Top Tips to Source a Reliable Logistics Provider

Many first-time entrepreneurs start their own businesses so that they to be their own boss. This level of creative freedom and direct control isn’t something you can get in any entry or mid-level corporate positions. However, one of the most common mistakes inexperienced business owners have is trying to do everything themselves. All successful businesses have reliable partners, and a reliable logistics provider is one of the major allies you’ll need to get your product to market. Here’s what to look for.

Experience in the Market

Experience is the number one attribute any young startup should look for in their initial business associates. Working with a well-known industry figure increases your credibility from the get-go, and it’s a key step in convincing customers that you’ll be able to fulfill their orders. What’s just as important, though, is that it provides a crucial opportunity to learn from someone experienced in this sector. Howard Tenens Logistics are one of the largest distributors in the country having experience working with a wide range of varied high-profile clients such as Costa Coffee, Honda, and Jane Shilton.

A Varied Feature Set

Logistics incorporates everything from production, warehousing, transportation, and even security. The ideal service provider not only excels at all of these key components, but is also able to offer a unique feature set too. For instance, some companies are able to offer what has become known as “flexible” warehousing solutions. This means that rather than commit to a hard contract from the offset that dictates how much space you’re allowed year round, you’re able to change your real estate requirements as you need it. This is vital for younger companies that many experience unexpected growth early on.

Access to a Global Network

The process of globalization means that it’s now easier than ever for companies to connect with countries from all around the world. Ordering goods is becoming commonplace amongst increasingly tech-savvy consumers. Even if your business has no plans to reach out to overseas markets right now, it’s still something that should be on the table for future consideration. Make the first step by partnering with a logistics specialist who can give you this option when you’re ready. With so many people around the world logging on to the web for the first time every day, the decision to market your product or service to a global market has become a question of when and not if.

When a company is dependent on numerous business partners to fulfill critical roles, any breakdowns in communication can cause critical delays. This is why working with a single provider, who is able to perform all of these functions, is much more efficient. However, this makes making the right decision even more important.

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