Mobility and socialization, two factors that drive the eCommerce

Compared to 14,600 million euros achieved in 2013, this year is expected to end eCommerce moving in our country over 2,400 million.Use

People buy more and more online, and it shows. Even in Spain.

According to estimates by the consultancy Open-Ideas, this year the sales generated by electronic commerce in our country move up to 17,000 million euros . By comparison, in 2013 they stayed at 14.600 million.

There is already talk of 2014 as the online buy record year.

Several factors would be driving this phenomenon. On the one hand, experts cite the improved economic situation Overall, the rise in retail consumption and improved 12 points in consumer confidence.

But there are more reasons. One of them was the rise of mobility, which implies that more acquisitions are made via smartphones and especially tablets PC.

Another reason is socialization. What does this mean? The fact that Internet users buy online but also discuss what they seem certain products and stores, or even recommend that influences the final result.

Also, whenever they would incorporating user community elderly, who join other younger buyers, and positive momentum associated with the campaign is expected to Christmas .

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