Now Available SUSE Cloud 4 to implement private clouds

Incorporates the latest version of OpenStack, full support of Ceph storage system, VMware advanced capabilities and greater scalability and automation.

Based on the latest version of OpenStack, called Icehouse, has the full support of the Ceph distributed storage system , advanced capabilities of VMware and hypervisor cloud environment with a varied selection capability and interoperability of their designs, by including KVM, Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere.

In the statement issued on the occasion of its launch, the company highlights the four main benefits that SUSE Cloud 4 offers its customers.

The first is the cost reduction. This is achieved by implementing a storage solution software defined based on Ceph distributed storage system, which allows companies to automatically configure and deploy clusters.

The second advantage is that it is possible to maximize VMware investments through greater integration between VMware vSphere and existing OpenStack. And now VMware advanced innovations for image management and support for VMware Virtual SAN include, in addition to previous support for VMware vSphere compute nodes, network virtualization and NSX VMware vSphere controller for block storage.

Third, overhangs involve simplified deployment of workload, while providing a higher level of scalability and automation . Standardization of services such as database, load balancing and firewall-as-a-service makes it faster to deploy workloads, eliminating the need for users to manage and configure these services themselves.

Finally, SUSE Cloud 4 improves application scalability through closer integration between service orchestration that automates the control and coordination of multiple virtual machines, based on a set of predefined templates and other services in the cloud, such as computing, storage and networking.

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