How To Leverage A Business Blog To Gain New Customers

new customer

There are so many gain new customers is not simple but it is not that complicated. What you have to do is create a really good strategy, one built around the goals you want to achieve. In order to help we will give you some ideas that you can easily take into account.

Offer Advice For Customers

grow blogs even when on vacation so options are available.

Use Blogs As Landing Pages For Social Media Campaigns

Social media is really powerful but it has one big problem for companies. It does not offer the possibility to create landing pages that will convert really well. Instead of using the social media profile for conversion purposes, direct visitors towards a blog page or post. This brings in much higher conversion rates so profit is increased for the company by simply using the resources that are available.

As an example, instead of running a contest on Facebook, you can run it through the blog and promote it through social networks. Some of the participants may want to learn more about the company and browse other pages. Generally speaking, getting people on website pages is much more effective than presenting something on networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The Power Of Content Marketing

The business blog needs to be used in a really effective way since we talk about a really great opportunity since content marketing is what works best at the moment whenever promoting anything online. It is really hard to create an effective content marketing strategy without a business blog. The strategy that you create would simply be a lot less effective than what it could be. Always consider using the business blog as the foundation of your content marketing strategy.

Five Tips for a Smooth Office Move

Smooth Office Move

Is your office about to undergo a move? Moving your workplace can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. Whether you are moving to a bigger space or just a more affordable one, there is a ton to keep in mind when undergoing this transition. You will want to ensure that the move happens as efficiently as possible, with minimal disruption to work. You also want to guarantee that you dont loose any valuable equipment or paperwork along the way. Following these five tips to ensure that you upcoming office move will go off without a hitch!

Create a Comprehensive Checklist

The first step to server rentals that you may need in the interim while the move is taking place.

Keep Your Space Clean

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when moving offices is not taking the time to clean. Cleaning the new office space before you move in will ensure a fresh start ad less hassle down the line. You will also want to leave the space that you are leaving clean. Arrange for a cleaning crew to go in before you to prepare the new office and then after you at the old one.

Remember to Change Your Address

Finally, you will want to ensure that you have taken care of all address changes on your physical and online materials. You will need to ensure that your website, e-mail signatures, and social media pages all reflect the new office address. You may also need to reprint materials such as business cards, letterhead, and brochures with the new address. Mail will also need to be forwarded to your new office. Assign someone in operations or administration to create a comprehensive checklist of each place that your company address is listed so that these can be changed in a timely manner. There is nothing more unprofessional than having an old address listed for your company.

Primed for prestige get your business to the next level with a virtual office

prestige get your business

Is there a certain something about your business a je ne sais quoi if you will, that makes you different? Would you like there to be? I bet you would. After all, if you’re looking to achieve the kind of prestige associated with top-tier companies you need to have a point of difference that allows you stand out.

Now, it’s all very well and good to say that you want to have a point of difference but what if you’re a startup with a limited budget, or if you’re looking to expand into a new city (or even country) and need to be aware of how to make the biggest splash? The answer here is to go with a virtual office.

In case you’re wondering what a virtual office is it’s quite simple to explain. A virtual office is a space for hire in an office building that allows you to enjoy all of the benefits and perks of having a fully leased office but without the overheads and the cost of running a space that you might not need all of! A virtual office comes with a secretary, a phone number, a bookable board room/meeting room, and even office space for when you need to work in that environment. Not to mention the fact that you get full access to the features of a full service office like printing and photocopying.

It really is the best of both worlds. So how do you ensure that a virtual office is the best thing for your business? It’s easy just take a look at these tips below.

Make sure that your staff have clear goals

A key part of the success associated with having a virtual office is going to be managing your staff in that kind of environment. As your staff will be working remotely you need to make sure that they are working to clear goals. You also need to make sure that people have a good way of communicating perhaps a messenger service like Slack would be handy as this will allow people to stay productive. A pain point for many people who work remotely is a lack of guidance or input from other team members, so you need to be sure that you address this. Also, outline the goals for the team clearly and manage this on a weekly basis so that people stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Use the virtual space to your advantage

When you’re working from a virtual office you might feel like you’re in some way at a disadvantage compared to your fellow, bricks and mortar dwelling compatriots. Not so in fact the benefits of a virtual office are numerous especially if you’re a startup or a business in expansion stage, and want to get the biggest bang for your buck. The benefits of a virtual office are such that you can enjoy the prestige of a great address without the headache of the expense paid to get it.

Manage your schedule

When working with a virtual office space you need to know when you’re going to have meetings lined up, and ensure that the space is available at that time. Having great diary management will help you out no end here. Perhaps you might consider getting a virtual assistant for this task as it frees you up to deal with more important things.

These short tips should hopefully give you the basics as to why a virtual office is so great for a business looking to take the next step so be sure to consider it as part of your business plan.

RL360° Quantum offers LinkedIn tips to aspiring expats

LinkedIn tips to aspiring expats

As a high-profile professional networking website that is used across the world, LinkedIn is popular among people who are seeking employment opportunities abroad. With this in mind, saving and investment specialist RL360° Quantum has offered the following tips to aspiring expats to help them make the most of this valuable resource.

Keep profiles fresh

It recommended that people always keep their LinkedIn profile fresh by ensuring they update it with the relevant experience and skills on an ongoing basis. The Isle of Man-based company also highlighted the importance of jobseekers including key skills in profile summaries to make it easier for recruiters to pick them out. In addition, it advised people to use a high-quality profile picture.

Take part in discussions

Getting involved in discussions on the networking site is important too, RL360° stated. By joining relevant groups, people can widen their professional networks and engage with the right audience. Popular groups include Expat Network and International Expat Jobs Network.

Build relationships

Developing relationships is also key, according to RL360°. The company pointed out that social media isn’t intended for one-way communication. By proactively starting conversations and making comments on other people’s posts, LinkedIn users can engage with others and build up their contacts.

Stay active

Staying active is essential as well. By logging in at least once a week to check for messages, comments and posts, and by responding promptly, people can ensure they don’t miss important developments. RL360° noted that the rise of mobile technology makes this easier as it means people can access social media on the go. It also advised people to ‘follow’ company updates so that they get notifications if any new positions are advertised.

Preparing financially

As well as giving tips to help people make the most of LinkedIn, RL360° drew attention to the importance of preparing financially for a move abroad. Its Product and Investment Marketing Manager Andrew Dudgeon stated: “Given that many popular expat locations don’t offer a state pension, finding a secure and portable home for your savings and investments is a must.” He added that RL360° offers a range of solutions, including Quantum (a regular savings policy) and PIMS (a lump-sum investment).

According to Mr Dudgeon, those who are moving abroad to work should speak to a financial adviser to discover which products best suit their needs.

Royal London 360° was set up in 2008. It changed its name to RL360° 5 years later following a management-led buyout. You can find out more about the company by checking out RL360° reviews online or visiting its website.

9 Amazing Content Marketing Ideas For E-Commerce Portals

content marketing

Ecommerce portals are very important because they provide links as well as access to other sites. They largely determine the success of any ecommerce website. They help customers to access more information and products available on related sites. In order to ensure that you have excellent ecommerce portals, good content marketing ideas are very important. We are going to provide you with the best content marketing ideas for ecommerce portals so that you can use them. These ideas should be applied in Writing content without knowledge about your target audience is a waste of time. You need to define your target audience so that you can provide them with relevant content. The products should satisfy their needs. This will encourage purchase thus increase in ecommerce profits.

 Include Call To Action

Always remember to include call to action at the end of your posts. After customers have read the post, they may be attracted to make purchase or do whatever you want them to do. Do not leave it hanging. Tell them in call to action section. This may include advising them to buy the product or clicking on the link provided.

 Use Keywords

Keywords are very important for success of any ecommerce portal. They help to ensure that your content is returned in the top ranks when searched by customers using search engines like Google. This enables customers to access your products and also follow the available links for more information.

Write Top List

Depending on the niche of your ecommerce portal, make a habit of writing top 10, top 100 e.t.c lists. This kind of information is attractive and will pull more readers into reading the content of your ecommerce portal.

 Try To Predict Trends

You are advised to write posts which predict the current trends in the market. Many people are eager to know what is trending. Providing such information in your ecommerce portal will surely attract them. Take advantage of this.

 Create A Decision Guide

Customers need help when making buying decision. You should make things easier for them by coming up with a decision guide. They will go through it. Consequently, they will make the best purchase.

Ask Customers To Post Testimonials

It is important that you know what customers think about your product. This will help you to know what you should improve on to increase sales. This can be achieved by asking them to post testimonies about the product they used. Other readers may be impressed and buy the product too.

Final Word

In conclusion, the above are the best content marketing ideas for ecommerce portals. They will attract customers to read the content of your site and subsequently make purchase. Focus should always be put on the target audience for success of your ecommerce. If you sell automotives, they should be applied in automotive web design.

The Key to Success in the Corporate World

The Key to Success in the Corporate World

‘It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.’ For a lucky few this might be true. However, with the corporate world as complex and competitive as it is, there’s seldom one secret to success. Instead you will need a number of skills to succeed.

Success at corporate level is the result of 1) leadership, 2) knowledge, 3) creative thinking, and 4) hard work – all practiced and honed over a long period of time.

Long-term business success takes more than good connections. Hard work and earning the respect of colleagues plays a key role. The art of negotiation and communication is also vital, as taught by negotiation experts in the field, negotiation training and courses.

Creative Thinking

Innovation can help solve any number of business problems – from staff retention to increasing productivity. Creative thinkers are essential in all fields, but particularly in the business world, where good solutions and quick thinking can be the difference between profit and loss.


Scheming one’s way to the top isn’t just weak, but also unsustainable. Your time is much better applied to working hard and generating good ideas. It’s clear that results earned from positive actions reap more benefits. The more practical your contribution, the more valuable you will be to your company.

Corporate success is not preordained but the result of key skills that can be taught and learned. It isn’t one secret to success – but it is a sure path.

You Really Do Have Secrets Worth Keeping and Protecting

You Really Do Have Secrets

If you have something that you dont want anyone to know, maybe you shouldnt be doing it in the first place.

This argument is so common, it has a name. It is called the Nothing to Hide argument. The Apple vs. Google fanboy wars have contributed to bringing this argument to the fore. Apple fans say Google products are bad because Google and advertisers have access to almost everything about a person using those products. Google fans fire back that the Apple folks must have something to hide.

The encryption debate was rekindled over the infamous San Bernardino iPhone, with privacy advocates arguing that if encryption can be broken on a terrorists phone, it is broken for everyone. FBI sympathizers want to know what is so important that decent people have to hide.

While a case can be made for both sides, I have to side with the privacy advocates in this respect: You really do have something to hide. Not only are your secrets worth hiding, they are worth protecting. Here are a few secrets you may not even realize you have:


If you have one of those password management apps, every password to everything that is important to you is in that one place. It is a single point of failure. As of now, they are still among the most popular ways to manage passwords among techies. But without strong encryption in place, all your passwords are up for grabs.

Losing those passwords to hard drive failure is almost as devastating as losing them to criminals. Bottom line, you still wouldnt have them anymore, and would be locked out of everything important to you. Fortunately, the same apps to spy on your kids without them knowing. If you can do it, so can a person with ill-intent. Location services can let a burglar know when your home is empty. There are a lot of conveniences afforded by location services. But there are also a lot of risks. You may not have thought about it in this way. But your location, and the location of your family, is a secret you definitely want to keep.

Sexual Preference

In some parts of the world, your sexual preference is a non-issue. You are free to be your truest self without social or professional repercussions. But that is not true in all parts of the world. There are at least 79 countries where homosexuality is illegal. That number is even larger if you consider places where it is not strictly illegal, but where there are oppressive laws that will make life very difficult.

Your smartphone is a treasure trove of secrets. It is shocking what people can learn about you just from your choice of movies, music, and books. Your smartphone may be your most personal device. But it is not the only device that can divulge your secrets.

This is not intended to make you paranoid, just to remind you that even though you have no criminal intent, you do have plenty of things worth hiding and protecting from loss. Passwords, location, and sexual preference are just the tip of the well-hidden iceberg.

Showing off your Brand at an Exhibition

Showing off your Brand at an Exhibition

The best way to increase the popularity of a brand is to market it aggressively using various marketing techniques. You can advertise in traditional media such as Newspaper & Magazines, Television, Radio, as well as newer forms of media such as online advertising. One method of publicity which has always been popular and always will be is attending various trade shows and events. Attending these sorts of shows allows you to connect directly with the people looking for your services and advertise your brand directly to decision makers.

Planning Your Exhibition Stand

Your exhibition stand is going to be promoting your brand, and as such is going to be a direct representation of your brand and company. You will need to make sure that the design of your stand is well thought out and reflects your brands image.

It is an excellent idea to speak to companies such as Aspect Exhibitions who have decades of experience in building stands for businesses attending trade shows and events all over Europe. Using the services of an experienced company will allow you to design an amazing looking stand which will draw in the potential clients to you, as well as portray your brand image accurately.

Drawing Them In

At most of the large events, there are many different stands that are all competing for the attention of the visitors that attend. As well as having an interesting and engaging exhibit, you will also want to be able to draw the interest from a distance. Techniques using lasers and lights, or large video screens are a good way to draw the eye in a busy exhibition. Many stands will also use PA systems and music, but with such a cacophony of noise competing together, capturing the attention visually is an excellent way to draw interest.

Keeping Them Interested

As well as drawing in your potential clients you will also want to engage them as much as you can. One way to do this is to design an exhibition stand which is interactive with the visitors. There are many different ways that you can incorporate a level of interaction from using Tablet PC’s, Touch Screen Technology, or even image capture technology and display screens. What will be best for your company is all going to depend on the nature of your industry, and the image that you are trying to portray, which is something that you should know better than anyone else!

In Line With Your Brand

When you seek to represent a defined image for your brand, it is important that all of the marketing techniques that you employ are following the same set criteria, including an exhibition stand. If your company does not have something set in place already, it is an excellent idea to create a Branding Guidelines Brief which can include set instructions regards the branding of your company, also including colour guidelines.

The more consistent you are with your branding, the stronger your brand becomes, and when you have a strong brand with a well thought out advertising pitch at an exhibition, you are sure to draw a lot of attention and make your event a success.

Can you reach the ideal mobility ? Reflection after day without car

Can you reach the ideal mobility

Bet on the bike, reorganize the city and improve the asphalt roads, ideas to Bogota move better. Others are not so optimistic.

Each Car Free Day, when it is required the maximum mass transit in the city, are evident weaknesses. Yesterday, the day was just beginning when, at 6:30 am a group of users blocked the passage of articulated by the National Museum station. They were tired of waiting for it to pass the M86 route.

A pair of similar cases occurred throughout the day. There were also stranded buses, even the mayor Enrique Penalosa was traveling with cameras and press on board, stopped working halfway there. It was also the record of the crowded buses and testimonials from users who live in areas where the feeders do not arrive and had to wake up early than usual to walk to a station.

Users satisfied with the day also abound. Those who came faster to their work and their homes, or had the full way to cross them on their bikes. Given this scenario, and when the Car Free Day turns 16, the question arises: What is this new day?

At least, creates an environment for citizens to question the mobility of Bogotá. El Espectador collected the reflections of a group of experts and citizens on the roads to be taken by the city to achieve efficient mobility.

As in any debate, there pessimistic views who believe that capital has no solution. For example, Paul Bromberg, former mayor of Bogota, the Car Free Day shows that this is a frivolous society, which receives awards for something that no city would be made and that causes a downturn in the economy, adds that, in its ideal mobility, the capital should be another. Not this one, which is very dense and large.

There are others who are critical, but less pessimistic, as Joseph Stalin Rojas, director of the Observatory of Logistics and Mobility of the National University. Although he says that the car-free day is a worn and bet more as a day with shared cart, he believes that strengthening the public transport system can improve mobility. We must speed up the construction of trunk, he says

He is pointing in the same direction Eduardo Behrentz, dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of the Andes, who also considered vital to improve transport infrastructure. Having a better network Transmilenio, better bridges and even better asphalt pathways influence the speed of movement.

These improvements, he says, should discourage the use of private cars and especially motorcycles, which he considers the great tragedy of Colombian cities, polluting, dangerous, noisy and exclusive. A flexible and extensive network, which reaches the citizen who yesterday had to walk more than necessary.

Carlos Pardo, director of the Foundation Slow down, beyond the transport network, the way to Bogotá to move efficiently through the change in the policies of urban development and land use. The trips have to be shorter and less frequent for them in other alternative means of transport. For this, mass transit riders would have to be connected to centers of activity, defined and distributed.

That not all have to go to the center to work, says Pardo, who dreams of a city better connected, for pedestrians and bicycle users, with short and friendly Walker blocks.

In this idea lies another big bet from the experts: the use of media, more efficient and cleaner alternative transportation, which says Beherentz, Bogotá has ideal qualities. Overall, it is a flat, compact city.

It also has 440 km of bike paths, more than anywhere else in Latin America. This idea also cove citizens as Mary Pereira, who said the ideal is the cicla although no more parking and provide safety to the rider, he says.

But the former mayor Bromberg has no qualms with the bicycle as a bid to improve mobility. In Bogota bikes have lots of obstacles and risks. They serve a small portion of people, such as young people and those who do not have to transport their children.

Despite the controversy generated by the issue of mobility, it is clear that the Car Free Day puts the public to think about the way travels between home and work. In the end, the conclusion is leaving experts to improve mobility is a major challenge that requires urgent action. The ideas are on the table.

How to Choose the Right Delivery Service for your Online Business

the Right Delivery Service

An online business depends on their delivery service more than any other. Your main impression on a customer is created when that much awaited parcel arrives at their door, so it’s important to ensure that your delivery service is top notch. As an online business, how can you choose the right delivery service for you?

Domestic or international?

Firstly, consider the type of deliveries your business makes most often. Is it overseas shipping you need or just domestic deliveries? Shop around and find a courier who specialises in the type of deliveries you require and has a great reputation. Your company’s reputation demands upon the performance of your chosen delivery company so it’s important to choose wisely. If you currently only deliver in the UK but are planning to expand overseas, try and go for a company who specialises in both.

Focus on condition and presentation

The condition that your parcel arrives in is paramount to your businesses’ successes and mitigates the amount of customer complaints your customer care team are likely to receive. Customers hate badly packaged items and receiving damaged goods so choosing a courier with a solid reputation is essential to prevent this. As an e-commerce business, packing your goods safely and making sure they look well presented is crucial to your success so this is an area where you should be looking to spend a little more cash on.

Time is of the essence

The speed of your deliveries is another essential factor. Online businesses need to be offering at least a next day delivery option in order to be successful. By offering your customers the chance to pay extra for next day you’ll be pleasing many more customers than other companies and all the last minute shoppers who need to make a purchase fast. This means that you need a delivery company you can rely on in order to make it on time.

To make sure you select the perfect delivery service for your company, use a courier comparing site Parcel2go to find the best couriers at the best price. They compare all the top couriers to find you the optimum service at the best possible price for your budget. When operating an online business, making sure your deliveries arrive on time and in great condition is paramount to ensuring that your business is a success. So shop around and choose the best possible delivery service for your company.