The Solution-based Way to Advertise

One of the best ways to market your business is through content marketing. It is a tactical marketing tool that focuses on putting out information that is valuable to prospective customers, relevant to their interests, and useful to them. It is designed to get people to interact with your web site to increase business.

Why are consumers interested in content marketing?

We have reached the point in doing business where people do not want intrusive advertising. For far too long until the advent of DVRs (with which we could fast forward through commercials), we have had to listen to television commercials that were louder than the programs they supported, radio ads that blared at us, and other in-your-face advertising gimmicks and tricks.

Consumers nowadays want to make buying decisions based on solid information rather than hype. They want facts they can use to compare products. They want to know specifications, details, color choices, sizes, uses, and other relevant information about a product before they buy it.

Even search engines prefer content marketing information so their searchers can compare links before clicking on them. Google loves to rank sites with good content marketing highly in their searches.

Types of content marketing

Content marketing can be extremely varied. Some of the top content marketing strategies include social media channels, articles in various publications, newsletters that offer useful information, blogs on subjects related to a business’s site via WordPress or another blogging program, video and infographics.

There are other forms of content marketing that are doing quite well also. YouTube videos and online games are two of the more innovative ones.

Benefits of content marketing

When business owners learn effective content marketing, they can take advantage of the benefits it offers their business:

  1. Content marketing is designed to send more traffic to your site in the hopes of generating more sales for your business.
  2. Providing solutions to people’s problems by showing them how products can assist them is perceived as a valuable service that enters into their buying decisions.
  3. Content marketing increases the engagement factor between you and consumers. Consumers will often interact with your site when they find good information on it.
  4. When potential customers interact with and engage with your site, it generates leads for you that may end up in sales.
  5. With credible, relevant, useful information from you, you end up being their go-to source for similar issues.
  6. Content marketing that draws people to your site builds up your link popularity. This increases your search engine placement and it guarantees you will rank high enough in Moz to be quoted in other people’s blogs.
  7. Content marketing is more cost effective than many other forms of advertising.

Marketers are reaping the benefits of the content marketing strategy of advertising.  Creating effective advertising has always been a challenge, but now that the old interruption-disruption model of advertising has segued into content marketing, consumers are paying much more attention to the information disseminated by retailers.

The emphasis has moved from selling product to meeting consumers’ needs by providing solutions to their problems.

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