Transport Life Insurance for Your Horse

Travel is a necessary part of horse ownership if you are moving, involved in shows, rodeos, or other sporting events. Maintaining the right life insurance coverage is necessary when it comes to the possible perils of transporting such large animals. Trailers can overturn, trains come off the tracks and airplanes crash. None of these are scenarios you want to see happen, but they can be a stark reality. Transport insurance for horses will help put your mind at ease.

Life Insurance Coverage for Periods of Transport

Loading and unloading, flying, travel by train, or trailer can all prove hazardous when it comes to potential accidents and injuries. A train derailment, vehicle accident while inside a trailer, or plane crash could mean the instant demise of your horse. It is wise to carry a policy that will cover any of these events, for all travel destinations.

Combine With Mortality Coverage

You can easily add a transport coverage policy that is effective for the period of travel to add with your basic mortality coverage. It will ensure that any circumstance is covered. It is a separate policy that will be set to expire after the transport services are handled. It will give you complete peace of mind when travel is necessary.

Basic Perils Addition

You can also add Basic Perils insurance that will specifically cover accidents with loading, unloading, train derailments, trailer involved vehicle accidents and more. Horses can become startled during transport and suffer grave injuries unexpectedly. Have the potential for serious injuries and death covered before the trip begins.

Out-of-Country and Air Transport

There are times that flying is the only option to get to specific locations on time. Planes rarely crash, but it is a smart decision to carry flight transport coverage on the off chance that a catastrophic accident occurs. You can also add insurance coverage that is good in any country or territory your horse is transported to. This is invaluable if something were to happen while overseas, or simply crossing the border into Canada.

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