Windows Phone 8.1 is present in 25% of WP devices

Anyone who is a developer of applications in particular mobile operating system undoubtedly will want the latest version of this platform is the one that has more presence in the market. This of course is not unique to the developers: Microsoft wants it too and is eager to launch the new update to Windows Phone 8.1 for all possible devices. Currently this version of the mobile platform the company is installed in 25% of the devices that use Windows Phone.

We should note that Windows Phone 8.1 is several weeks old here, and it is quite probable that at this point has already reached a growth spurt, so we should not be surprised if from now on its notoriously low adoption rate. Obviously Windows Phone 8.1 still has a long way to go if you want to beat the previous version, Windows Phone 8, which is currently the most popular devices phones that use the operating system giants software. WP8 today is present in 56.5% of devices, so no doubt it is still used by most users.

The good thing is that the Windows Phone platform is far less fragmented than the most popular market, ie Android. Obviously Google and Microsoft these situations very differently taken: Android has a higher number of versions and slower pace compared to Windows Phone, adoption but obviously has many more users.

Tell us: if you have a smartphone Windows Phone, okay youve updated to the latest version? What do you think about the same compared to previous versions?

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