Showing off your Brand at an Exhibition

The best way to increase the popularity of a brand is to market it aggressively using various marketing techniques. You can advertise in traditional media such as Newspaper & Magazines, Television, Radio, as well as newer forms of media such as online advertising. One method of publicity which has always been popular and always will be is attending various trade shows and events. Attending these sorts of shows allows you to connect directly with the people looking for your services and advertise your brand directly to decision makers.

Planning Your Exhibition Stand

Your exhibition stand is going to be promoting your brand, and as such is going to be a direct representation of your brand and company. You will need to make sure that the design of your stand is well thought out and reflects your brands image.

It is an excellent idea to speak to companies such as Aspect Exhibitions who have decades of experience in building stands for businesses attending trade shows and events all over Europe. Using the services of an experienced company will allow you to design an amazing looking stand which will draw in the potential clients to you, as well as portray your brand image accurately.

Drawing Them In

At most of the large events, there are many different stands that are all competing for the attention of the visitors that attend. As well as having an interesting and engaging exhibit, you will also want to be able to draw the interest from a distance. Techniques using lasers and lights, or large video screens are a good way to draw the eye in a busy exhibition. Many stands will also use PA systems and music, but with such a cacophony of noise competing together, capturing the attention visually is an excellent way to draw interest.

Keeping Them Interested

As well as drawing in your potential clients you will also want to engage them as much as you can. One way to do this is to design an exhibition stand which is interactive with the visitors. There are many different ways that you can incorporate a level of interaction from using Tablet PC’s, Touch Screen Technology, or even image capture technology and display screens. What will be best for your company is all going to depend on the nature of your industry, and the image that you are trying to portray, which is something that you should know better than anyone else!

In Line With Your Brand

When you seek to represent a defined image for your brand, it is important that all of the marketing techniques that you employ are following the same set criteria, including an exhibition stand. If your company does not have something set in place already, it is an excellent idea to create a Branding Guidelines Brief which can include set instructions regards the branding of your company, also including colour guidelines.

The more consistent you are with your branding, the stronger your brand becomes, and when you have a strong brand with a well thought out advertising pitch at an exhibition, you are sure to draw a lot of attention and make your event a success.

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