touch the product and test it and, finally, if he is satisfied and encouraged to buy it chooses to do so via online.

Hence the experts begin to defend the concept of general store, which involves enhancing both experiences.

Vector ITC Internet Group explains that develops a significant work of visibility that helps inform the buyer, while having a physical location where products are sold enables rid of insecurity and lack of consumer confidence.

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