Launched a free app that allows you to block USB truncated

Launched a free app that allows

Given the possibility of encountering USB peripherals with altered firmware, G Data has decided to launch the G Data USB Keyboard Guard solution for Windows computers.

Over the past few weeks has been talking at length about cybercrime attacks through USB devices.

install_4_enExperts have discovered that it is possible to rewrite the firmware of devices based on this technology to the point of connection vary their condition once hooked on any team, masquerading as a different kind of gadget developed processes and initiating infection. Like what? From explaining G Data USB stick that could become a souped keyboard and used to write lines of code in the PowerShell interface. From there the user is sold.

To tackle this problem, the very G Data has been put to work developing a solution capable of acting precisely against this kind of manipulation, deception using the keyboard.

Its called G Data USB Keyboard Guard and is free, but only works with the Windows operating system.

Its creators have developed this tool for whenever it detects the connection of a USB keyboard based sound an alert.

Initially blocks the installation, but the user is responsible for confirming the final lock or if you are indeed trying to use a keyboard real, to authorize their use. If the installation is accepted, the application of G Data memorized action and give automatic access to that device in post.

Those interested in trying G USB Keyboard Data Guard can download the software from this link.

Since the popularization of technology USB connection has been detected several cases of malware infection, regardless of changes in the firmware, so better safe than sorry following a protocol of good practices such as that we offer in our gallery How to prevent infection via USB?

Mobile App vs. Mobile Website: Which is best for my business?

Mobile App

What is the purpose of being present in the mobile ?.

It all depends on the need for which is considered to be present in this platform, of course, is very important to offer a mobile site with a good user experience and thereafter if you need to offer something specific additional or what is have on the site, then there is answer the reason why make a App.

In this post we will take care to explain each one separately and then compare them, this way we focus on the differences and aims of each to answer this dilemma.

Mobile Site

As indicated, it is a website, with the primary characteristic of being adapted for screen and lower resolution, as well as in most devices the actions taken for tactile human movements, secure this marks substantial differences when display, perform design and development. Access is via a browser pre-installed on the phone and along with the URL can view our site.

To expedite the passage of compatibility with various mobile devices most current programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike CSS3 and HTML5 which allows the advantage of becoming multiplatform, a little easier to implement solution used.

Mobile App

Downloadable application on smartphones from the respective app stores (App store, Google play, and Marketplace and Blackberry app world). It is very important to remember that when stored on the device, it consumes space on your hard drive, in addition to having access to the phone other variables such as: memory, GPS, contacts, camera etc ).

With regard to the stage of development of it should take into account the process that each app store has to work around its proper approval and publication, which varies as Android, IOS, Blackberry or Windows phone, besides that each of which is a separate work, which influences the investment of time and money.

Comparison between Mobile Site and Mobile App


The website if that can be optimized for it to appear in the search results from a browser via mobile, added to this we are talking about a URL that can be easily shared via a chat, ads, QR codes, social media , blogs, etc

In this sense the App has not all this flexibility, first there must be another must download and follow the passage required by the app stores.

Content loading rate

The website is subject to the quality of browser connection. However the app probably runs instantly and is much more significant to have it for some specific actions: games, social networking, chat, email, etc

Where the use is daily or functions are required where memory and speed are important to enhance their functionality.

Integration with resources

The compatibility of the app with the device is called a native app, that what he means is that it has full access to push email, camera, GPS, etc., additionally the Apps still work and are in offline mode, thanks to its cache.

In the case of mobile sites, it is necessary to have connection to the web and the browser, however HTML5 and CSS3 have advanced towards the issue of resources, including has come to work on features that enable navigation without internet, but much remains to be done in this regard.

Immediacy of updates

Updates in the App directly dependent on the setting for each user on your mobile phone and their respective management, so you can submit a fresh or delayed for enhanced content, otherwise, the mobile site, because it need not rely user, so updates happen in real time without affecting what is being observed on the screen of the mobile.


Undoubtedly costs less to produce a mobile site, as the adaptable design featuring HTML5 allows full coverage against various devices with a single development process. The mobile app is required for each type of device time and money developing, consuming much more budget for engineering.

Ultimately beyond the importance of having a mobile presence is really important because it will establish there, setting goals that allow us to make a clear decision and go for it. And what would you serve, Mobile App or Mobile Site?.