SAP buys the companys Predictive Analytics KXEN to integrate its technology in enterprise applications


The software provider SAP announced the acquisition of KXEN, a present company in the United States and Europe that develops predictive technologies. Thus, the German company strengthens its offer and take positions in a market that will grow over 30% by the year 2017.

After the summer break, the giants of the computer industry that have sufficient liquidity continue with its strategy to grow and diversify to hit book. This time was the German company SAPKnown for its business management programs, the first mover with the acquisition of KXEN. This American company based in San Francisco and offices in Paris, London and Rome develops predictive analytics software that operates in the cloud.

The intention of SAP is to incorporate technology KXEN to its catalog management solutions to offer integrated business applications predictive capabilities. The German company already has one such solution, SAP Predictive Analysis, but also to improve their skills with the know-how of KXEN is also interested done with the extensive portfolio of global enterprise customers that have purchased, including entities financial and Barclays, telecommunications operators such as Vodafone, insurers such as Lloyds, etc. Even Obama used his software in the last campaign.

A business 2,200 million euros

The operation performed by SAP also has a strategic component, since the German company agrees to strengthen its position in the field of analytics. According to data from IDC, the market for predictive analytics software bill currently 1,500 million worldwide, and estimates suggest that grow by 30% to over 2,200 million volume in 2017. The key is popularize these technologies, bringing them closer to the end user.

Another argument for the acquisition of KXEN is that the combination of its software with the capabilities of real-time analysis technology offers database in memory SAP HANA facilitate processing large volumes of data to extract information from business, which known as Big Data, and combine it with the solutions of Business Intelligence for the German firm. Thus, SAP is reinforced in three fronts of large business IT.