The Importance of Expert Testimony to Winning and Losing at Trial

Going to trial in litigation is easily one of the most unpredictable things that a person can do. Lawyers often encourage their clients to settle cases because when a case gets in front of a jury, things can shift quickly. There is simply no way to take away all of the uncertainty that comes with the trial process. With this being said, there are certainly some things that can be done to lessen the impact of trial uncertainty. Today, many people are finding that a strong way to influence juries is to utilize expert witness testimony more effectively.

Companies like M. Richards Consulting are out there offering this kind of assistance. Especially in cases that have complexity, it is critical to have an expert witness who can help break through some of the malaise for the jury. Take, for instance, a case that involves complex financial measures. Through much of the trial, the jury may see some of the testimony as going over their head. They do not have a good grasp of the issues, so they do not know who to trust. In these cases, the jury will be looking for some kind of authority figure that can show them the way. This is where experts come into play.

Expert testimony, when done well, can help to influence a jury as to the efficacy of one side or the other. The best expert testimony is capable of cutting through the issues and getting down to the core of what the jury needs to know. This is what separates the best witnesses from the rest. Are they capable of sounding like an authority on the issue while also connecting in a real and personal way with juries? More and more strong experts are out there with just this skill set. They are ready in many respects to turn the tide on a typical case, making a mediocre lawsuit into one that can win.

It is impossible to know what to do in order to win a trial. Too often, trials turn on things that are outside of the control of the litigant or his lawyer. However, the best way to position ones self for success is to have a strong expert witness in the corner, appealing to the sensibilities of the jury. This has proven to be true over time, and it will remain true going forward.

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