Mobile Strategies Every Business Would Benefit From

According to Forbes, 80% of online adults own a smartphone. What should you do in order to better reach your customers? Read on for mobile strategies that every manager should consider adding to their plan.

1. Set objectives. How can mobile help you get there? Is there a specific mobile experience you want to give your customers? If you like to see goals laid out in front of you instead of on a screen, view the range of Konica Minolta A3 printers available.

2. Choose the right mobile environments. Do you want to create a mobile site or an app, or both? There are distinct differences between the two. A mobile site is in the browser of a mobile device. The user doesn’t have to download anything. The website will detect when a visitor is using their mobile device and adjust accordingly. An app requires a download from a marketplace. They often have GPS services to help with location targeting. Ideally, you’d have both a mobile website and an app. Apps are great for interacting with brands and mobile-friendly websites are great for on-the-go sales and shopping.

3. Integrate your mobile marketing with social media. Social media is accessed via mobile, which makes it the perfect combination. Share reviews, include social sharing buttons, and create content that be engaged with on-the-move. The more accessible you are via mobile, the more your audience will engage with your brand.

4. Send alerts and notifications, like coupons, savings, and other offers, via mobile. People check their phone constantly to see if they have missed messages, so they’re bound to notice an offer. Don’t annoy your customers with an overabundance of mobile offers, though.

5. Use ads based on location. With a mobile app, you can use location services to create targeted messages to specific audiences. When the person is in your store, for example, they can get a coupon to use the same day.

6. Optimize your emails for mobile, too. Most people will access their email via their mobile device. Include links so they can further engage via mobile, since click-thru is such a huge part of e-mail marketing.

Just getting started with mobile advertising? Begin with just one of these tips, like optimizing your website for mobile. Once you’ve got that down pat, move on to the next strategy.

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