The affiliate spam comments Bum Labamba to make money online

Labamba Bum is a course to make money online. Lately I get a lot of spam comments its affiliates and may you also be the case also.

My first contact was with this page through one of its members who wanted to advertise on my blog. The announcement is a video with the founder and the head carries the title How I created almost by accident $ 700,000 in 27 Days (slightly modified version).

Definitely a very American way to sell that here in Spain clogs. That is why I rejected the proposed advertising.

If you have a blog or related marketing is likely to have recently received a comment from an affiliate make money online platform Labamba Bum. In this blog I get several a day and I discovered by chance. Like you have not yet noticed.

How to tell you are casting a Comment spam Bum Labamba
The comments come from Bum Labamba are no spam at first sight. There seems to be a guide with instructions to make this work correctly because at first perceived as authentic contributions because they fit the theme of the post and are made by hand and not by bots.

Really the only suspect is using a shortened in the comment field where you put the website link. Using shortening in this case does not make much sense lest you have something to hide. How says name becomes a long one short link that starts with Sometimes the link goes directly to the sale page but the blog network affiliates called Magic Power Network.

Bum Labamba is serious business?
All indications are that the company behind it is gaining a lot of money because the affiliate network is statistically very powerful and many people out of curiosity are going to target the course. I changed the name of the company to not make this post a free ad. I do not know how they work or if behind is serious or not.

Nor have I personally tested the platform so I have no idea if that promise is fulfilled. Things I do not know I can not judge. Obviously I have my prejudices and who read this blog often you can imagine what I think about earning money online quickly. If you are a member of Bum Labamba do not feel offended because it was not the intention of the post. All I ask is that you do not use my blog to attract members.


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