The new age of LCDs

Ever heard of an LCD kiosk? Most likely you have seen it but you don’t know it by name. It is a stand-alone booth that has an LCD screen displaying information ranging from ads to news and weather reports. LCD monitors are commonly found in malls and business complexes. They are the ‘new’ roll-up banners. These digital booths serve numerous functions despite standing in one location and one position.

Visual marketing

The more customers are exposed to your brand, the more familiar it becomes. Advertising is all about keeping a product or service in the mind of a potential client. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, most of us spend our day looking at screens. An advertising LCD display monitor is just another way of riding the same wave while dispatching information.

Placement is everything

Considering LCD monitors are semi-permanent, placement is crucial. In malls, you will find them at entrances and next to escalators where human traffic is heavy. Of course you could also use an LCD screen as a billboard and position it at the top or side of a building. These offer wider reach because they can be viewed from further distances, or even by cars driving past.

Keeping in mind that people in malls walk in all directions, a dual monitor LCD booth is ideal for open areas. This kiosk has double-sided screens which can display the same visual or different ads simultaneously. Large LCDs are good for massive malls with thousands of daily visitors. A 72-inch high definition LCD screen is bound to capture the attention of many. Smaller LCDs are ideal for small stores and restaurants.

Information desk

LCD display monitors are informative tools. When you are in between flights and you want to grab something to eat, finding the nearest restaurant – at the risk of missing your next flight – may discourage you from eating. It is easy to navigate through the large transport hub if you have an onscreen overview map of the airport on an LCD display monitor. This technology is in use at large establishments in the corporate world and even school campuses. With LCD monitors, it’s that much harder to get lost.

From weather forecasts to public news, LCD display monitors in public areas offer a variety of information. These kiosks can be found both indoors and outdoors. In railway stations, arrival times and train destinations are on display on LCD screens. Even in schools, the monitors are used to convey information on school programs, auditions and club meetings.

Screen protection

For any LCD to stand the test of time, an LCD enclosure is a necessary investment. This enclosure prevents theft, vandalism and harsh weather conditions. The enclosure provides full protection and keeps the electrical elements of LCD screens secure. There are different specifications for enclosures but the main purpose is to guard the LCD.

As the digital age settles in, LCD display monitors will be the norm in our malls, schools, restaurants and city sidewalks.

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