Platform9 or how to build your own cloud

A group of ex-engineers have founded Platform9 VMware, a company that describes itself as the for managing private clouds.

The service has been created by former employees of VMware, who founded his own company Platform9 , and which is expected to facilitate the work of professionals who want the best of a public cloud with a private access and security that have unique data center for the company and fully managed.

Platform9 thus acts as a SaaS built on an OpenStack-based and works with KVM , but will in the near future also with Docker or vSphere. Its main advantage is that it allows, as a cloud service, be no need to install, configure or update anything. In 5 minutes an administrator can have the system working perfectly.

For now Platform9 is in beta and although its main competitors seem like ServiceMesh services, or Mirantis MetaCloud, its creators are Amazon Web Services somo its main competition. The service has already secured $ 4.5 million in funding from Redpoint Ventures , and VMware experience of its founders will surely help you succeed Platform9.

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