E-Commerce Essentials: Packing and Shipping

Packing and Shipping

According to a recently conducted research, the share of online retail in the overall shopping expenditure in the US will have grown to $414 billion by 2018. Everybody working in the e-commerce field is happily rubbing their hands together. They will have more work and more opportunities to earn. Also, new players will join the online shopping first league. The most important thing they need to know is how to make their customers satisfied; and they will achieve that by ensuring that the products they sell reach their buyers in a perfect condition.

Think Outside the Box – Double Box It

While products sold in the offline world are usually placed in only one cardboard box, online retail requires multi-layered protection. Since boxes are still easily accessible, those more fragile items should definitely be surrounded with a double-box shield. By applying this matryoshka-like packing style, you provide better protection for the product you have sold and the buyer will spend more time opening it, as if it is a birthday present.

Careful with Tape

When packing a product for shipping, it is crucial to tape all the tricky edges and vulnerable parts of the box. The first assumption is that the box or the container in which you are going to put the goods will not stand still during the trip. That said, it is obvious that the box has to be properly sealed. You could try to apply the H-taping way of sealing it, but sometimes the X-taping method will prove to be more useful. Here you can check some other taping options for the boxes on the move.

Internal Protection Matters

Every product needs to be properly insulated and protected inside the container or the box. One of the most common ways for keeping goods safe during shipping is wrapping them with bubble wrap. These bubbles, filled with air, serve as shipping airbags that will save your products and the reputation of your business in case of a major collision.

In a recent conversation with shipping supplies, I discovered that every product sensitive to water needs to be protected with water- and humid-proof wraps, to keep it from becoming useless on the road.

Branding – Part of Shipping Folklore

The process of wrapping and protecting the products you have sold to someone living thousands of miles away has its marketing sides, as well. In order to promote through shipping, you could send your customers symbolic presents within the packages, like coupons with discounts for future purchases. On the outside of the package you can put stickers with the name/logo of your business. You can never tell who is going to see the package along the way.

However, be careful when offering free shipping and be aware that it is not always the best promotional method.

The most important thing that counts in the end in every business is the number of sold products or services. Those who work as traders know that a satisfied customer stands shoulder to shoulder with the number of sales. Luckily, online trade has enabled millions of people to freely sell and buy goods from all the parts of the world. By applying quality and consistent packing and shipping policy, every online e-commerce business will keep its loyal audience and continue gaining profits.