How To Promote Affiliate Products In Any Market

How To Promote Affiliate Products In Any Market

Have you failed at selling an affiliate product to non-native English speakers and wonder what happened?

Writing the copy, you thought they had enough knowledge of the language. Brimming with enthusiasm, you felt excited. You felt it … this was going to be your product’s entry into the new market. Probably the market that would help you reap big profits in the future.

Feeling elated with your aim, you introduce the product through a press release website targeting audience in a non-English speaking market. You go to bed knowing your inbox will be pouring with messages the next day, with recipients asking for a free trial and media companies chasing you for interviews.

But, a week goes by … and nothing happens. A dark cloud forms over your expectations.

Why did your strategy stutter?

Ideally, there is no single answer to this question, but the following is a list of possible reasons based on studies about why people often fail to successfully promote affiliate products in different markets:

You didn’t localize the language

No matter how good your product copy and call-to-action is, it might not appeal to an audience whose main language isn’t English. Consider for a minute that your target audience is in China. You can use the best sales copy with powerful words that have been proven to increase conversions, but it won’t have as big an impact as a copy that’s translated to Mandarin and includes keywords of that language.

Immersing your product into a new economy proves that localization is the key to get your product in front of any target market. Because a successful affiliate marketing strategy is all about thinking globally, but acting locally. Firms that specialize in localization services will not only enable you to utilize translated copy, but local speech, cultural phrases, and prices and dates formatted according to region. This also gives your product campaign a better chance of getting picked up by local influencers, whose reach is more powerful than any other marketing tactic.

You didn’t use the right marketing channel

In some countries, consumers prefer using a PC to search for affiliate products, while some places like Japan consists of consumers who mostly use mobile to search for deals and promotions. Social media might be popular in some countries, while email marketing may be popular in another.

Using the wrong marketing channel could be the reason behind product failure. In this aspect, you can find a local affiliate marketer/market analyst/assistant who understands consumer behavior; they can act as a central planner, advisor, or delegator. Not only will you build local relationships, but create reassurance of your product being seen by a major portion of targeted audience.

You didn’t keep up with market trends

Knowing what works and what doesn’t in specific markets can make a big difference to the success of your product campaign. An affiliate product that’s related to increasing winter holiday sales certainly isn’t going to work around this time in Australia, where people are gearing up for the summer season.

Likewise, you may lack knowledge about logistics which will deter the interest of an international audience. Always make sure to study market trends and make all costs transparent for the consumer. Build strong relationships with local publishers, so you can get insider tips on the market, and maximize reach.

Upcoming gadgets for freaks


The market is decked with innumerable smart phones and cameras. Here we have presented the gadgets that have managed to bring smile on the face of the consumers.

Intel Aqua Octa- Intex has upped its market by launching its new phablet called as Octa Phablet- this is a smartphone that is named after the eight core processor that purrs under his hood.  At any time point, depending upon the task, only the four cores are used. The first quad is designed to perform heavy duty operations, while others are less intensive and perform easy tasks, so as to conserve battery. This smartphone prides of a slim 7mm profile, thanks to its OGS (One glass solution) touchscreen that is made of one less layer to result in a thinner handset.  With the Octa, you will also get proprietary Matrabhasha virtual keyboard along with input support in upto 22 Indian languages for free. Along with that, you will get 5GB cloud storage for life.

Specification- it comes with 6 inch HD touchscreen along with OGS display, 1.7 Ghz octa core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, expandable up to 32GB, 13 mp rear camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, FM Radio, 2300Mah battery, Android v4.2.2 (Jelly bean)

Price- It comes at rate of Rs 19,999(approx).

Xolo Q3000-The Xolo Q3000 is a kind of phablet that has an ability to replace your point and shoot camera. This device is fully equipped with a range of features like autofocus lens, 13MP camera, BSI 2 sensor that offers better pictures in low light settings. Similarly, it is equipped with 5 megapixels front shooter that lets you to snap your own images and even work well for 3 G video calling. All of this is backed by whooping 4,000Mah battery; supposedly it is good to work well for 21 hours on 3G. If that’s not enough, it comes with an OTG cable with which you can connect a pen drive to the device.

Specification-5.7 inch, full HD (1920X1080 px) touchscreen along with IPS display, 1.5 Ghz quad core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, expandable upto 32GB, 13MP rear camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, 4000 MAH battery, Android jelly bean operating system

Price-Rs 20,999

Fujifilm X-A1- This camera is built for those who crave for manual controls of a DSLR. It comes with flexible, interchangeable lens and portability of a compact point and shoot. The camera is available in black, blue and red color. It is equipped with Fujifilm EXR processor that offers range of features like quick start up time of 0.5 seconds, shutter lag of  0.05 seconds and a maximum burst of 5.6 frames per second. Bearing in mind modern requirements, this comes with wireless image transfer function. Users can use it to download the free Fujifilm camera app to move images to their smartphone for ready sharing of articles.

Specifications- has 16mp CMOS sensor camera, interchangeable optical zoom lens, image stabilization, advanced filters including toy camera, full HD video, stereo audio recording, wifi, etc.