Statistics Suggest That Instagram Can Really Boost Your Brand

The era of social media began a few years back with the popularity of the Internet. In addition, technological advancements made in mobile phones allowed users to use the social media features with ease. Therefore, mobile users could interact with the postings, blogs and other contents anytime and anywhere. A survey has revealed that a new social media platform is introduced every year. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter attained popularity in recent years. In addition, the usage of photo sharing platform Instagram became widespread recently as the features incorporated in it allows users to tweak the contents and create appeal with processes that can be carried out in a short time.

Why Instagram Is Getting Popular?

Instagram offers facilities that allow easy sharing of photos and images among followers. The platform offers substantial scope for marketers to build a brand image through proper engagement. Many popular MNCs have started using this photo sharing platform in their marketing strategies.

Penetration of Instagram at MNC Level

A reputed market research firm has conducted a study a few years back and has found that around 59% of the top global brands have registered with Instagram. A press release of Instagram revealed that around 100 million social media users register with Instagram every month. The footfall on Instagram grew strong over the past two years. When you compare Instagram with Twitter, you would find that the later reached the 200 million mark after six years.

Have you ever thought how Instagram has curved out a niche among social media users? The usage of this social media platform is on the rise because it allows users to share their photos instantly. Apart from photo sharing feature, the platform allows engagement of consumers as they can express themselves anytime, anywhere.

Your Business Should Use Instagram for Building Brand Image

Every day, you are experiencing that a new brand is launched in the market. Therefore, infusion of new brands in the market adds clutter and raises the competition level. In order to beat the competition and gain the desired mileage, you need to entice your prospects with visual contents. If you are looking for inspiration on how to get followers on Instagram, go through the examples of a few brands, which have included this social media tool in their marketing campaigns and have bagged distinctions.

In 2012, Ford launched a campaign on Instagram called Fiestagram. Ford became successful at engaging the prospects through a photo competition. The 7-week campaign experienced posting of more than 16000 photos on Instagram. The promotion was linked with Twitter and Facebook where it fetched substantial likes.

Red Bull incorporated Instagram in its marketing campaign recently. Through the marketing campaign, Red Bull distributed tickets to its followers to witness the Rock Finals basketball tournament that was held in San Francisco. Instagram users were asked to post their photos with basketball followed by tagging. The campaign allowed Red Bull an ideal way to send its brand message to the sports community.

Even, food outlets are using Instagram to promote their brands. Comodo, a New York-based eatery conducted a campaign through Instagram. Users were asked to shoot photos of their favorite meals and tag those with proper hashtag. Through the Instagram campaign, the restaurant now helps the visitor to search the latest offerings and accordingly offers fine dining experience.

In a nutshell, the popularity of Instagram is growing among global brands. Currently, Instagram has around 300 million active users and the number is likely to grow in future. More than 70 million photos are shared every day. It is high time that you include Instagram in your future marketing strategy to drive active engagements.

Author Bio – Jenny Brown is a social media strategist. He conducts workshops for businesses on how to get followers on Instagram and attain sales conversions.

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