How To Leverage A Business Blog To Gain New Customers

new customer

There are so many gain new customers is not simple but it is not that complicated. What you have to do is create a really good strategy, one built around the goals you want to achieve. In order to help we will give you some ideas that you can easily take into account.

Offer Advice For Customers

grow blogs even when on vacation so options are available.

Use Blogs As Landing Pages For Social Media Campaigns

Social media is really powerful but it has one big problem for companies. It does not offer the possibility to create landing pages that will convert really well. Instead of using the social media profile for conversion purposes, direct visitors towards a blog page or post. This brings in much higher conversion rates so profit is increased for the company by simply using the resources that are available.

As an example, instead of running a contest on Facebook, you can run it through the blog and promote it through social networks. Some of the participants may want to learn more about the company and browse other pages. Generally speaking, getting people on website pages is much more effective than presenting something on networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The Power Of Content Marketing

The business blog needs to be used in a really effective way since we talk about a really great opportunity since content marketing is what works best at the moment whenever promoting anything online. It is really hard to create an effective content marketing strategy without a business blog. The strategy that you create would simply be a lot less effective than what it could be. Always consider using the business blog as the foundation of your content marketing strategy.

RL360° Quantum offers LinkedIn tips to aspiring expats

LinkedIn tips to aspiring expats

As a high-profile professional networking website that is used across the world, LinkedIn is popular among people who are seeking employment opportunities abroad. With this in mind, saving and investment specialist RL360° Quantum has offered the following tips to aspiring expats to help them make the most of this valuable resource.

Keep profiles fresh

It recommended that people always keep their LinkedIn profile fresh by ensuring they update it with the relevant experience and skills on an ongoing basis. The Isle of Man-based company also highlighted the importance of jobseekers including key skills in profile summaries to make it easier for recruiters to pick them out. In addition, it advised people to use a high-quality profile picture.

Take part in discussions

Getting involved in discussions on the networking site is important too, RL360° stated. By joining relevant groups, people can widen their professional networks and engage with the right audience. Popular groups include Expat Network and International Expat Jobs Network.

Build relationships

Developing relationships is also key, according to RL360°. The company pointed out that social media isn’t intended for one-way communication. By proactively starting conversations and making comments on other people’s posts, LinkedIn users can engage with others and build up their contacts.

Stay active

Staying active is essential as well. By logging in at least once a week to check for messages, comments and posts, and by responding promptly, people can ensure they don’t miss important developments. RL360° noted that the rise of mobile technology makes this easier as it means people can access social media on the go. It also advised people to ‘follow’ company updates so that they get notifications if any new positions are advertised.

Preparing financially

As well as giving tips to help people make the most of LinkedIn, RL360° drew attention to the importance of preparing financially for a move abroad. Its Product and Investment Marketing Manager Andrew Dudgeon stated: “Given that many popular expat locations don’t offer a state pension, finding a secure and portable home for your savings and investments is a must.” He added that RL360° offers a range of solutions, including Quantum (a regular savings policy) and PIMS (a lump-sum investment).

According to Mr Dudgeon, those who are moving abroad to work should speak to a financial adviser to discover which products best suit their needs.

Royal London 360° was set up in 2008. It changed its name to RL360° 5 years later following a management-led buyout. You can find out more about the company by checking out RL360° reviews online or visiting its website.

9 Amazing Content Marketing Ideas For E-Commerce Portals

content marketing

Ecommerce portals are very important because they provide links as well as access to other sites. They largely determine the success of any ecommerce website. They help customers to access more information and products available on related sites. In order to ensure that you have excellent ecommerce portals, good content marketing ideas are very important. We are going to provide you with the best content marketing ideas for ecommerce portals so that you can use them. These ideas should be applied in Writing content without knowledge about your target audience is a waste of time. You need to define your target audience so that you can provide them with relevant content. The products should satisfy their needs. This will encourage purchase thus increase in ecommerce profits.

 Include Call To Action

Always remember to include call to action at the end of your posts. After customers have read the post, they may be attracted to make purchase or do whatever you want them to do. Do not leave it hanging. Tell them in call to action section. This may include advising them to buy the product or clicking on the link provided.

 Use Keywords

Keywords are very important for success of any ecommerce portal. They help to ensure that your content is returned in the top ranks when searched by customers using search engines like Google. This enables customers to access your products and also follow the available links for more information.

Write Top List

Depending on the niche of your ecommerce portal, make a habit of writing top 10, top 100 e.t.c lists. This kind of information is attractive and will pull more readers into reading the content of your ecommerce portal.

 Try To Predict Trends

You are advised to write posts which predict the current trends in the market. Many people are eager to know what is trending. Providing such information in your ecommerce portal will surely attract them. Take advantage of this.

 Create A Decision Guide

Customers need help when making buying decision. You should make things easier for them by coming up with a decision guide. They will go through it. Consequently, they will make the best purchase.

Ask Customers To Post Testimonials

It is important that you know what customers think about your product. This will help you to know what you should improve on to increase sales. This can be achieved by asking them to post testimonies about the product they used. Other readers may be impressed and buy the product too.

Final Word

In conclusion, the above are the best content marketing ideas for ecommerce portals. They will attract customers to read the content of your site and subsequently make purchase. Focus should always be put on the target audience for success of your ecommerce. If you sell automotives, they should be applied in automotive web design.

Statistics Suggest That Instagram Can Really Boost Your Brand

Statistics Suggest That Instagram Can Really Boost Your Brand

The era of social media began a few years back with the popularity of the Internet. In addition, technological advancements made in mobile phones allowed users to use the social media features with ease. Therefore, mobile users could interact with the postings, blogs and other contents anytime and anywhere. A survey has revealed that a new social media platform is introduced every year. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter attained popularity in recent years. In addition, the usage of photo sharing platform Instagram became widespread recently as the features incorporated in it allows users to tweak the contents and create appeal with processes that can be carried out in a short time.

Why Instagram Is Getting Popular?

Instagram offers facilities that allow easy sharing of photos and images among followers. The platform offers substantial scope for marketers to build a brand image through proper engagement. Many popular MNCs have started using this photo sharing platform in their marketing strategies.

Penetration of Instagram at MNC Level

A reputed market research firm has conducted a study a few years back and has found that around 59% of the top global brands have registered with Instagram. A press release of Instagram revealed that around 100 million social media users register with Instagram every month. The footfall on Instagram grew strong over the past two years. When you compare Instagram with Twitter, you would find that the later reached the 200 million mark after six years.

Have you ever thought how Instagram has curved out a niche among social media users? The usage of this social media platform is on the rise because it allows users to share their photos instantly. Apart from photo sharing feature, the platform allows engagement of consumers as they can express themselves anytime, anywhere.

Your Business Should Use Instagram for Building Brand Image

Every day, you are experiencing that a new brand is launched in the market. Therefore, infusion of new brands in the market adds clutter and raises the competition level. In order to beat the competition and gain the desired mileage, you need to entice your prospects with visual contents. If you are looking for inspiration on how to get followers on Instagram, go through the examples of a few brands, which have included this social media tool in their marketing campaigns and have bagged distinctions.

In 2012, Ford launched a campaign on Instagram called Fiestagram. Ford became successful at engaging the prospects through a photo competition. The 7-week campaign experienced posting of more than 16000 photos on Instagram. The promotion was linked with Twitter and Facebook where it fetched substantial likes.

Red Bull incorporated Instagram in its marketing campaign recently. Through the marketing campaign, Red Bull distributed tickets to its followers to witness the Rock Finals basketball tournament that was held in San Francisco. Instagram users were asked to post their photos with basketball followed by tagging. The campaign allowed Red Bull an ideal way to send its brand message to the sports community.

Even, food outlets are using Instagram to promote their brands. Comodo, a New York-based eatery conducted a campaign through Instagram. Users were asked to shoot photos of their favorite meals and tag those with proper hashtag. Through the Instagram campaign, the restaurant now helps the visitor to search the latest offerings and accordingly offers fine dining experience.

In a nutshell, the popularity of Instagram is growing among global brands. Currently, Instagram has around 300 million active users and the number is likely to grow in future. More than 70 million photos are shared every day. It is high time that you include Instagram in your future marketing strategy to drive active engagements.

Author Bio – Jenny Brown is a social media strategist. He conducts workshops for businesses on how to get followers on Instagram and attain sales conversions.

Digital Marketing Strategies for the Hospitality Industry

Digital Marketing Strategies for the Hospitality Industry

The online world feels like a touch of the Wild West right now for many businesses in the hospitality industry. The owners who are proactive and vigilant about their online reputations and the new social media kids in town are taking advantage of technology, while companies that are reluctant to wade into the fray may get left behind. Make no mistake, it’s a lot of work to manage your business’s online reputation, but it’s crucial to the long-term success of the company. Let’s take a look at some digital marketing tools.

What’s Become Standard?

Many businesses have jumped on the technology train, embracing lots of different social media platforms and working hard to learn about the potential of Internet marketing. Others have been resistant to focusing on younger clients if Baby Boomers have been their bread and butter. However, only one third of Internet users are from the Baby Boom generation, so you can’t underestimate the importance of online marketing. Here are some of the basic tactics that no longer are optional:

  • Mobile-friendly sites: If 80 percent of searches are done on mobile devices, business owners in the hospitality industry don’t get the attention of search engines if the company website is not mobile friendly.
  • Local search presence: Making sure your business’s online information such as location, rating and price range is up to date is vital when it comes to maximizing local-search technology. When someone is looking for a hotel near his or her location, your business must show up on the map.
  • Social media engagement: Your business should be on at least three social media platforms, and more is better. It’s all about getting your brand top of mind and starting conversations with customers.

Upcoming Trends

Hotels and other hospitality companies that are ready to get proactive about online marketing can take some of these steps during the coming year:

  • Engaging content marketing: Businesses should be looking at the content of their websites to make sure the information there is accurate and, more importantly, interesting to site visitors. Videos, blogs, and customer stories can engage potential customers.
  • Paying for placement: Consumers click on “above the fold” search engine results first. It’s worth spending the extra money for premium placement. Plus, this will help in the local search function mentioned above.
  • Customer-centric planning: Instead of thinking like a hotel owner, think like a guest. What would customers expect to find when researching your company? What would make things easier for them? Consider online check-in or room-customization capabilities.

Reputation Management

Once you’ve established your company’s presence on the Internet and in the social media realm, it’s important to monitor what is being said about your business. Here are the basic steps for managing your online reputation:

  • Monitoring reviews: First off, you have to pay attention to what customers are saying about their experience at your hotel or hospitality business. Positive comments are great; thank reviewers for their kind words. Negative comments can be great, too, because they help you learn.
  • Addressing complaints: Respond to concerns and complaints promptly. Thank reviewers for sharing their thoughts and pledge to use their comments to improve.
  • Learning from comments: Take what is said about your company to heart. Decide whether complaints should prompt a change in policy. Share comments with employees so they understand how important customer experiences are when it comes to the health of the business.

Diligent hospitality business owners can leverage their online presence and reputation to create happier customers and therefore boost the bottom line. Besides, your competitors may be already working hard on their reputation management. You don’t want your company to lose relevance. Take the time to respond to reviews or discover how to enhance customers’ experiences. The proactive approach is the best track for your business.

Advantages of email marketing

Advantages of email marketing

Email marketing Why offers more benefits than other more traditional forms of marketing? Why generate higher returns on investments and metrics of customer engagement those other marketing techniques? Why invest time and resources to develop an email marketing program? These are the top ten benefits that email marketing can offer your company, compared to other forms of marketing.

Reducing time and effort

Take a moment to think about the time and effort involved in structuring a statement that goes straight to your potential customer or direct business to business campaign. With email marketing, you can create marketing communications, usually in less than two hours. If you use email templates recurring, all you have to do is approve the content and any change in graphics and images, consult your database lists to decide who to send it and send it with just a click. You can achieve work weeks in just a few hours and with only one employee.

Realtime Messages

For a printed advertisement or other promotional, you have to select marketing campaigns and special promotions, sipping a long period of time between development and deployment. Because email marketing can be completed in just a few hours and you can send messages literally the same day, you can promote special limited offer and you can even send unique messages in real time to your customers on their birthdays or anniversaries. With email marketing, a short period of time is your friend, not your enemy.

Personalized messages

Because most print advertising campaigns, radio and television should be a one size fits all, it is difficult that you can talk directly to the consumer in a personalized manner. However, email marketing has many dynamic opportunities. Not only can you send personalized emails with the user name, you can easily talk to your customers in a very personal and intimate way that is not possible with other marketing channels.

Segmentation of users and information database

You can segment your customer database or e-mail users to send email campaigns highly targeted marketing that will translate into increased sales conversions simply by being specific. Use your database from your client to send relevant messages to customers who are most likely to respond to it, it is to make good marketing. You need to use good software or tools to manage your email marketing campaigns. Newsletter should be well formatted and well researched which attract your customer.

Frequently Communications

As email marketing takes less time to be created and sent to other marketing channels, lets you communicate with your customers more frequently. Instead of sending a brochure or catalog once a month or once a quarter, you can easily send them once a week. However, a good practice of marketing is not to send email messages more than once a week.

Test Posts

A good marketing always means being able to try new options. With email marketing, you can easily see the headlines, offers and even colors that users and customers respond. Its incredibly easy to send a version of an email to a portion of your list and a second version to a different part of your database, and then through the precise tracking tools offered by email marketing, figure out what message marketing worked better to convert sales or user actions.

Dissemination of information

When you send an email with a tempting offer or useful, it will only take a few seconds to be shared and many users will. That means your marketing effort not only has a broader scope, but also a powerful network with people by sending email marketing, now act as brand advocates.

Reduce overhead

Email marketing can be done at a very low operating cost. You do not need lots of employees, analysts and designers or marketing, or have to pay for the printing or advertising. In fact, there are free marketing email services that allow you to host your email using professionally designed templates that you can adapt to your own needs. An effective email marketing program just needs a good service platform shipments and a good seller who knows how to put the right offers. There is a marketing channel that offers a higher return on your investment that emails marketing.

Better ability to track sales and user participation

There is no better marketing channel where you can extract accurate and useful monitoring to help determine what works and what does not information, that email marketing. Platforms email well developed marketing, can provide tracking information for how many people opened an email, the number of people who clicked on a link, if clicked on a specific link in the email, the number of people They complained that an email was spam or subscribed and want to follow, of course, if your email reached the inbox of the recipient.

Save the Planet

By optimizing email marketing as your main channel of direct communication with your customers or as a direct method of marketing business to business, you are helping to save the planet by reducing the number of trees cut down to print advertising. We all want to help save the planet and make a responsible decision about the marketing tools, helps you do that while improvements the success of your business.

We recommend that email marketing is an important part of your marketing strategy or youll be losing a number of benefits that can improve your overall sales and user participation at a very low operating cost, with a limited amount of time and effort.

Future Marketing Strategies used Today

Future Marketing Strategies used Today

The way to get your website in front of the people who will become your customers is through search engine marketing (SEM). You may have been concentrating your web content on search engine optimization for Google or any other search engine to pick you first, but this is a thing of the past. Search engines are focusing on people, as well as keywords, and your marketing needs to do the same.

How it Works

Being at the top of search rankings is important, and there are guidelines given by search engines that tell you the best ways to improve your rankings. The number one way is to provide good content on your website. This means when someone is looking for information, they find it on your website. You appear to be an expert in the field, and they return to your website often, share it with their like-minded friends and eventually become a customer. In the past, what most people could expect on any website was praise for the business. This won’t work anymore. Content marketing means your website should be written with people in mind and not search engines.

What Your Website Needs

Pay per click advertising is one of the most popular advertising techniques. For a small fee, you pay search engines to generate clicks to your website. Google Ad Words is the most-used platform for this, but paying for clicks is just the beginning. You also need high-quality, brilliant ads. This is the way to increase clicks.

Content marketing is much more that blogs. It requires writers who are knowledgeable about a field and can write relevant, informative material that actually helps people who visit the site. It is not a quick-fix to your marketing strategy, but a long-term effort. Selecting the right keywords and understanding the demographics are part of creating effective content.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best marketing tools available. When used along with and content marketing, you have all of your bases covered. True, social media is important, especially if you can get your blog or vlog to go viral, but email is still extremely effective. Your email marketing campaign needs to keep your current audience engaged as well as growing the number of visitors.

Local Search Marketing

If you have a brick and mortar store front, being optimized for local search marketing is your best friend. Map listings on your site are one way visitors find you, and quality content will get you picked by search engines.

There are many marketing strategies available, and you can take advantage of them all or create a customized plan to take your company to the next level and beyond.

Companies Find Help To Make More Money Online

Companies Find Help

While the Internet offers plenty of good opportunities to make money, it is not nearly as easy as it looks. A company cant simply put up a website and expect the money to start rolling in. Instead, they must have an extremely intentional approach to making cash if they want to compete with the many other businesses that have similar goals. The good thing for companies today is that they do not have to go at things alone. With companies like Local Digital to help guide them, companies today can improve their online profitability.

In order to successfully monetize themselves online, companies have to be familiar with the basics of search engine optimization. They must understand not only how to produce live content, but how to make sure that content attracts the right kinds of visitors. This can be difficult for the average business owner, who knows a lot about his business, but knows very little about Internet marketing. This is where Internet business consultancies come into play. They help small businesses and big businesses alike figure out how to attract the right kind of traffic.

Advertising online has the potential to either be very expensive or very affordable depending upon the companys approach to that advertising. Quite often, the difference between a smart marketing approach and a poor one amounts to thousands of dollars in the end. How do companies cope with pay-per-click policies, for instance? These are the difficult questions that must ultimately be answered by a company that helps. Today, businesses can seek help in answering these difficult inquiries. PPC is not particularly complex, but it is important to get things right in order to save the most money. A good consultant can ensure that businesses understand precisely what they are getting into.

Even putting together a good website can be a challenge. Websites need to look good and have solid functionality. After all, the average website serves as a storefront for many companies. Unless you are a professional, it can be hard to have the technical and creative skills necessary to put together a good site. The good news is that business owners dont have to take this task on. They can use a consultant to give them a website that will allow them to maximize their ability to turn a profit online.

Mobile App vs. Mobile Website: Which is best for my business?

Mobile App

What is the purpose of being present in the mobile ?.

It all depends on the need for which is considered to be present in this platform, of course, is very important to offer a mobile site with a good user experience and thereafter if you need to offer something specific additional or what is have on the site, then there is answer the reason why make a App.

In this post we will take care to explain each one separately and then compare them, this way we focus on the differences and aims of each to answer this dilemma.

Mobile Site

As indicated, it is a website, with the primary characteristic of being adapted for screen and lower resolution, as well as in most devices the actions taken for tactile human movements, secure this marks substantial differences when display, perform design and development. Access is via a browser pre-installed on the phone and along with the URL can view our site.

To expedite the passage of compatibility with various mobile devices most current programming languages ​​like CSS3 and HTML5 which allows the advantage of becoming multiplatform, a little easier to implement solution used.

Mobile App

Downloadable application on smartphones from the respective app stores (App store, Google play, and Marketplace and Blackberry app world). It is very important to remember that when stored on the device, it consumes space on your hard drive, in addition to having access to the phone other variables such as: memory, GPS, contacts, camera etc ).

With regard to the stage of development of it should take into account the process that each app store has to work around its proper approval and publication, which varies as Android, IOS, Blackberry or Windows phone, besides that each of which is a separate work, which influences the investment of time and money.

Comparison between Mobile Site and Mobile App


The website if that can be optimized for it to appear in the search results from a browser via mobile, added to this we are talking about a URL that can be easily shared via a chat, ads, QR codes, social media , blogs, etc

In this sense the App has not all this flexibility, first there must be another must download and follow the passage required by the app stores.

Content loading rate

The website is subject to the quality of browser connection. However the app probably runs instantly and is much more significant to have it for some specific actions: games, social networking, chat, email, etc

Where the use is daily or functions are required where memory and speed are important to enhance their functionality.

Integration with resources

The compatibility of the app with the device is called a native app, that what he means is that it has full access to push email, camera, GPS, etc., additionally the Apps still work and are in offline mode, thanks to its cache.

In the case of mobile sites, it is necessary to have connection to the web and the browser, however HTML5 and CSS3 have advanced towards the issue of resources, including has come to work on features that enable navigation without internet, but much remains to be done in this regard.

Immediacy of updates

Updates in the App directly dependent on the setting for each user on your mobile phone and their respective management, so you can submit a fresh or delayed for enhanced content, otherwise, the mobile site, because it need not rely user, so updates happen in real time without affecting what is being observed on the screen of the mobile.


Undoubtedly costs less to produce a mobile site, as the adaptable design featuring HTML5 allows full coverage against various devices with a single development process. The mobile app is required for each type of device time and money developing, consuming much more budget for engineering.

Ultimately beyond the importance of having a mobile presence is really important because it will establish there, setting goals that allow us to make a clear decision and go for it. And what would you serve, Mobile App or Mobile Site?.